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  2. Zoo Xmas card exchange 2017 (Merged/All Info)

    Am I too late? I did not know about this. If I am Merry Christmas to every one.
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  4. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Agreed. It's a bit arrogant for me to say this but I think that's part of Newsman's situation. I wanted to draw some parallels to where my head was at. Not super far part from his. I had to separate church from state to appreciate the disk fully.
  5. Everything you said 504,....I can validate, because I experienced some of the same difficulties you expressed, too. In many concerts, I had to go via "scalper."...because I couldn't obtain tickets the traditional route. I don't know which was a worse experience for me, Joshua tree or Zoo Tv....both were insane. Joshua tree in chicago had a lottery system, notified after waiting all night...and 27th in line....and then I got pushed back to #228......I was masterfully pissed off..... I paid 500+ for scalper tickets(zoo tv)....ect.... I've never missed a show.....but, I had to work for every damn ticket.....but, if you'd asked me to do it again....I'd happily say "sure"... However, obtaining tickets for this current show.....has been a labyrinth from hell.....on a new scale! .....something went wrong...very wrong.....beyond the normal scope,.... even for U2. I can't believe GA's are still the most coveted after all these years......considering the aging demographic who is purchasing them. I will be honest.....GA is not for the faint of heart....and it is getting harder....and harder for me to literally stand all day.....and then stand before/during the concert. I don't know how the band does it....they have 10+ years on me.....I wish I had their energy/endurance. I passed out(briefly) for the first time(ever) during GA at this summer's JT tour....from dehydration, sun exposure, too much body heat & exhaustion. It not only takes work to obtain GA tickets....but also sustaining the long haul of the day standing/waiting in line. I do love the awesome exchanges with other u2 fans while we wait..... One big family.....and for is all worth it....anything of great value in always worth striving for......
  6. Bono's health scare

    I'm alw ays thinking about Bono! All those dangerous places he goes! He always makes me worried. But a health scare! That gets me worried and upset. Bono is such a lovely man with a big heart. I hope he is well and will keep being well. I can understand to keep it quiet! If the paparazzi find out? It is more likely to sound worse than it is! And even then Bono has a right to have some privacy. Something's may be better if they are quiet, it may be something we don't want to hear! Even if he is fine! If he wants to keep it quiet or private! We should respect that! May God always be with you Bono. I will love you always Bono. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Karen.
  7. Songs of Experience meets Disney Pixar

    Love it! I really got a good laugh from this! It looks like Larry got quite a throw! Brilliant cartoon. Love it. Karen.
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  9. Album Delay

    Well its now the 12th Dec and I still have not relieved me deluxe album i ordered on the 1st Nov. Despite contacting customers care and advising that i have no tracking number no one has contacted me . Can someone advise if they are having similar delays
  10. The Action Thread Part Two

    295 CULTURE 9 amazing African destinations you HAVE to see September 27 2017 | By: GUEST BLOGGER JOIN Join the fight against extreme poverty EmailJoin By Lauren Ahn, ONE Digital Intern We LOVE highlighting the incredible work of people in Africa who are fighting for quality education, feeding their communities, and even campaigning to get their community fresh water. But what about the continent itself as a top travel destination? It’s an incredibly diverse and beautiful place, from the heights of Kilimanjaro to the coasts of South Africa. That’s why we’ve picked a few scenic spots that you NEED to know about. Read what the experts below have to say, then start planning your trip! Giraffe Manor, Kenya Giraffe Manor in Nairobi, Kenya. (Photo credit: Push the button/Wikimedia Commons) “The Carr-Hartley family have the rare honor of sharing their manor estate with some of the most beautiful, endangered creatures in the world: Rothschild giraffes. Located on the outskirts of Nairobi, Kenya, the manor-turned-hotel sprawls across 140 acres and is home to eight giraffes. Opened in 1984 by the previous owners, the small boutique hotel offers guests the chance of a lifetime to hang out with these gentle giants. Every morning at breakfast the giraffes stroll up to the house and poke their heads through the windows and doors looking for morning treats. Guests can feed them right from the breakfast table, take photos up close and interact with the giraffes through the second-floor bedroom window.” —Jenna Rak, Huffington Post Okavango Delta, Botswana Two cheetah brothers in Okavango Delta, Botswana. (Photo credit: Arturo de Frias Marques/Wikimedia Commons) “One of the unique characteristics of the site is that the annual flooding from the River Okavango occurs during the dry season, with the result that the native plants and animals have synchronized their biological cycles with these seasonal rains and floods. It is an exceptional example of the interaction between climatic, hydrological and biological processes. The Okavango Delta is home to some of the world’s most endangered species of large mammals, such as the cheetah, white rhinoceros, black rhinoceros, African wild dog, and lion.” —UNESCO, World Heritage Centre Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda Mountain gorillas in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda. (Photo credit: Carine06/Wikimedia Commons) “Volcanoes National Park is the Rwandan section of the great volcanic massif called the Virunga Mountains that straddles the borders of Rwanda, Uganda, and the DRC. Gorillas, of course, pay no heed to borders and are known to cross between the countries, although most habituated groups are to be found in Volcanoes National Park. …There is no other wildlife experience quite like an encounter with mountain gorillas. That precious hour spent in their company – watching the group playing, sulking, teasing each other, eating, or dozing just like we do – is extraordinary.” —Expert Africa iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa A crocodile basking by the lake in iSimangaliso Wetland Park, South Africa. (Photo credit: Steve Slater/Wikimedia Commons) “The diversity of life at iSimangaliso is staggering, on par with any of the large nature reserves in South Africa. There are 526 bird species, 36 snake species, 35 frog species, 5 species of turtle, 80 species of dragonfly, 110 species of butterflies, more than 2,000 species of flowering plants, more than 100 species of coral, and hundreds of ocean and freshwater fish species, as well as a wide collection of African wildlife like elephant, hippo, buffalo, hyena and leopard. It is one of two places in South Africa where it’s still possible to see a leopard walking on the beach.” —Scott Ramsay, Getaway Hot Air Balloon Rides over Sossusvlei, Namibia A hot air balloon over Namibia. (Photo credit: digr/Wikimedia Commons) “As the sun’s first rays peek over the scarlet sand dunes, the hot air balloon drifts slowly upward, revealing the undulating landscapes of Sossusvlei. As you float amongst the clouds, the sun rises dramatically over the horizon, throwing hues of gold and rose across the vast sky… Many animals gaze up at the neon ball in surprise and curiosity as it passes overhead. The seasoned pilot will eventually select the perfect landing spot, just in time for a grand celebratory bubbly breakfast, where you can recap the morning’s bucket list moment as you savour a delicious morning meal. —&Beyond Lagos, Nigeria Embed from Getty Images “The economic and cultural powerhouse of the country thanks to an influx of oil money, Lagos has an exploding arts and music scene that will keep your yansh engaged far past dawn. If you’re headed to Nigeria, you’ll have no choice but to jump right in.” —Lonely Planet Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe Victoria Falls. (Photo credit: John Walker/Wikimedia Commons) “Taking its place alongside the Pyramids and the Serengeti, Victoria Falls (Mosi-oa-Tunya – the ‘smoke that thunders’) is one of Africa’s original blockbusters. And although Zimbabwe and Zambia share it, Victoria Falls is a place all of its own. As a magnet for tourists of all descriptions – backpackers, tour groups, thrill seekers, families, honeymooners – Victoria Falls is one of Earth’s great spectacles. View it directly as a raging mile-long curtain of water, in all its glory, from a helicopter ride or peek precariously over its edge from Devil’s Pools; the sheer power and force of the falls is something that simply does not disappoint.” —Lonely Planet Rock Churches of Lalibela, Ethiopia Monks sitting in front of the Bete Amanuel rock church in Lalibela, Ethiopia. (Photo credit: Jens Klinzing/Wikimedia Commons) “The chiseled creations have turned this mountain town into a place of pride and pilgrimage for worshipers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, attracting 80,000 to 100,000 visitors every year. There are several stories surrounding the creation of the churches, one of which says that humans worked during the day and angels would speed up the building overnight. Some historians say construction was completed at a remarkable pace, taking about 23 years. Carved out of volcanic tuff rock, the famous churches have been built in a variety of styles. Some of them were chiseled into the face of the rock, where others stand as isolated blocks, like the iconic church of Saint George, constructed in the shape of the cross. A complex and extensive system of drainage ditches, tunnels, and subterranean passageways connects the underground structures.” —Errol Barnett, CNN Travel Nairobi, Kenya Embed from Getty Images “Visit Nairobi, Kenya and take in this relatively young city’s vibrant life and verdant surroundings. Enjoy views of the Nairobi River, scale nearby mountains, catch glimpses of lions, rhinos and antelopes in one of Nairobi’s many national parks and spend a day out of the sun in one of this African metropolis’ plentiful museums. …Travel to Nairobi for an exciting adventure you won’t soon forget.” —Travel + Leisure
  11. behind the stage

    Hi rhondamohler, here is a shot of the stage for i+e 2015 (taken at SAP Center, San Jose, Ca.). I believe they will be using the same stage for e+i 2018. I'm basing this assumption the floor plan according to Ticketmaster. As you can see, there is no obstruction behind the stage, but if you are directly behind you will probably not see the giant screen.
  12. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    41 814 we have just got home and it is really cold out.just had a hot chocolate.
  13. behind the stage

    I've never bought seats behind the stage and I'm considering doing so, so that I can attend with friends who don't want to spend a lot of money. Does anyone know how obstructed these seats will be? Will we see anything???
  14. The Action Thread Part Two

    11359 Meet the Kenyan scientist who overcame gender stereotypes to fight malaria 18 August 2016 1:03PM UTC | By: GUEST BLOGGER JOIN Join the fight against extreme poverty EmailJoin On the vaccination ward, child Joan Medza has her weight taken. By Katie G. Nelson Growing up in Nairobi, Kenya, Dr. Faith Osier often dreamed of curing the world of deadly diseases like malaria, an illness spread by mosquitos that kills more than 438,000 people every year. Several decades later, Osier, now 43, is at the forefront of the fight against malaria, spearheading the development of a vaccine that she believes could someday wipe out the disease. The swaying palm trees and pristine beaches of Kenya’s coastal town of Kilifi is a beach-lover’s paradise. But away from the white-sand beaches and crystal clear water waits a serious and often deadly parasite—one that caused more than 10 percent of all Kilifi residents to fall ill last year. But Osier believes that number could someday go down to zero. Osier has worked out of Kilifi for the last 12 years, partnering with the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), Wellcome Trust, and the Kilifi County Hospital to develop a vaccine for malaria, which is endemic in most parts of Kenya’s coast. Osier first became intrigued by the idea of a vaccine—or more specifically, the ability to develop resistance to malaria—after working in the paediatric ward of the Kilifi County Hospital. “Malaria is a very big problem, especially for Africa,” says Osier. “What we see in people who live in Africa is that it’s children under the age of 5 who get frequently ill—severely ill—and can die. But in the same areas, the adults seem to be resistant,” she adds. “They don’t seem to become ill or die.” Aiming to better understand how adults acquire a resistance to malaria, Osier began studying how the body responds to the infection at different stages. Focusing on the role of antibodies— proteins created by the immune system to neutralise harmful substances, like infections—Osier dug into the complexities surrounding the ability to thwart malaria. “We study people who are being exposed to malaria,” she says. “We look at their blood and their antibody responses and how they are responding. We know that antibodies are very important… and we believe that antibodies hold the key.” Baby Sleiman Hamisi receives a vaccination. While the molecular intricacies of proteins, antibodies and antigens might seem like the researcher’s biggest obstacle, Osier’s role as a female researcher in a male-dominated profession often presents an equally steep challenge, she says. Osier said there have been many points in her career when she felt inhibited simply because she was a woman. “(As a female) you’re conditioned to believe that (hard skills) are not for you,” she says. “It takes some help to shake that off and to say ‘Look! There’s someone who can do it! If they can, then so can I.’” “I let my work speak for me,” she says. But while her climb toward success has provided unique challenges, Osier is quick to add that being a female scientist also has its strengths. “I bring a lot more compassion to my management and leadership skills and believe that I bring out the best in my team members because of this; in return they give back more than 100 percent,” she says. “That has been key to both my progress and theirs.” But it’s not only her colleagues who recognise Osier’s work ethic and compassion-based leadership. In 2014, Osier won the Royal Society Pfizer Prize award, one of the most prestigious prizes in African science. Calling it her “biggest achievement,” Osier says the award “gave me a real sense of satisfaction that with hard work, determination and vision, it was possible to achieve great things.” At the vaccination ward, baby Sleiman Hamisi has his weight taken, the data inputted into the database. While hard work and dedication remain the foundation to Osier’s career, the researcher is also quick to credit the role of mentors in her success. “Mentors are really important. You can’t dream of something you can’t see,” she said. That’s why it’s so important to expose young girls to “hard skills” like medicine and research, she said “It’s exposure. It’s making research more visible and specifically targeting women,” she said. “In schools, in public meetings, village meetings… just letting girls see that they can be more than what the community is telling them.” It’s that same urge to rise above obstacles that will help Osier achieve her ultimate goal: developing a highly effective malaria vaccine that is available, free of charge, to the poorest communities in rural Africa. “I want women in our African villages to have the opportunity to take their children for vaccination against malaria and be able to move on with malaria behind them,” she says. But how long will the world wait for a malaria vaccine? “I’m confident that it will happen in my lifetime,” Osier said. Dr. Faith Osier is a Kenyan scientist at the KEMRI Wellcome Trust Research Programme and Visiting Professor at the University of Oxford. TAKE ACTION: Tell world leaders to support the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB, and Malaria!
  15. Where are my SoE Pre=Orders?

    So it turns out my CD was lost in transit. Called the store and they will be sending a new one. Hopefully i get it soon!
  16. 2nd Shows - LA and San Jose

    I was able to get 1 GA for LA2 but it wasn't easy.! At first the system would not work. Then it would say "sorry try later" IT took 25 minutes into it to score one on my phone! It was very stressful and I'm glad I'm done.
  17. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    41, 813 - My nephew walked into work this morning as driving was just too dangerous. And temperatures are supposed to be well into minus figures tonight
  18. 2nd Shows - LA and San Jose

    Trying to get LA2 GA tickets, but the app and the website are giving me errors and not receiving the code I received this morning. All this stress is totally not worth it. I went to see my husband's favorite artist at T-Mobile arena in Vegas last Friday, where we will see U2 in May. I bought the tix from scalpers and it was an amazing ticket buying experience. No stress. I verified the tickets were legit through a secondary website and showed up to the concert. No stress in trying to get codes, no anxiousness to see if I would get tickets and no sadness if I didn't get tickets. I really hope there is a solution to all this stress-inducing u2 ticket buying. It is overshadowing my deep love for u2 and it is disheartening that this is happening over and over again. First with no luck for LA1, now no luck for LA2.
  19. Are Codes still included in Membership?

    Thanks, hopefully I can use the code in the U.S. It seems like nothing is easy anymore!
  20. When will the Experience CD arrive ?

    Don't kid yourself: you paid for it. All of us who were lucky enough to get tickets paid for it. I paid for 3 copies in a format I don't even want and I still haven't received it.
  21. Paper tickets?

    Yes, he will get hard tickets. Best way to go, if you want a cool keepsake of the show. I screwed up an got e-tickets and all I got what this receipt-looking thing that was printed by the staff at the gate. It wasn't anywhere near as cool.
  22. I believe there was some kind of relationship. The band performed for Dreamforce in 2016 at the Cow Palace here in the SF Bay Area. A friend of mine who works for SalesForce said tickets were available to their employees on a limited basis. She said she had the opportunity to go, but wasn't sure because it was on a weeknight. I said, "Are you crazy? Go!!" Well, she did and had an awesome time. Getting U2 tickets has been hard for me, too. I waited in line--overnight--for Zoo TV way back in '92. But other than staying awake in the cold, it was probably the easiest. We were fourth in line and the employees of the music store (The Wherehouse) all took our orders beforehand so that the BASSMaster could print them up the moment tickets went on sale at 10:00 a.m. PopMart '97 required us to leave the music store we were at because their computers went down and to race the closest ticket venue. We had to do this with several dozen other fans who were doing the same thing. There was this whole Oklahoma Land Rush dash that made everyone break a few vehicular codes. The irony was that the show eventually did not sell out. Elevation '01 was crazy because we decided to try and buy at the venue (SAP Center now) and wow, the folks working the ticket booth were lame--and very slow. Vertigo '05 was the debacle that Larry actually apologized for and what a good dude he was for doing that. 360, i+e, and JT all had their usually frustrations with server overload/delays/timing out/etc. which always made for an anxiety-filled day. It's something that fans have had to accept for decades now. I wouldn't say we've grown accustomed to it; just something we endure. I guess it comes with the territory if you want see the biggest band in the world.
  23. Vegas, Baby!

    Fair enough. I was thinking about upgrading our seats, and offering the ones I have now, but it finally sunk in that nobody wants them! Everyone looking for Vegas tickets only want GA. If they wanted seats they would have already purchased them.
  24. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Oh, my comments were exclusively about the new album. I wholeheartedly agree about their deal with LiveNation/Tickemaster - I have never been a fan of that - my previous comments here would only confirm my overall disapproval of that arrangement. The pre-sales so far (before and during) have been quite ham-fisted - I personally have been lucky (i.e., things have worked out as they were supposed to), but too many others have not been. (Please keep in mind that I think the moderators here should get some kind of award/recognition for having to field the justifiable complaints from the list membership - let's hope things don't go so poorly again.) I also think that making people re-subscribe, even if their memberships were active and not on the verge of expiring, just to be able to participate in this round of pre-sales was just a naked money-grab. They get nothing but a hairy eyeball from me for all this. I just don't want people taking their proper disagreements with U2's unfortunate management relationship out on the new album itself - hating one doesn't mean you must hate the other. That's what I was obliquely getting at...
  25. If your account is not reflecting that you renewed, you should contact customer service with your info (you should have received an email about the renewal with an order number). Also, codes/presales for the US are complete now. Our understanding is that once European shows are announced, codes will be issued for those for people who did not participate in the US presales.
  26. U2 songs of experience your possible setlist

    Thematically, they should put Rejoice in the set list as it's the early edition of Bono's "joy as an act of defiance." I was thinking about that song today after the initial scare of the pipe bomb that went off in Times Square. I hadn't heard about the explosion because I had the holiday music station no instead of the news. A coworker called me to let me know about it, and he just sounded so shaken up. Arrived at work to see the surveillance video online of a person in a crowd, just sort of going "poof". Crazy. No one was killed, but there were injuries. The bomb went off early. That guy woke up this morning and tied a pipe bomb to his chest. But what am I supposed to do?
  27. I like this idea, too. What I noticed at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Ca. was that the devices the staff were using took several seconds for each CC holder. They worked as quickly as they could, but swiping the card and waiting to the tickets to print, took time. This caused a bottleneck that got much worse as time went on. We were near the front of the line (about 50 ahead of us) at around 3:00 pm. By 5:00 pm there were several hundred people behind us and this was just one line. We watched the lines from the Club Level and it was bad. There were ticket holders who didn't get in until after the band took the stage. This sucked if they had GAs. But, I'm all for doing everything humanly possible to thwart the scalpers.
  28. Presale is not letting me get floor tickets yet again!!!
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