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  2. We plan on getting there 6:00-6:15 or so. We have 10 in our group!
  3. Updated. got the wrong DVD name in me text haha.
  4. Oh YEah....This cool Achtung Baby^^^ pic is in the UberDeLuxe AB Hardback book ! 39 034
  5. On the day of the gig: Last time I saw U2 @ Olympic stadium in Berlin, there was loads af beer and foodstalls all around the area, and it looked like alot of people had been hanging out for hours, just chillin, sitting in the grass, etc., kind af a festival feeling... , so if the weather is nice, I think this is what my friend and I will do. :-)
  6. Did you get your confirmation when you renewed? Does your account page show the correct expire date? If so, should be fine. If you think there is a problem, contact customer support.
  7. Where has the time gone when we would do ticket and bag checks at some Belgian festivals every year. The worst we had to look for were glass bottles of wine and beer ...
  8. 39 032 Check out this coolishness !!!
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  10. I remember seeing the band in Miami on the final night of the Elevation Tour in 2001. We were inside the heart. We all desperately were trying to get them to end the show with 40, instead of the tour's regular closer, Walk On. So somebody had a brilliant idea of handing everybody in the heart, paper plates with '40' written on them. While they played Walk On, we all held several hundred '40' plates up. But nope, they still didn't play it. Best we got was a small snippet of 40 during Walk On. Sigh.
  11. 39 031 I spy with my counting eye
  12. I'm positive that this will have some impact on the U2 tour. In the short term, this is going to intensify security getting into the venues. Wait times to get inside were already ridiculously long, with the existing security checks and the credit card entry debacle. Now with even more intense security, it'll take an eternity to get in. I'm not complaining. I'm just making an observation. I realize it's necessary in light of what's happened.
  13. Count me in too ! 39 030
  14. 39 029 Always plenty of counting to do!
  15. 39, 028 - Sorting books on to a new bookcase is very therapeutic. Then I come back and find people on social media trying to use last night as an excuse to spout racism and hatred At least here in the counting thread, it is a safe, pleasant space
  16. Hi.. it seems to be all an 'edit' .. had to dig through a lot of tube clips but got convinced.. I've got to add, there is always a reason for doubt, but then again one may doubt doubt itself. Have a nice day,bless ya'll
  17. 39027 At least 22 dead in Manchester and 59 wounded. What a shame.
  18. 39 026 Hmm. Not good.
  19. Last week I ordered two t-shirts from the shop using my 25% discount. I opted for the 2 day shipping because I want my wife and I to be able to wear them to the Dallas show this coming Friday. So far I've not heard anything from them as far as a shipping date, if it's back ordered or anything. I've e-mailed them but have not received any answer. I'm going to try and call them in the morning but when I did call them last week to check on the shipping times it sounded as if the rep was reading off a script. Has anyone else experienced problems when ordering ? Any suggestions ?
  20. Hi everybody, I don't know if this is the right place to ask but I need help. I renewed my subscription on May 14th and I got my confirmation, but I received a mail telling me that my subscription is expiring. Somebody can help me? (In my account info everything is ok).
  21. The reaction of the people of Manchester is one to be proud of. Instead of locking doors in fear they have opened up their homes to people looking for shelter, for support, for a shoulder to lean on. Exactly that is what should make us see that - no matter what - the good and the kindness will always get the betterhand.
  22. So true, always "love over fear"!
  23. Underground Oldenzaal town-Manchaster, tuesday 23 mai 2017: Terrible news from U.K. in Manchaster There was a terroristic atac by a concert of Mrs. A. Grande. Aint no words for the thing that i feel. Do you feel anything at all? Are you wearing a blind? This has also influence for all the U2-gigs in Zoo-Europa later this year. What are you realy there for? I take Some time to over think what is next. I?am still. iNNOCENT childeren were also killed by these idiots. We? chose Love over Fear. .. ... .... Love and Light, Detlev Lassche, underground Oldenzaal town. Later more Zoo-News. I?am out of controle. .. ... .... MISS YOU SUGAR.
  24. Couldn't agree more. I've done the GA line-up thing many times for many different bands, and I don't think I've ever seen it handled better, especially for a show (and line) of this magnitude. I was there early both days, and was very impressed with how supportive, friendly, and communicative all of the security folks were. From telling us where to go to get wristbands/numbers in the line to encouraging us to keep drinking water in order to fight the heat to randomly coming over to small groups in the line to make sure everyone understood the GA process and knew what was going on, it really felt like they were there to support us rather than police us. Heck, one woman (probably my favorite of the bunch) was even warning us to "watch for ants falling out of the trees in the parking lot". Ha! Sunday night as we were lead down the ramp onto the field, there was a group of security high-fiving us as we went by, and they seemed legitimately excited for us. That made it all really special, and I certainly appreciate how well it was handled. Also, I'm not sure how it was for anyone else, but parking in the GA lot was a breeze! I arrived early enough in the morning that getting in wasn't a problem, but while I expected a nightmare getting out like in '09, both nights I was able to pull out of the lot with no wait at all - it was like I had found a secret exit! The traffic on the road outside was minimal, and both nights it was only a few minutes until I was on the freeway and headed home. It was a great way to cap off two tremendous nights of awesomeness!
  25. If these are GA tickets I'd like to buy them please. Sending you a PM.
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