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  2. PARTNERGIRLS & WOMEN JUNE 26, 2017 Tunisia's Fresh Female Face of Entrepreneurship Go Market helps local entrepreneurs expand their businesses. Brought to you by: HP Photo courtesy of UNIDO Ever since gaining a Master’s in Applied Languages in Economics and Business in 2007, Hayfa Ben Fraj has wanted to start her own business. “I always saw myself in the communication field,” Ben Fraj said. “I knew that the first obstacle would be financing, but I had a dream and I wanted to make it happen.” During the next eight years, Ben Fraj mastered her personal and professional skills working in diverse roles, including head of a large food group, manager of trade and media relations for a farmer’s union, and administrative manager of sales for a foreign company. She also carried out freelance market research. Take Action: Call on influential companies to incorporate women-owned businesses into global supply chains “Through this work experience, I was able to explore potential new markets, collect databases, establish marketing strategies, create websites, develop brand identities, and drive advertising campaigns and promotions in supermarkets for different fast moving consumer goods,” Ben Fraj said. “But all this work brought me nothing—no bonus, no wage increase at the end of the month.” At the end of 2014 Ben Fraj resigned, leaving her stable position as a sales manager, and four months later launched Go Market, a company specializing in finding new markets, products, services, customers, and suppliers. Despite its agricultural richness, the diversity of its craft products, and the existence of three industrial zones, the Kairouan region in Tunisia has experienced limited economic growth. This is one of the reasons that led Ben Fraj to focus Go Market on Marketing and Social Entrepreneurship to meet the expectations of the various entrepreneurs in the region. “There were potential markets—from hair accessories to wholesale agricultural equipment,” she stated. A year later she was invited by the Kairouan Business Center to participate in the Mashrou3i program organized by UNIDO in partnership with USAID, the Italian Cooperation, and the HP Foundation. The Mashrou3i program is designed to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship and offer tools that support fledgling business owners. Its mission is to create some 6,000 jobs and reach more than 25,000 aspiring and existing entrepreneurs in Tunisia over the next five years. In addition to mentoring and technical skills training, participants have access to HP LIFE, a free, online program of the HP Foundation, which features 27 interactive modules covering business and IT skills training in seven languages. “Through the Mashrou3i training, I improved my skills, mastered new HP LIFE e-learning technology tools, and gained access to a network of other aspiring entrepreneurs who also took part in the training,” Ben Fraj said. Go Market wants to contribute to the development of the Kairouan region through market research, marketing strategies, and new markets it opens up to entrepreneurs in a wide range of sectors and diverse fields such as technology, crafts, and agriculture. The project is already gaining moment. Go Market won Tunisia’s Women’s Enterprise for Sustainability award in 2016 and recently gained a contract to support 17 entrepreneurs in the area of crafts, industry, and services. Today Ben Fraj plans to expand Go Market at the local, national, and international level with a website that will showcase the region’s products. This article was developed by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) and published here with the approval of UNIDO. Take Action: Tweet Now 1 point In partnership with: WEConnect International TOPICSTunisia, Social Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Entrepreneurship, HP, Female Conversation Via Global Citizen
  3. The African Century 7 June 2017 11:01PM UTC ONE’s report The African Century presents evidence on the risks and opportunities of the current demographic development in Africa. It calls for a new partnership with Africa which doubles investments in education, employment and empowerment to support a programme of economic and policy reform across the continent. ONE also calls on the G20 to broaden their G20 “Compacts with Africa” and include more states, especially fragile states and Least Developed Countries. With the African population expected to double by 2050 to 2.5bn people with 50% expected to be under 25 years old, African politicians together with the global community need to take action – to harness the so called demographic dividend and to avoid a destabilisation of the region which will have severe consequences also for Europe and the world. DOWNLOAD THE REPORT (PDF) DOWNLOAD THE REPORT (FRENCH – PDF) DOWNLOAD THE REPORT (GERMAN – PDF) DOWNLOAD THE SOCIAL TOOLKIT (PDF)
  4. someone asking if anyone knows of overnight parking for van over the twickers weekend?
  5. Is the band at Flannery's playing U2 music? Their website nor Facebook has no idication that anything is going on Saturday afternoon.
  6. LOL, glad I'm not alone. It's amazing all the aggravation I've gone through just to see a few shows...right now I just need that release but it won't be until September o_0 Enjoy your show, hope it goes great for you!
  8. Love the idea!!! I've seen Bruce a handful of times, and I'm always floored by the man's stamina. He's a beast! I mean, what is...?? Late 60's? Plays for hours and is so physical...still.
  9. Yes they really should be sending out the Nloth toilet brushes - they're long overdue.
  10. 39 687 Is it still on free TV? It seems to change channel every year now.
  11. Still looking. Cannot be in lots until about 6:30 to meet (post updated).
  12. Tickets have been claimed. Thanks.
  13. Hi all. Long time lurker, first time poster. Through a series of events, I have 3 GA tickets for Thursday night that I will for sure not be using. Possibly 1 or 2 more. All at face (inc. fees) of course. Anyone looking?
  14. I don't know of anything Friday but there are a couple of things Saturday. There's a free get together in the RRHoF plaza with food trucks, music, etc. starting at 4 pm. There will also be a group at an Irish Pub, Flannery's I believe. I learned of both via Facebook.
  15. Still looking!!
  16. i just replied to your PM - we're interested!
  17. hi everybody, i'm trying to sell my 2 GA tickets for the italian show on the 15th of July (saturday). I already have the tickets at my home, italy, if you're interested, sens me a PM and we'll find a way. fabio
  18. The same videos that played when I saw the band in Chicago played on the screens in Toronto, so my guess would be they will be playing them in Europe as well.
  19. I think Bruce could probably knock this song outta the park. If you're ever in the pit for an E Street Band show, bring a sign requesting it and try to "stump the band"!
  20. Was thinking about this song this morning while I was cleaning the house (boring job)..I so love it. It honestly took me in to my 40's, and now at 52 to fully love it and appreciate it. Maybe it is because my taste in music has changed and moved towards more Americana/Outlaw/Blues-infused tunes. Two things I was thinking: how cool to hear Springsteen do a take on the song, and then... just how bad ass the video was in concert. The cool little bony cowgirl working that lariat over! My sisters saw the show in Louisville (and if you're southern, it's "Loo-uh-vull") and they thought she needed a meal or two, but I thought it was cool that she appeared to be a grown-ass woman, not a kid. Just me rambling....
  21. So, does anyone knows if the Collecting point for sunday tickets, Red Zone area, Is just at the Twickenham Stadium??? Thank you
  22. @vertigojds Apparently the GA at Boston was a mess. I think that proves your point, totally with you.
  23. Hi there! I sent you pm. I'd buy 2 of them and I think you will have no problem to sell last 2. let me know
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