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Fans Who Had Obstructed View 360 Tour Tickets - Gather Here!!!!

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Two rows behind me at Soldier Field, not sold (due to obstructed view I am guessing), my row and three rows in front of me virtually no view and terrible sound. Price of tickets $250 each. Jump ahead four rows from me and those twelve rows are out from under the overhang, completely different experience. They were able to see the stage as a whole and be up close, so you can have both. Price also $250.


Really? There is a map of the seating chart....

Give me a break you genius of concert production, show me a seating chart that shows an overhang blocking the seats. Oh, I know, check the online seating chart where you click the section and see a view from your seats, nope that didn't show it either!


Not just "lucky to get a ticket", unless you think luck is a result of preparation and hard work. Becoming a Horizon fan club member and having the money to buy $250 face value tickets and clicking into Ticketmaster as soon as they went on sale.


Worst place for sound in Soldier Field: Under overhang

Worst place to see Claw in Soldier Field(in it's entirety): Under overhang


You are stating the painfully obvious to people who know how to go to a concert and have been to many. This was a ripoff, falsely advertised overpriced tickets. Get your B.S. out of here.

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But then again, if you saw the opener, you would've had an idea of the sound quality and view....and get it resolved then.

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