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MANUAL: Images in signatures

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bigwave wrote:

hi all, just to say that html has been turned off on the boards for the time being, hopefully it will be back in due course.

bigwave U2.com moderator



please....the title of the post thingy....it is....it.....it's EVIL!!!!





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LOL! Well another silly thing is that the free side and the sub side have different background colors and now I cannot see U2B's post cause she used adarker colored font. LOL!

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MullenArianne wrote:

ah01 wrote:

Hi everyone,


Maybe this is a bit offtopic.. but does anybody know what font has been used on the GOYB cover..


I'm trying to design dvd covers for the promotour tv appearances. Right now i draw the text in Adobe Illustrator, but this is pretty time consuming... so if anyone knows.. its would be a great help!!!

I think I read that somewhere.... I'll get back to you


WOW!!!! if you would.. thank u so much.. . when im done with the covers ill sent them to u..

thanx again

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........I still find myself wondering WHY this bandwidth thing is an issue. OK...in extreme cases it might slow down the forum a little, but this live nation,this universal. I read universal has some 179,000 websites taken out. They don't care about bandwidth! The videos, the music are far more space and gag thebandwidth then any graphic ever could..We make far more noise as fans when allowed to scream the praises of our band. Repressing fans from being fans...justodd to me.

I feel like if I was at a concert (and this forum is a concert of sorts) and I was not allowed to tap my foot to the music without getting hit over the headwith heavy objects....just stand there damn it!


You (people that run this site) really let your hair out alittle, and remember this is rock 'n' roll, not some corporate office. You want me to playU2's album as loud as I can.


Making their forum enjoying is part of that loudness...LET ME IN THE SOUND!!!!!!!!



thank you

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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