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Ok...enough of this calling the band OLD

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I am partly guility, but I did not mean it seriously!!! image


The guys in this band are not old. I was teasing in the last zoo about the word choice of "magnify" to culminate a love song, which--actually--isvery very advanced and sensual. I was only kidding, because reviewers had called them "self-consciously middle age."


So...Listen Up Bono et al.......You guys rock! You are in your best years....You have AT LEAST 40 more ahead of you! So ignore all these people, includingme, who teased you about growing out of the Joshua Tree era fire!!!


Infinity rocks!!!!! Make more music, please! (and, I actually do like the magnify line...although, still hold onto the image of a magnifying glass being usedto make a fire ;) There are some things I think should never be given up....fire being one of them! )

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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