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So are they really in Ireland, ?? I thought they were in France..

Wouldn't be nice if we could be in a different place each week !

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 Thanks to Fe we find out about everything  :)



Very true. I feel her contribution to the zoo should be officially acknowledged!


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He's been rocking worldwide stages for over thirty years.

But on Friday, U2's Bono proved that even rock stars can't stall the test of time. 

Along with his trademark sunglasses, the 53-year-old celebrated at Dublin's Coppinger Row Restaurant.

Bono wore a weathered brown leather jacket along with his sartorial trademarks including a light pair of sunglasses and an ear piercing.

The Edge, whose real name is David Evans, opted for a matching black jacket, black t-shirt, charcoal jeans, and a black beanie.

Bono's wife Ali brought some glamour to the proceedings with a black wrap dress and tousled long dark locks.

She was seen leaving clutching a handful of presents and what looked to be a bottle of wine.

Coppinger Row Restuarant is renowned for its simple Mediterranean food, and it was obviously a hit with the stars as it was gone 5am before they left.

But it's not just the lead singer who is clocking up the years.

U2 were formed in 1976 and the band have been going from strength to strength ever since.

The band are currently working on their thirteenth studio album, which they are planning to release later this year.

From: Daily Mail

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Bono and Mary J. Blige performed "One" together on Monday night at the Robin Hood Foundation's 25th anniversary gala in New York City. The event raised more than $80 million to fight poverty. Very little in the way of photos and/or video from the event, at least so far.


This Instagram pic from Steve Sanchez is the best we've seen so far.



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Bono appeared on CBS This Morning Thursday (May 16) to talk to host Charlie Rose about activism and music. Bono’s appearance comes on the heels of a new biographyThe Frontman: Bono (In the Name of Power) that denounces the U2 frontman’s anti-poverty campaigning (among other things). Though Rose and Bono never mentioned the book, written by Dublin-based writer Harry Browne, the singer’s appearance could be seen as a counter-argument to the unflattering biography.


In the interview,  the man born Paul Hewson said that he follows Nelson Mandela’s belief that “poverty is not a natural condition,” and that it is “manmade.” Bono made the point that his activism isn’t about “charity.” “I’ve always been on a justice tip,” he said, “rather than a charity one.”

On the topic of AIDS, he called the United States a “heroic story.” “You are way out in front in the fight against AIDS,” he told Rose, claiming that most of the 8 million worldwide on medication for the disease are alive because of the efforts of the U.S. “Do Americans know that? Do they know that they’re part of this incredible story? To me, this is as heroic as your intervention in the Second World War.”


Also discussed: Bono’s messianic complex, something Bono fully accepts, noting that “anyone who finds their way to the front of a rock band… has definitely got a messianic complex.”

Other revelations in the interview included the frontman’s thoughts on songwriting, saying “[songs are] like your parents. They tell you what to do, they tell you how to behave, they tell you how to misbehave, how to dress. Everything you do is directed by the songs.” He also discussed his motivation behind a new U2 album, saying that he doesn’t want to make a new record “unless it’s great.”

Perhaps most interesting were his thoughts on John Lennon — in particular, his opinion of the legendary singer’s classic “Imagine”: a tune that, on the surface, might seem fairly in line with Bono’s worldview.

“I don’t play that song; it’s the only John Lennon song I don’t like,” he admitted. “I love so many things about John Lennon; he wrote the blueprint. But imagining wasn’t one of them. I’m more about doing, more about actions, following my nose [and] following my curiosity to understand people better, understand the world better [and] understand myself better.”

The full interview can be viewed on Rose’s PBS interview show, The Charlie Rose Show, tonight.


From: News

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