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U2's Christmas Card 2013

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Hello U2's fans!

I would like to invite all of you to write your message to U2'members, celebrating this Christmas time. Write your message and win a draw of Ordinary Love-10 inch vinyl - via love.  

To post your message to Adam, Bono, Larry and The Edge: 
You must to click on "Comente" (19/12/2013) - (IMMEDIATELY BELOW U2'S PHOTO, THE MESSAGES and the box: 'Posted by reginaonumb in "); then will open a box, and you'll write your name (Seu nome), your e-mail (Seu e-mail), your URL (Seu site); after, type your message (you can include a link of a photo) and click on "ENVIAR COMENTARIO"; this box will be closed and will open another box, and all you need to do... type the signs and click on "ENVIAR". I´ll copy the messages and I´ll past it on the post. 
"U2's Christmas Card 2013":

1 Ordinary Love - 10 inch vinyl pressing for the movie Mandela: Long WalK to Freedom 

The vinyl will be sponsored by myself. The draw will be filmed and available on youtube. This draw will happen after December 25, 2013 and will retain the names of the fans who post the message until this date and add the e-mail into the comments. 

If, for any reason this record won't be available, cause is part of a limited edition, the prize will be an item of U2 shop. 

Any suggestion, critics, protests, additional info, support; contact me: 

thank you so much (so sorry for my bad english)      ;) 

Regina O'Numb      :) 

Music Rising
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Your english is great! Don´t worry about it.


Thanks for doing that, Regina! It´s a very nice initiative  ;)

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Thanks for your efforts Regina. Next time I'll try not to forget to participate.

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