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I wrote the following during a writing group session done in virtual of course, by way of a conference call. Inspired in part by the music on SOE.


A poem from the heart

not the mind

from The Beyond place

where beauty, hope and Life beckon

Grossly underrated in the place and position I hold there

taken from the rafters of indifference, fear and complacent half-life

Into grand, lush, lavish home of the heart

Where the ebb and flow just goes (and stays) in the flow state.


Rigor mortis of my past is left like road kill on my path

The further I step onward, the less power and sway it holds over me

I now look back and laugh with confident trust completely confident in memories, their ultimate power and purpose

to be a guide not some negative prophesy that gets filled again and again in a never ceasing loop

Stabilized by time

Now I sit confident, strong, at rest and yet ready to act.

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On ‎1‎/‎16‎/‎2018 at 11:57 PM, paoladegliesposti said:

Hello !

images.jpgA miracle is extraordinary.!

Just missed this one before now...perception is everything.... Miracles are everywhere...just have to cultivate the sight to see them!

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