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A Soaring Sound

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I'm going out for a walk..Will read when I get back !!!!

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So Beautiful...If I could I'd cry....Instead, I stay amazed and gaze !!!!!

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The Drawbacks


Honesty brings great responsibility


there is no other way I could be


I tasted the other side long ago


bathed in its stench from head to toe.



When I say something from my heart, you pull it apart.


Dissecting the truth is a troublesome trait


Accepting my words you can not tolerate, lay down and bleed yourself out of your other one.


His horns can,t walk in the sun, he needs a spark, so let go of the dark.



When can we speak on an even keel, when can we both get down and kneel


I am not perfect, and would never claim to be, I won,t choose sides, I just want to be free.


Take time to reflect and see for yourself that too long have we been left on the shelf.


Come dance in the light, give up your fight, and lets get right.  

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Day Of Love



On this day the fighting ends,


one way or another enemies become friends.


Old lovers shake hands and smile.


The time is at hand, the world needs a new style.



Forgive and forget, walk side by side, connect with your eyes, let go of lies and be wise.


Hard to say and harder to do, but in the end we must see it through.


Be not a spanner in the wheel of worldwide lovemaking, but a bustling machine of majestic undertaking.



When it arrives, evil will no longer thrive, even the ones without the sun on their backs will not be allowed to slip through the cracks.


We are all in this together, and we hurt more than ever, but if we are clever, and take each other as a brother or a lover,


then we shall recover.



And so a great resounding sigh from upon high will echo through the sky, and we shall know why.


So don,t put it off any longer, we can be so much stronger, and when each one of us goes on from this place,


we can do so without any hint of disgrace.

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omg.....your really bono arent you?


omg.....your really bono arent you?

I am flattered, but no just a Kiwi guy with a thing or two to say, but I would be glad to have him or anyone else take inspiration from any passages, not that he needs it for he is the master.

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Rise and Fall 


When you wake up from a desolate dream


where everything around you was not as it seemed


reach out your hand and place it in mine


we will face the day together, and through us ties will bind



I sometimes too come unstuck, 


and then I look to you, for you are my rock, a boulder so big  as this 


can only be measured by the taste of your kiss.


Your beauty that is carved into my heart and your presence in my life that i hope never will depart


leads me back to the path from where I restart.



So you can also look to me,


and whatever will be, we will be free,


I know this to be because deep inside of me


I see that by our own hands and help from above


That there is no roof that can seal off our love.



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All is great !!! But I can't get the sense of the word "Spanner" in the context presented in "Day of Love" !

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All is great !!! But I can't get the sense of the word "Spanner" in the context presented in "Day of Love" !

This is to say that one should not go about pulling in the opposite direction of love intentionally, drive the demons that  cause you to commit crimes of the heart against your fellow man out of your life, seek inner peace, long for release from blood lust, break down the barriers of injustice. 

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They say that your eyes are a window to your soul,


what if that soul was out of control, running wild as the wind,


what you would give to feel whole again,


time heals wounds and scars of the heart,


and while this happens you and your soul slightly part.



Out of your deepest hole you climb


and day by day with each small step you reclaim your right to life


second, third, fourth time around, who,s counting, only those men of might.


No man or woman is absent from pain or desire, sometimes they go hand in hand and often conspire.




So when you light up, and the shadow that surrounded you is gone,


you arrive back to yourself, know that you are strong.


For you have suffered at a cruel hand for so long, that the song you sing now


is where you belong. 

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How can we go with the flow


for the love that we brought into this world soon will grow,


The eyes of innocence look upon our faces,


they see in us what we see in them


The matter at hand is not if but when.



Our hearts and minds stand up to so much


but as this child grows, and the more he knows,


and the choices he faces, will it come to blows.


For now we can put clothes on his back, but how much longer can we stay on track.



We steadfastly continue to throw him our love, waiting for some intervention on earth or above.


The clock is ticking fast, and the hands never go back, you long for a chance to cut the slack.


For now there is peace in the family heart, and we hold on to this, and may never we part


We keep one eye on each other, and one on the road, because the dark stranger in our lives needs to be sold.


The hammer comes down, and the time is at hand, our love pushes him away, and he can no longer stand.




I would never yank your chain Spicy, perhaps lick your wounds.


Much thanks and love.



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You in me


With eyes so bright


like headlights in the night


I feel like I am in you


can you feel me too.



You came upon me many moons ago,


what did you think, please let me know.


You carry your load down a long road, let me take some of that weight from you.


With my hands open and my heart repaired and then broken again and again.


Just for you to see me would remove some of that pain.



I bid you goodnight to sleep gently and tight, 


let the wind sing to you songs of delight


Don,t fret for me, my heart is as strong as a tree.


A hundred year old oak with rings to tell its tale


That,s when we can speak after all this has set sail.



For I know too we must wait, as the passage of time says it is never too late.


Go on with your deeds and feed your herd your words


and let your companions strike the chords that bring us great joy


for we are your brethren, yes every girl and boy. 

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The soft rain trickles down your face


as we sit on this hill facing the rising moon


it glistens on your skin like salty tears


and then dries up to remind us that this treat will be gone just as soon.



We steal through the shadows that flicker in the light


and then stop for a moment to take in the sight


the city below us sleeps, we race the passing clouds in bounds and leaps.


Playing for keeps with a love like this, is a gift from the heavens, and we embrace with a kiss.



Out of breath but far from done we lay on the grass and wait for the sun.


telling each other what our hearts desire, naming each star and getting higher and higher.


A natural glow fills us both up, two thirsty souls take a drink from loves cup.


So lost in each other, and the night is our cover as we sit there in wonder.   





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She lays next to me


her breathing so low


that I place my ear to hers just to know.


My love for her is comparable to the sea and the tides carry our fortunes.



What can be so wrong about a day of reckoning.


Is life not a wheel that tirelessly keeps turning, spitting us out and churning and burning.


For it throws us together, and then we plant seeds of love on our patch


These unite us even further when they bloom and then hatch.



The forces that find us and keep us together


also have a dark twin who only wants to sever


A fight so huge as this for our love to continue to exist


is one we both are armed for by our time served in bad weather.

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An Undying Thirst


The rain washes away the salt from your skin


but cannot remove the beauty within.


the sun comes out to let you begin again, its rays remove pain.


Seeing yourself in all the troubles that you saw,


hunting down the curse that keeps you on the floor,


for a man drinks his fill from the cup of life,


and when it is gone, all that is left is strife.



Those left behind are of a mind that he was the one.


But now he is gone, and there feeling is numb.


The forseeable future holds gold, but when all is done, said and told,


it pales in comparison to the riches of his soul.



This is the time when the fruit of his loins take up his legacy,


carrying his love as well as his coins.


They build a fort around them, just as before,


and make it impenetrable to men without love as their law.



He looks down upon them as they go about this, tracing his memories in their hand as they live.


He is their invisible guide, he sits on their shoulders and won,t let them slide.


They feel him too, for a family such as this carry a power so infinite that time never dies.



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Don,t Push Me Away( I want to stay).



I have feathered my nest


and passed every test.


You have seen this, is it not so?


I have plied my trade peacefully,  don,t make me go.



For the love I have here is second to none,


my children and her shine in me like the sun,


but a father can be forlorn when his identity is torn,


In his darkest hour trouble can be reborn.



So gather your hearts together, and be of one mind,


and give this ragged man a way to climb.


For the ladder of success is a slippery slope,


I never say die, but sometimes lose hope.



The town that I love, the city that fits me like a glove from my childhood days,


has grown cruel and difficult to find a way out of the maze.


My hands are able, and my body is strong,


are you willing to help me belong?


I dream of the time that I can be truly free,


to achieve everything I set out to do and be.


An eternal truce with everything reset back to zero.


A bringer of peace, not another hero.



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I had another vision last night, I was in an auditourium and Bono was baiting the audience with some kind of rant, Then he was joined by the other members of U2 as well as a another set of musicians comprising violinists, and trumpets etc.


They then proceeded to play a new song that may or may not have been called The Alluring Sea, Sea was in it though,


The song was outstanding, a real roller coaster ride from the word go, I remember Bono,s vocal sounding so powerful like I have never ever heard before.


It was like U2 on steroids, a most memorable experience, and I actually remembered most of it.


I have been listening to so much classical music lately, so I guess its no surprise that it has seeped into my subcontious.

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Always At The Door



Master of illusion


Prince of intrusion


King of corruption, lurking in the shadows, the opposite of construction.


Watching your back for you without your consent, the wolves of this pack will never repent.



The darkness will be their doom, and their houses fall under gloom.


I lock out their laughter and bury it deep, for my soul is spoken for, and the price is not cheap.


Behind closed doors they barter for it, but their money is poison and their words are worth spit.



They come for me in ways that I cannot control,


but when they appear before me my skin turns cold.


This is my saviour, my intricate switch,


that keeps me on my side, and goes off without a hitch.



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The staircase in my mind


has taken many years to climb, cobwebs brushed away


from places I no longer stay,


I have sifted and sorted through the remains, and gone to great pains,


reshuffled the deck, got a handle on the wildcard, covered up the facade.



Loose change in my pockets, where once before would slip through a hole and onto the floor.


fading in and out no more, replaced by a clarity as never before.


This is the sound and sight of a man who no longer wears a shroud, and plays his own hand.


He takes a leaf out of your book, friend or foe, King or crook.



But with his own loving touch, he gives it a swagger, and pulls out the dagger,


reshaping the words and the ways of the weary, standing alongside them and speaking to them dearly.


Being a constant in the presence of those who are yet to see, and be open to close.


This moment in time will recede and then recline, but my never ceasing desire to win the battle for you and I my friend will never confine.


I will not be held hostage to my heart, It is there for me and you, and what pumps through it can rescue you too.



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Your Best Move Or Mine


I scan the passing clouds


for an answer to the riddle,


Then I stop kidding myself, for I know your on the fiddle.


There is something unsettled in the air,


I try to pin it down, but get nowhere.



Many moves are in motion in my mind,


putting them in there right places is taking up my time.


With a delicate balance on the tip of the scales


my life is a chessboard, and each piece prevales.


Your sweet smelling roses that you place at my feet


are decaying in the fields that you tender so neat.



I sense your coming, and steady my heart,


what will you serve me up this time round


The trickery and treachery of a doubled over demon, or the surprise of my life that at last we are even.


The scene before me is all too familiar, the props are the same but the cast has changed.


My hope is that it is not deranged.


So here we go again just as before, a leap off the diving board wishing for water and not hard floor.


I have rebuilt my temple and am about to throw it at your mercy once more, take up the leaf I offer at your door.





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Zoo CAT, you added so much poems I can't keep the pace !!!

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I have slowed down a bit too!


Ideas are still there though. how are things with you?

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I'll have to get back and read them...You can keep posting, I didn't mean to stop you...I'm happy you're inspired !


I should be ok...

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