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(((Hugs))) & (((Kisses)))

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natural love n hugs before man stepped in...find it in the market..



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i wish for you to have a love that 

treasures you oh so dearly

with a yearning interest

and that your excited to wake 

up every day and that you long

to be home with your family

and look forward to go to sleep 

at night in utter peace

with sheer love and ecstacy

i hope your smile never 

is taken from you

and that you are never broken

i pray every moment with your loved 

one is breath taking

and i always hope sentiment holds 

a special place in your heart 


and you stay the charismatic 

soul you are

i wish for you to always be as

adventurist as you are

but still be safe 

and to always be the clown

you have always been 

when you are at play

with glow of faces you arouse

i love for the child in you

to stay innocent

and the adult in you to stay


i want your love to last 

forever and to never fail

and i wish for it to be 

stronger than a a whole


i wish for you to never 

grow old but if you do

may your wisdom shine

and that you have


i pray that whoever holds

your hand in marriage

travels the universe

and eternity with you

through every height 

and depth

dark or shine

may you be as one person


and i pray they love

you deeply as one yolked

with you from God

and may you never 

ever have to suffer any pain

and may Gods love 

always be your guiding



hugs to you..

  OH !!!!!!!!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:

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