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What can I say... Friday 29th September, 1989 - Sydney Entertainment Centre. My first U2 Gig. Excited U2 fan. Excited before the band came on. I looked around and I saw Joe O'Herlihy at the mixing desk. From where I was sitting, I left all of my friends and went down to talk to Joe. He was kind and responsive. All of a sudden about four security guards came striding up to me. (The security guards were not very nice. They had the power and they wanted you out!) Whilst chatting to Joe O'Herlihy, these guards wanted to kick me out. Joe was kind enough to tell the guards I was with him and he quietly told me to see him after the gig. I did and he spoke to me for a little while and then gave me the greatest gift ever. A photo with all of the band signing it for me. The gig was unforgettable! Never in my life have I felt so happy to see U2. Every U2 gig after that has been extraordinary. Crew are always great to chat.



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My first two live gigs:


1. Sting; Dream of the Blue Turtles Tour at Festival Hall in Melbourne. I was 12 years old. I went with my dad and a friend of mine. I remember the stage seeming miles away and the music incredibly loud (although it probably wasn't) and me apologising to dad for Sting swearing throughout the concert - 'I didn't know he'd swear like that, he doesn't swear on the records, promise.'


2. Deep Purple at The Entertainment Centre in Melbourne. Still 12 years old and my friend from the Sting gig had to drop out of going to see The Purp with his dad, so I went in his place. I remember we initially had really good seats and the music seemed incredibly loud (and it was!) and me apologising to my friend's dad for asking that we move right up the back of the hall, where it was maybe a bit quieter - and it wasn't. I sat there for about two hours with my fingers in my ears while my friend's dad wished he was still down the front.


Things looked up significantly in 1989 when Love came to Melbourne Town! I was ready to rock n' roll and I found a band I could stick with for 20+ years now!


Love the new album!





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@@U2Partygirl59I don't have any photos as it was 1978. There were no mobile phones then, but there was something happening with the Dublin music scene. Live gigs, unheard of at the time.McGonagles was where it all started for me. I can still see the decor and feel the excitement and anticipation. It was an extraordinary gig. The crowd (only a few hundred) hung on to every note and lyric. It was something different in our mundane lives. I was a student at the time and had very little money, we used to cycle from Stillorgan to McGonagles and the Baggot Inn. Even though those gigs were 36 years ago i still treasure my memories. Of course i have seen U2 in arenas and stadiums since then.Songs of Innocence remind me also of that era ,perhaps that is why i love the album so much.



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2005, I heard on the radio U2 are coming to Auckland after 13 years, gotta get tickets, nailed some for the first show through U2.com presale.


Second show announced, gonna go ballistic to get em. End up sitting outside Real Groovy on Queen Street for two days waiting for the box office to open on Monday morning.


A crowd gathers behind me and stretches for about a mile around the block, heaps of coffee, biscuits and burgers bought in to sustain the troops.


Monday morning and I get 4 more for the Saturday show, stoked, hop on the Yamaha and head home. Mum later tells me that a mad U2 fan has just appeared on TV having been holed up outside a record store for two days.


We both laugh, she knows what it means to me.


Night of the show, right at the front of the walkway, with my brothers, and my Mrs, Po going to City of Blinding Lights, being reduced to tears by a beautifully played acoustic version of Walk On.


Spellbound for two or more hours by a blistering set of songs, culminating with Kite, and Bono showing his prowess with the Auckland night breeze.


Fly it high Brother, you da man.

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In June 2012 I travelled to Dublin just to see Electric Burma concert and specifically Bono perform in front of a small audience at Bord Gais Energy Theatre.

Electric Burma June 18,2012

After the concert was finished I wandered around Hanover Quay Studios with my friend, while U2's song "Pride" was playing out loud on my phone.
All of the sudden a black car stops in front of me, and who comes out? Bono!!! after some photos he walked nearby to the after show party leaving me at one of the 
peaks of my life, changing the gig I just saw from amazing to unforgettable. 



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Mi nombre es Esteban, soy de Argentina...

El mejor concierto que viví en mi vida, fue sin dudas la segunda noche de La Plata, ya había estado en la primera, y la adrenalina de la espera previa del show se mezclaba con el cansancio de haber estado esperando en la fila desde las 06:00 AM hasta que abrieran las puertas del estadio.

Lo bueno, era cada tanto escuchar pequeñas pruebas de sonido previas al show era como una nueva dosis de adrenalina!!

Recuerdo que habíamos ido en auto con un amigo, y no sabíamos donde dejarlo debido a la cantidad de gente que había alrrededor, en la fila conocimos a unas personas que estaban en la misma situación con su auto, recuerdo que terminamos dejando nuestros autos en la casa de un desconocido que se hizo de unos billetes extra por dejarnos entrar nuestros autos en su casa.

Terminamos muy muy cansados, ya que vivo a unos 100Km del estadio de La Plata, y habíamos salido a las 3:00 AM de mi casa, y llegamos a las 06:00 Am del día siguiente!!

Sin dudas el esfuerzo, la espera en la fila y el sufrimiento de manejar muy cansado al regreso valieron la pena!!

Dejo la foto que más aprecio de esa noche!!!


(english translation) : 


My name is Stephen, I am from Argentina ... 


The best concert I experienced in my life, was undoubtedly the second night of La Plata, and had been in the first, and adrenaline prior expected the show mingled with fatigue have been waiting in line since 06 : 00 AM to open the doors of the stadium.


The good thing was every so listen little evidence of pre-show sound was like a new dose of adrenaline !! 

I remember that we had been in a car with a friend, and did not know where to leave because of the amount of people there already, we met some people who were in the same situation with your car, remember we ended leaving our cars in house of a stranger who made ​​a few extra bucks for letting us into our cars at home.


We ended up very tired, since I live about 100km from La Plata stadium, and we were out at 3:00 am from my house, and arrived at 06:00 am the next day !! 


Undoubtedly the effort, waiting in line and suffering too tired to handle the return worth it !! 


Here is the picture I appreciate most about that night !!!


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1985, August 25th, Cork, Ireland.


A free gig was happening near Cork city in a place called the "Lee Fields",(by the river Lee) where some local acts were playing, it was my very first gig, I was 16 years old.

It was not far from where I lived, so I headed down there with some friends. The event was called "Lark By The Lee"


The stage was the back of a long truck, and maybe 2 to 3 thousand people standing in a field watching it.


Towards the end of the schedule, an announcement was made, that a very special surprise was happening shortly, and to wait.


Next onstage was Dave Fanning, who introduced the band, holly shit, the crowd went mental, everyone was jumping. Some people could not take the excitement and fainted.

It was unreal, but fantastically exciting.


They came onstage and gave around an hour long set, absolutely mindblowing. I'll never forget that first U2 gig I attended.


Live Aid only happened a few weeks before that.



I met U2 sound engineer Joe O'Herlihy years later,(around 2003) and showed him the picture below, and he autographed it for me, he was doing the sound on the day for the whole gig.


I have seen U2 on every tour since that day forward. Of the 20 U2 gigs I have attended all around Ireland,  Europe and the U.S.,

that first one in my hometown of Cork, back in 1985 is always going to be that bit extra special.




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firstly a bit of background about the show that I will never forget and one that I almost did not attend.


In 1985 I was 7 or 8 years old and I loved Michael Jackson. that year he came to my city to purchase the

rights to The Beatles catalouge from Robert Holmes A Court. a part of the deal was that Michael had to  

appear on the Perth Telethon which raises money for a children's hospital. sadly he didn't perform on the

Telethon, in fact he hardly spoke, he was so shy.


He made an appearance outside the now demolished Perth Entertainment Centre & my parents took me.

there must've been at least 3000 people there. there's a video of it on youtube, if you look in the crowd,

you may be able to see a bright yellow hat in the middle... well, that's me :D he he


11 years later (1996) I no longer listen to Michael, U2 are my favourite band & I'd just started listening to MetallicA.

it was December & Michael had arrived in Perth to do 3 shows for his HIStory World Tour at the now demolished Burswood Dome.

though I was no longer really a fan, I was curious about the concert and my brother and I bought tickets the day before the

2nd show. our seats were in the nose bleed section but that didn't matter because the stage was huge and the video

screens filled the Dome. unfortunetly I have no photos to share.


this was my first concert ever. the show was amazing, it blew my mind! :blink: he arrived onstage in a rocket which was just fantastic.

seeing Michael Jackson perform 'Billy Jean' live took me back to being a kid (even though I was only 19) which is still a kid, kind of.

he walked out onstage with a small suitcase & places it on a table, he gets "the glove" out and the crowd go nuts :D

he was flawless, I don't know which performance I liked better 'Smooth Criminal' or 'Billy Jean', amazing songs, brilliant artist.


I bought myself a tour shirt but wore it out, the ribbing fell apart etc. so this is all I have left from the show, my ticket. that and memories B)




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My first concert experience !!!


It was 2009, I bought tickets for two days at the Local B'Est Fest in Bucharest...What concerts did those turn out to be !!! There were several artist who played every night culminating with a major artist as the final concert.


On the first night the major artist was Franz Ferdinand !


On the Second night the huge artist was none other than the Rock Legend Santana, the one who played on the same stage with Jimi Hendrix at WoodStock and one of my favourite artists !!!


Of course some other smaller bands/solo artists played in between, like : Oceana, Gabriela Cilmi and the Klaxons, which were supposed to play but here's the funny thing...


I was walking through the concert venue and I heard Klaxons were talking to people and giving autographs but I though "Weren't they supposed to be playing right now?"...I walked up to their booth and had a chat with every member of the band, they were very nice and talkative...They told me their equipment got lost on the Romanian roads...got stolen or something, nobody knew exactly what happened...We had a laugh about the whole thing, they gave away autographs to everyone who came...Here's mine :


Klaxons Autographs

Another cute photo I choose is one form Gabriela Cilmi's performance:

Gabriela Cilmi

One other fun fact is that I bought tickets which were for a certain area (cheaper), second closest area to the stage and since no one checked my ticket I got to sit right up front, I got the best spot for the Franz Ferdinand concert, they were amazing...
Alex Kapranos greeted us in Romanian and he told us he likes Romanian beer way better than what they have in the UK...and also our girls....
After his band's show I met him at the Artist's Spot when exiting the concert venue...He was drinking some Romanian beer...We shook hands, he again pointed out how much he loves the Romanian beer...I got his autograph and told him "What a great band, Franz Ferdinand" (I Quoted Bono)-He smiled and went off in a rush...couldn't take a photo with him...here's the autograph :

Alex Kaprano's Autograph

Some photos from the performance (at the end of the set they threw the drum sticks into the audience, I almost caught one...but it slipped...):

Franz Ferdinand in concert






On the last night of this set of concerts, I was in the first row again, of course....Santana was about to kick-start his European Leg of the tour in just an hour....

Words cannot express what happened during his performance...it was an all-encompassing experience of the senses !!!

At 61, his age at the moment, Santana played as if he was 21 !!!

We shouted like completely wild animals for the Encore (a 2nd performance of Corazon Espinado) and he played it like there was NO tomorrow !!! Never Ending massive guitar-solos...his band-members were at the top of their game also....Incredible !


Here are some photos....I have many more, I choose these:


Santana 1

Santana 2

Santana 3

Santana 4

Santana Corazon Espinado - Encore


In the photo where Santana points to his head, he was playing a peaceful song..he was calling out for love and peace in the world, no more wars !!!

He told us that his music is a Shamanic Type of Experience...that he was there to Heal our Souls...and Boy did he do it !!!!!



I hope you all enjoyed my story....I might Edit and add facts if I remember more from those nights !!!




PS : Here's me on the first day of concerts


Me on the First Concert Day

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I first heard on U2 when I was in tenth grade on a trip to a model UN club meeting in Syracuse NY in 1984. One of our classmates was a big U2 fan... I had not really been exposed to a lot of U2 at that point. We had decided to skip the model UN meeting that night as we heard that the band was playing in a club right down the road from the hotel that we were staying in. We ran down to the club and could hear the band from inside, but only being 16 at the time, the bouncers would not let us pass through the front door. The band was raw and edgy... I was hooked from the first song that I heard all though muffled from the street noise outside. Sadly, I never saw them that night.


Several years later in college at Umass Amherst, my neighbor next door to us was a huge U2 fan. She would crank U2 at all hours of the night. The more I heard of them, the more I became a fan! I remember one night, at the end of the fall semester, sitting in my room watching the snow fall outside my dorm window. "Running to stand still" played on the tape deck behind me. Then and there I was connected to the song, to the moment, to what U2 songs made me think and feel. It still is my favorite song.


Right after college I met my soulmate. Our first date was putting old 45 records on the juke box in her parents college bar. We were connected by music, the "Joshua tree album" our anthem. The first birthday gift she got for me was tickets to see U2 at knickerbocker arena in Albany NY. Our seats were great, the band sounded awesome, and the night could not have been more perfect. We now have seen them in Toronto, boston, Maryland, NY, and Hawaii. We have twice tried to bring our kids to the show and twice the show has been cancelled. The first in Hawaii- which my wife and I then flew back for a 3 day trip from NY to see them when they rescheduled in December that year and the second in Toronto. Both of our kids are huge u2 fans to carry on the legacy of our passion for the band and the music. We hope that this tour... this time... as a family we can see the world's greatest band so that they can share the memories with their kids some day!!

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It was amazing to open my email box and see #unforgettablegig challenge and know that the best and first show that marked my life was U2. 
It started when I was 12 and won the 1980 -1990 CD and already in the first chord was totally in love. 
The love was growing up and I followed all releases, I started collecting CDs and DVDs! I've always been very connected to the music, and oddly enough, every step of my life is marked by a U2 song. 
In 2006 when U2 came to Brazil with the Vertigo tour, I was 15 and no condition to go to their show, remember I was on the sofa crying for not being there in that amazing moment. When my father hugged me and said that next time they come to Brazil, he would take me. 
In January 2009, I completely lost the will to live when my father died in an accident. I heard no more music, no skirt, did not talk and was just 18. 
One day, I keep a few things in my reading room and saw there, standing and fully enlightened, my compilation album of U2. 
But that's quick, grabbed the first CD I saw in front and started listening. And coincidentally or not, was playing With or Without, it was the music that played on the guitar while my father was listening, and soon Sometimes You Can Make On Your Oun which is totally the song that I sing every day for my father my hero! 
In 2011 the brand U2 tour in Brazil, and then the dream gig of the band that got me out of a deep depression, and of course, I would fulfill the promise of my father, I would go to the U2 concert and knew he would be there with me , enjoying every moment. 
Were three days waiting in line at Morumbi - São Paulo and then the gates opened and I only thought about running. When I arrived at my place was out of breath and it took me to realize that I was in the front row of the stadium, stuck in the grid, face to face with the stage. The feeling was unique, I was realizing a dream, a promise, and yet where I started dating the man who is now my fiance. And of course, when touched In a little while, we kissed for the first time. 
And in 2016 will go to the church with this same song marking our unity! 
But I hope a show in Brazil before that date, because I want to do the "save the date" for my wedding in the middle of the U2 concert 
Someone has doubt as U2 is important in my life? 
How much they helped me without even knowing me? 
Thank you for simply exist, Larry, Adam, Bono and The Edge! 
#unforgettablegig - 360 Tour Brazil

Foi incrível abrir minha caixa de e-mail e ver o desafio #unforgettablegig e saber que o melhor e primeiro show que marcou minha vida foi do U2.


Tudo começou quando eu tinha 12 anos e ganhei o CD 1980 -1990 e já nos primeiros acordes estava totalmente apaixonada.

A amor foi crescendo e eu acompanhava todos os lançamentos, comecei a colecionar CDs e DVDs! Sempre fui muito ligada a música, e por incrível que pareça, cada etapa da minha vida é marcada por uma música do U2.


Em 2006 quando U2 veio para o Brasil com a turnê Vertigo, eu tinha 15 anos e sem nenhuma condição de ir ao show deles, lembro que fiquei no sofá da sala chorando por não estar ali naquele momento incrível. Quando meu pai, me abraçou e disse que na próxima vez que eles viessem para o Brasil, ele iria me levar.


Em Janeiro de 2009, eu perdi totalmente a vontade de viver quando meu pai faleceu em um acidente. Eu não ouvia mais música, não saia, não conversava e tinha apenas 18 anos.

Um certo dia, fui guardar algumas coisas na minha sala de leitura e vi ali, parado e totalmente iluminado, minha coletania do U2.

Mas do que rápido, peguei o primeiro CD que vi na frente e comecei ouvir. E por coincidentemente ou não, estava tocando With or Without, que era a música que tocava no violão enquanto meu pai ficava ouvindo, e logo depois Sometimes You Can Make On Your Oun que é totalmente a música que canto todos os dias para o meu pai, meu heroi!


Em 2011 o U2 marca turnê no Brasil, e então o tão sonhado show da banda que me tirou de uma depressão profunda e é claro, eu iria cumprir a promessa do meu pai, eu iria ao show do U2 e sabia que ele estaria ali comigo, curtindo cada momento.

Foram 3 dias esperando na fila do Morumbi - São Paulo e então os portões se abriram e eu só pensava em correr. Quando cheguei no meu lugar estava sem folego e demorei para perceber que eu estava na primeira fileira do estadio, grudada na grade, frente a frente com o palco. A sensação foi única, eu estava realizando um sonho, uma promessa, e ainda foi onde eu comecei a namorar o homem que hoje é meu noivo. E é claro, quando tocou In a little while, nós nos beijamos pela primeira vez.

E em 2016 entrarei na igreja com essa mesma música marcando nossa união!

Mas espero um show no Brasil antes dessa data, pois quero fazer o " save the date " do meu casamento no meio do show do U2


Alguém tem dúvida de como o U2 é importante em minha vida?

No quanto eles me ajudaram sem ao menos me conhecer?




Obrigada simplesmente por existirem, Larry, Adam, The Edge and Bono!


#unforgettablegig - 360º tour Brasil





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My first vivid concert memory come's in 1987.Im a young obsessed U2 fanatic like many young kid's my age around that period.Me a life long fan first heard U2 in my mate's older brother's room in 1982 and from the opening cord's of Electric Co and the hair's on the back of my neck standing to attention this was the musical release I was looking for.So missing out mainly to being too young in 1984 I missed two amazing nights at the Glasgow Barrowlands still one of the greatest venues worldwide.I had decided Wembley Stadium on the Joshua Tree Tour was not to be missed.So saving for what seemed like forever,picking whelks at the seaside and selling them finally gave me the cash to afford going to see my heroes and to this day the opening line of the John Lennon Classic Stand By Me almost make's me cry with emence pride on loving one of the greatest live band's ever.And I at the last count have been fortunate enough to see them 45 time's live all around Europe and feel blessed by the spiritual live experience U2 give me!!! I WILL ALWAY'S FOLLOW

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Sao Paolo, Brazil, March 31 2013, Lollapalooza Festival, Pearl Jam Concert.

I went to see a lot of bands in this festival, but Special Pearl Jam that is my second best band ever (first, of course, is U2). Around 30 minutes before the gig start, I saw a gentlemen walking in the crowd and people not recognizing him... So, I got my girlfriend and camera and as him polite to take a picture with him, and he accept. Was a dream come true when a meet Mr. Adam Clayton in Pearl Jam Gig. #unforgettablegig


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U2 Popmart tour on 6 September 1997 in Paris (Parc des Princes). First show ever! 
Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop Muzik, Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop Muzik... The crowd is cut in two by a passage. I'm near the stage. I'm watching the band walking on the big screen.
Someone grabs my hand and pass in front of me: I suddenly realise it's Bono himself. For a seventeen year's old person, it's a big deal. 
Then, Mofo rings and my heart's speeding. Several Bodies crowd wave above me, some for the fun, other because they loose consciousness. 
A young girl behind me looks not very well. I let her pass in front of me. In fact, she is ok, all she wants is to see the band closer... Me too.
Since, I never missed a single live show in Paris. 


Cloni from Paris

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22 September 2010 in Brussels. I know U2 for many years but in September 2010 I saw them for the first time. That evening made a big imprint in my heart and soul. I was overwhelmed by what I saw and expierenced. Suddenly it all came together, all the U2 songs that I knew before started to be alive in myself. I had many emotions during the concert. I cried, I laught, I was quiet, I screamed my lungs out, I was worshipping, I jumped!. From that evening on U2 became alive in my belief, in my heart and soul. After the concert I said to God: 'God, if this is heaven, I absolutely want to be there!!'.


Blessings to you all. John

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U2 360 Turin 06.Aug.2010


My first U2 show and it remains to the day, the most memorable day/night of my life. The whole experience of being part of the biggest show ever made was amazing.To travel all the way from Mauritius (12 hour flight to Italy) just to see U2, stunned quite a few Italians but it's the only place i had scored tickets to. Queueing up, the wait, for more than 24 hours, to end up right in front (6 Feet away) of your favourite band was priceless. Met some amazing people there. The 2 days/nights prior to the show was most probably the greatest moment for me. The night before the show, I stood up outside the stadium with a couple of friends and a few other fans until very late at night, around 1:30am. The band finally came out and Larry treated fans with pizza's. I was able to exchange a few quick words with Bono while he signed a few autographs and we shook hands. I managed to get some great shots of him. The show itself was awesome, Italian fans are really passionate, which made the night even more exciting. There was a couple of surprises in the set-list, got the priviledge to see them play North star and Glastonbury for the very first time. To resume, the whole thing was simply incredible and it all remains vividly in my mind/heart. Looking forward to seeing them Live again, hopefully very soon! 


One Band ♥

With Or Without You


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Milano - Forum di Assago -  21st may 1992

Me and a friend of mine met a guy in the bathroom and we noticed that he had a pass: he was a member of the technical staff. We decided to follow him like we were together, we passed throught the security gate and we reached a door. This guy opened the door and Bono was inside this little room, he was like singing something, maybe doing exercises. As soon as the guy opened the door Bono told me: who are you? A big fan of you Bono - I said!! The guy turned back his head..... he didn't even check that we were following him. The security, obviously, take us away and the guy, so surprised got very mad with us!! I was sorry for that guy, but i got a big emotion.

P.S.: Sorry for my english !!


"Hold me close
Like I’m someone that you might know" and give me this Vinyl Special..... Please :-)

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Have been to a good few U2 shows but slane castle 1 September stands out.the whole day .we got there early .the stunning,nelly furtado,ash,Moby brought on fr dougal of fr ted fame on stage.ireland had beaten holland in a World Cup qualifier.the atmosphere built up through the day.when U2 arrived on stage the place went mental.they played out of control I was up near The front I remember turning around and seeing a sea of people go crazy.also seen David bowie in Dublin 97 he was going through drum/ bass phase and was playing a lot of the earthling album but this night he played more of classic single set,jean genie,changes,fame,under pressure to hear those songs in such a small venue is something I'll never forget.still have the ticket stub.

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ZOO TV BABY - Believe


It was 1992


I was 17 years of age.


Until then i had only heard my older brother rave about the Joshua Tree.


I liked simple minds, but was still finding an identity in many areas of my life including music, girls  :wub: , and relationships. Zoo TV had just been announced and i had bought Achtung baby to try out this band U2 a few months earlier.. 


I had the opportunity to camp out and queue for tickets overnight for the European leg of the tour at Sheffield arena to take place on the 17th June 1992.  We queued to get the tickets which we were allocated the morning after. I recall i was number 81 out of many thousands. The indoor arena at Sheffield was fantastic, only to be made much more exciting by the fact we were close to the front and Bono took my sunglasses from my head during a song (Bad a think), He then wore them for part of the song. He wore his elvis style suit and his fly shades using my dark shades to finish his look.


This was my first u2 gig ever, in fact my first gig ever, and most definitely the best. I have tried for many years to see if anyone had any footage of this gig bit have been so far unsuccessful If anyone has anything such as photos, videos etc it would allow many of my friends to finally believe that it did actually happen. If not I still have the memories, which is what this post is all about i guess. What we take from these gigs is often personal and special so after many years i am not too disappointed. .Come on U2.com help me out if you can, it would be nice. 


This gig changed my life, in many ways. It gave me a feeling of purpose, in terms of who i was, what i liked, and how people came to see me. So far its been a good foundation for my adult life. These experiences seem to shape you whether you like it or not. For me this was the one.


Cheers U2 for this, and all the memories since


Rick Spence (Manchester, UK)


Sadly it was during the days prior to camera phones and i didnt have a camera with me, although a man in the seat Behind me told me he took pics and would send them to me after exchanging addresses. He never did.

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Saturday 3rd November 1984. Hours before doors open I'm queuing outside the Brixton Academy theatre London with my girlfriend (karenb) in anticipation of our first U2 gig. Tickets were a pricey £5 plus 30p booking fee but hey it's U2 and it's our first U2 live experience.


Doors open and we rush to the front of the all standing lower tier of the theatre. It was a cold November's day so we're glad to be in the warmth of the theatre but in our desperation to get to the front we've made no attempt to find cloakrooms and discard any outdoor winter clothing.


Approximately 9:00PM U2 take to the stage. 11 O'clock Tick Tock, we're off!  "It's cold outside" sings Bono, "it gets so hot in here" reply 5000 U2 fans. They're not joking it really is hot in the Brixton Academy tonight. The sweat is dripping off the walls! And the place is bouncing (I mean literally, a few gigs earlier on the tour a U2 gig, in Belgium I believe, had registered on the Richter scale).


Four songs in my girlfriend is feeling the combined effects of the heat of the venue, the warm winter clothing and the surge of the crowd behind us. I'm getting a little worried she may pass out. I've made direct eye contact with Greg Carroll several times now and his body language is telling me he is about to come to the rescue. The concern I have for her must be written all over my face! Now I'm really worried - but not for my girlfriend - I truly believe we're close to being hauled out and missing the rest of the gig!


MLK arrives like a saviour: less crush at the front enabling me to perform something resembling the Heimlich manoeuvre on my girlfriend, a cool breeze arrives from backstage, hits the front row of the Academy like angel breath and my girlfriend sparks into life to enjoy rest of the gig.


To this day whenever we are attempting to get tickets for a gig and have the choice of seated or standing we still have the 'debate' with me choosing standing (just so I can experience that atmosphere again) and my now wife of 27 years opting for seating.

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It was either 91 or 92 when U2 announced a 13ish date INDOOR Zoo Tv tour. Tickets were by phone only and they were playing the Rosemont Horizon, now Allstate Arena outside Chicago. Myself and my aunt tried calling to get tickets. My aunt got through and I did not. She was able to purchase two tickets. Funny part was, I did not like U2 then. I had a friend that was a HUGE U2 fan and my mom worked with someone that was a huge fan as well. My mom and I thought we would give a ticket to each of them so they can go and enjoy the show. At the last minute my mom's friend could not go, so I ended up going with my friend. I didn't really care to go, but I could appreciate how hot the ticket was so I went with my friend. The first 4-6 songs were from Achtung Baby and I didn't know any of the songs. The seed however was planted bc even though I didn't know the songs, I was still captivated. As the show went on, I later knew some of the "radio" songs but was blown away by the show. What really got me was on the way home, Xrt 93.1 FM in Chicago played Achtung Baby from beginning to end. As each song was played on the radio I remembered hearing that particular song at the concert. I was hooked at this point and my life changed forever. That following week, I went out and bought every U2 album. I still say to this day, if I was on a deserted island and if I could have one album, it would be Achtung Baby. !!

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Is was on the 9th of June 2004, already ten years ago. We were visiting Dublin and came at the Hanover Quay Studio at noon.

The weather was nice and we were sitting on the bench in front of the studio, waiting to catch a glimp of the guys of U2.

Suddenly Bono opened the door and called out our daughter's name: "Brenda, Brenda, come to Bono, come here my sweet girl!!" (Sam, who met us already a couple of times in Dublin, must have told Bono the name of our daughter).

Oh my, this was a moment never to forget. She jumped into his arms and Bono played with her for 15 minutes, he looked at the drawing she had made for him. She also gave him a little teddybear.

Later we were so excited to see there was a picture of the little teddybear in the booklet inside the special edition of How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb.

This moment we will never forget. It's alreay 10 years ago but it feels like it happened yesterday.






Bono, thank you for this 'Beautiful Day'!



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I had followed with interest the career of PJ Harvey from her debut album, but it was not until 1995 when I could finally see her live. Presented in a small venue in Barcelona "To bring you my love" -with Tricky as opening act- and was the beginning of a romance that comes happily until today. It has been many years and many gigs, but I still remember with emotion that first date with Polly Jean, the magician.




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October 25, 1981 Zaal Lux, Belgium, Herenthout


When Boy came out, i bought it almost immediately. I was so emotional seeing their TV appearance from the Brussels gig in 1980. And then most unbelievable thing happened: they would come to play 30 kms from my hometown. I could grab easily tickets (there was a No Nukes Manifestation that sunday). U2 wasn't well know either.


I hiked to the concert with a friend, but we had to call my parents to bring us by car, because we couldn't get to the town in time, but luckily we still were on time for the concert, because the promoter decided to wait for the bus from the No Nukes manifestation hoping more than the 400 in the audience. We stood on the first row close to Adam. What a show!




July 1982 Rock Werchter Look at me in the ska (black white square) t-shirt left. I always liked my appearance on the I Will Follow live 7".


July 1983 Rock Werchter One of the best shows in my life: U2 and Simple Minds And Eurythmics on one stage, guest appearance by Jim Kerr and Annie Lennox during the show!


1997 Rotterdam Met Bono (along with lots of fans) the day before the start of the PopMart Tour Europe. I told Bono about the early concerts. This is what he wrote on my envelope.




1997 Paris Princess Diana's tribute Mlk. So emotional!


August 2001 Antwerp

Since one of the last concerts of Roy Orbison was at the venue where U2 would play, I tried to asked them to play She's A mystery To Me. They did!
I also managed to get in the Venue the first day before the concert together with a Dutch fan for a television special on that day. What an experience to see a ready stage, in an empty venue.


June 2005 Brussels

I took 2 days extra free to listen to the rehearsals of the Vertigo Tour.

See us in action!




2009-2010 360 Tour

went crazy every night


30 U2 concerts in Belgium, Holland, Germany, France changed my life. I contributed to several books on U2. visited Dublin, Ireland, the ruin from the back of the Unforgettable Fire ...


I'm a vinyl Collector, so Please ...

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