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WANTED 1 Red Zone for MSG 18,19, 26, 27, 30 or 31

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I was planning on seeing the show with my husband on 7/30 but he's had a work obligation come up that won't let him travel with me from Dallas. Soooo, I don't want to do the regular GA line solo in a city I've never seen a show in. The whole stress of traveling plus the line stress is going to be too much. I am thinking going solo on Red Zone would be my best option. I don't want to buy from a broker unless I have to, so I thought I'd try here first. I'm willing to buy one from someone or trade my two GAs for 7/30 for 1 red zone ticket.


I just can't believe they're not coming to Texas. I've been to every tour since Zoo TV, I don't want this one to be the first I miss.


I just need one, for any of the dates listed in the title. If you've got one you're willing to sell me, send me a message.



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