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u2 song of the day

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I'm thankful to the Zootopian who posted this in a recent EI live thread.  I may never have seen it had it not been posted so many, many thanks!   I'd go look up this person's member name but my eyes are sore from screens.  A nine minute version of 40 and it's from the Rattle and Hum in Tempe?   Thanks!  Thanks!  Thanks!    This is my U2 song for Thanksgiving of 2018 in America...and everyone else in our world.


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I just love this clip.

So many memories of this venue - started in 86, when, as a teen, I saw QUEEN in 1986. So buoyed, I returned the following year to see - no, NOT  David Bowie, but the support act - Scottish band called 'Big Country'.

Didn't return until many years later - my wife was / is a 'Madonna ' fan, so down I went to re-capture some youth, m'eh, just to re-visit the venue. Last time was 2015, when I saw the Foo Fighters.

Anyhow - biggest regret, whether it was chasing a career, or not savvy enough on fastest finger on the internet trigger wins the tickets at that time - I missed out on U2 at one of the most (arguably) stunning natural outdoor concert venues in the world. I do love this footage. Special performance in a special place - that is very much more controlled and organised from when I was first there back in the day. ❤️


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