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1st Time GA! How does it work at MetLife?

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Hi everyone! I am dying to see U2 from GA, I've never done it before, and there are some tickets left from where I usually buy them from. Red Zone is a little out of my price range. But I want to know how GA works at this stadium. I know you cannot park there until 5 hours before the event begins (according to MetLife's website), but to take a train would be nearly three hours vs. 1 hour by car for me (from NJ), and I'm not sure they would have trains going to MetLife early in the morning. I've heard that to get a good spot you need to show up early morning, no later than noon. So is there anyone who has done GA at MetLife before who can tell me how it works and if I should take the train and show up super early or if going by car and getting there when the lots open is enough?


Thanks for any help!


Update: MetLife's express train doesn't run until 3 1/2 hours before the event. However, taking two or three trains and then a bus from my nearest station would get me to the venue anywhere from 9:30AM to noon, assuming similar schedules as they are this week. 

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