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Dear Sir, I'm Margaux, I'm 21 years old and I live in Paris. I am writing this email because I wanted to let you know about a particular request of mine. My father has been a huge fan of U2 for years. For the first time in his life, he will be able to ful fill his dream and come to see the band this next 26th July 2017 at the Stade de France. He had decided to offer the ticket to his sister-my aunt- and accompagny her. What you need to know is that my aunt was depressed for 2 years. He offered her this ticket so that she could tell herself that she must continue to live and fight becauselife is worth living. My aunt commited suicide on March 18th. I do not describe how difficult it was for my family, and espacially for my father,who was very close to her.They shared the same passion for U2 songs and that for years. I know my request is a bit crazy, unrealistic or maybe too ambitious. I also understand that you may not be able to read it before the concert but I would like to pay tribute to my aunt during your concert. Or at least pay homage to her. My father does not know that I am writing to you and I would like to make this a surprise for him. I kwow he will be extremely touch. I know that where my aunt is, she will be touched by this homage. Her first name was Anne-Andrée but she was nicknamed Dédé or Méchou. The day of the funeral one of their song was played because such was her wish ( the song was One). I do not know if you can contact the group but if it's is possible to dedicate one of their songs to her during the concert I would really touched and I am that my father would too. I thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I hope with all my heart that this will happen. Thank you so much. Margaux

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