Toronto Hospital For Sick Children- Visit?

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Does anyone know if the band does any visits to children's hospitals? My son met Bono the last tour outside the venue but is in hospital at Sick Kids so he's out for this show. He's so sad about it- so am I- I would have liked to take him. Just wondered if anyone knows if they do this kind of work.


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To eottaway.

I hope you get your wish for your sick child, for BONO to visit. And I hope you child gets well.

I myself have a heart kid. And I wished for U2 to help heart kids S.A. but it didn't happen, but they can't help everyone. And they do such a great job at helping people. That's why I LOVE U2 SO MUCH. THEY ARE A VERY SPECIAL BAND AND ALL HAVE BIG HEARTS. They even helped me with all my hard times. I have never met them or seen them in concert. But just thinking of U2 and listening to there music it always helped me. And my child is now well. I do hope you get your wish for your son. KAREN  :wub:  :)

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