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Ticket Touts (Ticketmaster) GetMeIn & Seatwave

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I would like someone within the U2 band to explain as to what in Hell is going on with the ticket sales via Ticketmaster?

Many genuine U2 fans either ripped off or driven away from not attending the Joshua Tree concert in Twickenham.

When tickets went on General Sale to the public via Ticketmaster there were no tickets. The only tickets available were already priced up on secondary sites GETMEIN and Seatwave at extortionate prices.

Having took one look at the Ticketmaster site and then the GETMEIN site it was blatantly obvious genuine U2 fans wanting tickets at face value were being exploited.

The face value prices for these U2 concert tickets are not cheap but taking into consideration how expensive a tour costs then the face value prices are to be expected.

U2 Tours such as Zooropa, Popmart and the 360 degree must have cost a fortune to stage before any profits are taken.

Over the years I have seen U2 live on tour at various venues in Britain however on this occasion having seen the latest ticket tout scam via Ticketmaster and GETMEIN I couldn't be bothered anymore.

I had intended to get a ticket for both dates at Twickenham as I had done in the past over the years.

Ironically with less than 24 hours to go U2 tickets for the two Twickenham concert dates appear on the England Rugby site at face value?

Having seen these face value tickets appear on the England Rugby site at such late notice serious questions have to be asked as to why in Hell were these tickets not up for grabs at the outset on General Sale to the public?

Apparently the same problem has occurred in Ireland for the concert in Dublin with many genuine U2 fans priced out.

Having seen the blatant ticket touting scam I lost total interest in going to Twickenham and no doubt many other people did likewise.

How many tickets for Twickenham were left unsold as a result of this ticket tout scam forcing genuine fans away?

I would like someone within U2 and completely detached from Livenation / Ticketmaster and GETMEIN to explain as to what in Hell has been going on and if anyone has any genuine desire to deal with the problem of blatant on line ticket touting?

Lets be having an honest answer on this issue.



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There seemed to be more touts on the streets leading to Twickenham than security staff

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Yeah, pretty much no doubt Ticketmaster & Live Nation are in on the scam. Supposedly they use "credit card entry only" tickets to thwart scalpers, but then let tickets be sold on their own resale site at far above face value. The scalpers have gotten around the CC entry policy by buying tickets with pre-paid CC's & delivering them to the buyer of their tickets. The CC entry policies are only hurting fans who can't attend the concert (who's tickets end up going to waste), & those fans who would like to swap their tickets with other fans.

Time to allow resale at face value only. And if it is going to be CC entry only, then there should be a way to transfer tickets through Ticketmaster.

FYI, there are usually ticket drops of new tickets in the days just before the show. Supposedly to lessen the demand for scalped tickets. Has been the way for many, many tours. Even GA's are common in ticket drops, even at high demand shows such as the last arena tour. So don't give up on the band, & don't play the game with the scalpers. Just look for tickets on Ticketmaster on the day before the show, & check the forums. You're more than likely to come away with good seats or GA's, at face value.

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