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Listening to the San Jose concert I really liked "American Soul". I already liked it before on the cd, but this is one of those songs that seems to gain a lot of strength when it's played live. Americans do seem to like it too, because it seems to be played often during football games, so I have heard. I think it is a worthy replacement of "Bullet the Blue Sky".  When looking at the San Jose youtube video I could even see the U2 crew behind the computer screens swinging to "American Soul" as well. I think the use of the big American flag is a powerful symbol, more powerful than the video images. U2 is using the European flag in Germany and I guess in the rest of the European tour as well. "Let there be unity" as quoted from "American Soul", that must be the idea behind the flags right?  Why not start waving white flags again?  I would prefer that above looking at an european flag which only symbolises economic unity and not people's hearts and minds.  Bono got critized a lot back in the eighties for waving white flags. Although it were just journalists who objected for whatever reason. I didnt hear any journalists complaining though these days and even during the Joshua Tree tour 2017 when U2 uses even bigger flags that arent white. I like to think of a white flag as  THE color of innocence, as the international symbolic color of surrender or peace. Any fan will remember that scene where Bono holds that white flag. I think it is truly the most powerful symbol of peace and innocence. European Soul, American Soul, Asian Soul, African Soul, isnt true unity best symbolised by the white flag?

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I like white flag as a symbol of unity beyond our politics as testament to our humanity.

That turning thoughts into feelings is an interesting angle of approach. One must have a certain degree of openness in this approach to cognitive dissonance.:Euro_Machphisto:


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