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Update: U2 Manager Guy Oseary Responds To Fans' Concerns Over E+I Tour Pre-sales

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On ‎12‎/‎7‎/‎2017 at 6:46 AM, unforgettableu2 said:

I'm not sure nodevotion.....But, the GA's went somewhere.....mysteriously....*****cough**** ****Cough*****

But u2 tickets have always been a very difficult endeavor for me....through out my 34 years of seeing their various concerts.

I can't recall one easy time I had....well, maybe for unforgettable fire.

All the rest of them.....was not an easy task. But, by far.....this has been the most obtuse experience.


I believe there was some kind of relationship. The band performed for Dreamforce in 2016 at the Cow Palace here in the SF Bay Area. A friend of mine who works for SalesForce said tickets were available to their employees on a limited basis. She said she had the opportunity to go, but wasn't sure because it was on a weeknight. I said, "Are you crazy? Go!!"  Well, she did and had an awesome time.

Getting U2 tickets has been hard for me, too.  I waited in line--overnight--for Zoo TV way back in '92. But other than staying awake in the cold, it was probably the easiest. We were fourth in line and the employees of the music store (The Wherehouse) all took our orders beforehand so that the BASSMaster could print them up the moment tickets went on sale at 10:00 a.m.

PopMart '97 required us to leave the music store we were at because their computers went down and to race the closest ticket venue. We had to do this with several dozen other fans who were doing the same thing. There was this whole Oklahoma Land Rush dash that made everyone break a few vehicular codes. The irony was that the show eventually did not sell out.

Elevation '01 was crazy because we decided to try and buy at the venue (SAP Center now) and wow, the folks working the ticket booth were lame--and very slow. Vertigo '05 was the debacle that Larry actually apologized for and what a good dude he was for doing that. 360, i+e, and JT all had their usually frustrations with server overload/delays/timing out/etc. which always made for an anxiety-filled day.

It's something that fans have had to accept for decades now. I wouldn't say we've grown accustomed to it; just something we endure. I guess it comes with the territory if you want see the biggest band in the world.

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