'All the promises we made…'

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A great performance. Certainly one to treasure.

The only thing which could really be edited out is the frequent sitting down interview sessions. They added nothing to the context of the album and whilst I think Cat Deeley (interviewer and host) is lovely she poses simple basic questions. I'd rather the band stayed up on stage and rattled through the set.  Less is often more.

I'm surprised Larry didn't complain about having to perform a song, sit down with Cat to answer a pointless question and then get up again to do another song.

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On the next E&I tour, I think they should have a mini 30 year anniversary of Rattle & Hum by playing 3 songs from the album consecutively (Desire, Angel of Harlem and this AIWIY with a snippet of She.s a mystery to me in honour of Roy Orbison who passed away also 30 years ago).. Maybe acoustical verslons from the small stage .Would be magical, no?

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