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I am so frustrated!!!

Long story short, I had to re-subscribe through September 2019 and here I am on the phone with Customer Service with the representative stating that I'm out of luck because I registered for both the pre-sale and the regular onsale. I've been a long time subscriber that let my subscription lapse for a few months, but now I'm out $80 and with no tickets. The customer service representative acknowledged that I was registered for the pre-sale, that my account fit all the correct criteria, but that I was 'not selected'... 

I'm so happy with the music the band has released, but this whole fiasco has made me sick to my stomach. Over the past 3 weeks I've spent countless hours trying to just buy 2 tickets. The confusing and obviously failed system has not effected the resale market at all, in fact, it seems to just made their prices higher so that real fans are screwed either way. 

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