Is 14 the last

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I doubt it and certainly hope not.  As the guys are quick to point out, this is the only job they've ever had!  Bono had talked for a while of a trilogy, that would finish with Songs of Ascent.  Hopefully that will come down to us in a few years.  All that said....and I truly want them to keep making albums forever....if this were their last, what a beautiful and poignant work of art to go out with....

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I still think they have a lot of music in them.  SOE is so different from SOI.  I don't see them stopping any time soon.  I think the stadium shows will end but these guys have way to much talent and it's what they've done so well for so long.  Why would they stop now?  I see them scaling back touring but not stopping from putting out more new music.  Perish the thought.

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