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My poem about SOE

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To Love, I Rhapsodize

In the last flicker of light dust settles on my heart
Tragedy beheld the night as I tore my skin apart
Crushed under the weight of this darkness and screaming
Love please save me, so I can continue my dreaming

I’m wrought with anxiety and desperation
I’m grasping at multiple strands of connection
Formidable pain felt, a communal heartbroken
Listening intently for those familiar words to be spoken

A ting pierced the silent evening of stored rage
Could this be my friend, deliverance freeing me from my cage?
A universe exists within my soul, a kaleidoscope of color
I can feel the vibrations of pain and joy coming in from another

A fragment of a star rejoices in melodies soft and profound
Drowning in a darkness I am rescued by love and sound
I will travel with this light to a place of safety and fun
Dancing inside the glorious beauty of this brightly lit sun

I thought my soul had weakened from such despair
I realize now that it’s an isolation all of us share
Waiting for our preacher to teach us how to radiate a glow
In utter defiance of hate we sing along to start the show

I can now hear my own quiet voice written in a love letter
A song that lifts the spirit and makes it all feel so much better
I would swim beyond the breaking waves to prove devotion
Carrying the love with me as I navigate treacherous ocean

My emotions stripped raw, I yearn for solid earth
This romance has pushed me on forcing rebirth
I stand strong now, no longer silent in dark fear
The dust falls off my heart as I shed a grateful tear



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