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The first couple of listens through SoE had me a bit worried but after giving it a bit more time it’s gaining momentum with each replay.  These songs soar.  This album is awesome.  I hope U2 announces a second leg to the US tour and comes back around to Minneapolis.  

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Songs of Experience

1. Love is All we have left.

A beautiful whisper of a track that imediately sets the tone for love in many forms in the following tracks.

2. Lights of Home.

Gives me a great lift this song. Free yourself to be yourself if only you could see yourself. Also after a torrid year at work it's nice to have a holiday with the family and reconnect. I been waiting a long time to get home.

3. Your the best thing about me.

Instant classic. I love this song to bits. And so do my girls. A real bonding vibe that is just irresistible. 

4. Get out of your own way.

A real fist pumper this one. Takes you there and then some.

5. American Soul.

Volcano matured. Flat out rocker. Brilliant rhythm section.

6. Summer of Love.

A real favourite of mine from first listen. So light and groovy. Had me in a slinky dance trance.

7. Red Flag Day.

Baby let's get in the water. A song to take in your own way. The underlying tone of the song is supported by its ability to be something completely joyful too.. Would sit perfectly alongside War tracks live. 

8. The Showman. (little more better.)

This is pure fun. So good. So So good. Love it

9. The Little Things that give you away.

I am in this song. It describes my feelings for a lot of things. Up and down sometimes. A truly great track.

10. Landlady.

A beautiful song about the woman in our lives and even the universe itself that shows us the way when we get carried away or momentarily lose sight of what really matters. Beautiful.

11. The Blackout.

Maybe a song about a heavy night on the town but no it's a conspiracy that we have here. I don't know. Haven't quite figured this one out yet. It's a rocker though.

12. Love is Bigger.........

Brilliant anthemic chant that will be suited to a show closer.

13. There is a light.

Sister to Song of Someone with some meat lyrical twists.

Soothing and moving.


Merry Christmas everyone and thank you U2 for a wonderful album that radiates joy and love throughout.

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