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SOE As Performance Art

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I just realized that SOE is an elaborate performance art piece! 

Exhibit 1: Back in their 90’s post-modern days, U2 would sometimes setup a fake band performing their songs then jump out on stage to shock the audience

Exhibit 2: lyrics from Discotheque (1997)
You know you're chewing bubblegum
You know what that is
But you still want some
You just can't get enough
Of that lovie dovie stuff

Exhibit 3: SOE brought on young pop producers to purposefully mindless music

Exhibit 4: the amount of songs about or use the word “love”

Exhibit 5: the lyrics are the worst of U2’s career: “You! Are! Rock and roll!,” “Refu-Jesus.”

Exhibit 6: Use of trendy contemporary artists to give a veneer of credibility: Kendrick Lamar

Conclusion: U2 has written an album as if it was the imposter band from the 90's and is waiting to see if any of us get it. This is pure genius! The commitment it took. They've been building towards this moment for over 20 years! Just, wow.

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