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This is U2’s #The EDGE— making a BOLD STATEMENT! MUSIC WILL RISE!! HE DESIGNED IT! He walked the RED CARPET with his T-shirt, walked in the destroyed & ravaged streets of the Gulf post Katrina, & co founded Music Rising with  #BobEzrin to #BringBackMusic! Hundreds and thousands have been recovered and the music is being heard by children thrilled in reuniting with their new instruments, and some still await... YES THIS GUY! Red Carpet or Muds.. he wears it WELL! Get yours while supplies last! Please share on all platforms, let’s together show our support to Edge’s co-foundation!  

Thank you,

A fan of U2& The Edge, and dedicated to recovering lost musical instruments for children in schools fro the atrocities of 2017 . hurricanes and fires of California in which I myself was an evacuee! C4FF596D-0CC2-4243-BDA2-4E459D28D822.jpeg.3609d596f55c6a5379978e9285c6c4a3.jpeg


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