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After All the Presale build up...

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Was at work last night worrying about the upcoming presale when I thought I’d have a browse on Eventim. They were selling tickets at face value for MEN 19th October albeit the £206 seats. Thought I’d never pay this much for tickets but there I was, punching in my card details :blink:. The seats are up in the gods but think it’s gonna be a great view of screens and show. 

The 20th October show would have been a struggle anyway due to work so bonuses were:

I got to go to bed after a nightshift and didn’t stay up for the presale:lol:

Still got a code in case anymore dates added :)  

Explaining to the missus why I’d just spent £400 on tickets didn’t go down well but by the power of persuasion I’m now out of the doghouse and she’s looking forward to going. 

Hope everyone else got what they wanted :Zoo_Guitar:

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I just don’t tell my husband how much I’ve spent!  I end up doing all the internet banking anyway so I somehow always manage to get away without actually sharing how much it all costs.  But then it backfired on me for Joshua Tree as I got collector tickets for Dublin and the price was on ?.   I’m sure you will have a brilliant time wherever you are.  You can still use your code for another show maybe.

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