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Hey BONO :: your blurb for a book on faith & climate change

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I'm presuming that you know that anything you post, not matter where, on the internet can be taken hostage or stolen and used by another?  Unless what you have written has a secure copyright-be very careful.  This is especially true of the internet.  Anyone can use your premise/thesis and writing to his or her own advantage.  I am saying this because I don't want any writer's work stolen.  I'm hoping you are already aware and I'm posting needlessly.  If not, your ideas are anybody's potential prey.  This is straight from successful writers with whom I've spoken, and a friend who is a very good copyright lawyer.  You can mail yourself, via certified post, your own writing.  It provides a modicum of protection, however; all it proves is that you possessed said writing at a particular point in time.  I'm writing this because I'd want to know it if I did not already know.  I also promised I would do my best to pass this information onto other writers.   Good luck.

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