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The Band and Gifts

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Hello I have a question for the community 

I attended both LA shows on this tour and was there to see Bono. However he skipped right over me and a bunch of my friends standing there. So I handed the small reflective painting i made of a cherry blossom tree and a laminated card of poetry to Brian. I saw him hand it to another security person who put it in the car Bono arrived in. 

So my concern is whether he saw it and loved it or never received it at all. What do they typically do with gifts while on tour? I’m sure they must have a place in the trucks for all of the stuff they get from fans from each city. I like to think that Bono kept the painting and poetry for himself or gave it to Ali or one of his girls. 

I am really sad I didn’t meet him and get to hand my gift to him directly. But if I had some kind of confirmation he has my gift it would certainly give me peace of mind


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