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Red Zone Experiences

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Am looking forward to the tour moving to Europe later in the year - was lucky to get Red Zone tickets for London (Adam side of the stage)

Have never been Red Zone before - can anyone share Experience of the Red Zone form this tour so far?




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Good question, I also bought for the first time a red zone ticket.

Regarding viewpoint and proximity to the band: as the stage setup is practically the same - judging from pictures and youtube movies - as during the I&E  Tour, I would say the best place is probably the GA. I was doing GA in Antwerp in 2015, and entering the arena a few hours before showtime, we were still able to stand at the rail on the center walkway! Seeing the band performing meters away was an impressive experience... I fear that Red Zone will not give us the same close quarters experience... Nevertheless it will give you a great view on the screen, which I didn't have in Antwerp as we were actually too close to the screen, and a reasonably close position to the band. A true compromise.

Regarding the actual Red Zone amenities: there I hope it delivers what it promises. Easy access to the venue, maybe a backstage tour (definitely interested!!) and the convenience of having the bar close-by. All this without the need to queue for several hours.

Please let me know how was your experience! I will do the Red Zone in Cologne on Wednesday 5th.

All the best.

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