European leg starts this month

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10 hours ago, electricco said:

ENJOY U2 in EUROPE this Autumn !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  in memory of our GrandFathers GrandMothers ...............  Mémé & Pépé en CHARENTE ........................ ....fighing against NAZIS ....................... ..:UF_(Single):     Mémére & Pépére là HAUT




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23 hours ago, Westy said:

Still nothing regarding Copenhagen RZ pick up. I emailed TM - no reply (there's a surprise!)

So, Ive spent a fortune, tickets (hopefully), flights, hotel etc. 

I dont have a receipt that I have been asked to bring with me.

Ticketmaster dont reply

No E mail as yet regarding pick up of tickets

Getting a little concerned. Can someone put my mind at rest ? 


Ok, All good. I have a reply to the e mail I sent TM - 

Thank you for your email.

Your order confirmation is what you need to bring along with your ID.

Have a nice day.

Med venlig hilsen / Kind Regards

Service Center, Operations

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