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The Headache Thread Rebooted

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There was a thread for people with headaches.  It got lost in the transition to the now not so new Zoo.  I'd like to restart it without defining anything.  

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I've been getting botox shots and they help.  It's 32 of them on the forehead and scalp and temples and back of the head and neck and shoulder blades. It sounds awful but is nothing next to a migraine that goes for days.  I joke my way through it and I'm fine.  One's head is a bit sore the next day or so.  They last for three months and must be redone or the benefit is lost.

I've been getting spg blocks.  It is a syringe, from which a catheter goes up the sinus passages and squirts anesthesia into the cheekbones.  It sounds much worse than it is.  There is neither pain nor discomfort.  They work if you have facial pain.  The whole treatment takes two minutes.  It's very simple.  The problem is they cost five thousand dollars per session. More and more insurances are covering them now that opiates are such a problem.

I just started seeing a PT guy who uses what is called Strain/Counterstrain Therapy.  I am astounded how he knows right where to go and gets things to loosen.  It works for all sorts of trauma, albeit head or back or other challenges people face.  It is the first hope I have found which does not involve a pill or injection. It only hurts for a split second when he finds the spots and then he knows what to do and gets the pain to lessen.

This is all FYI to anyone suffering.  

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