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Max Tsukino

Copenhagen Live Thread #U2eiTour

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I’d be pretty surprised if this setlist sticks.

1) it doesn’t fit with the arc of the show.

2) it doesn’t utilize the walkway screens in any way that compares to the standard setlist.

3) This tour (and I&E) has been about the new songs.

i’m glad for the fans who’ve seen multiple shows (I saw 4 and would have loved this one.) but IMO this setlist isn’t what this tour is about.

we’ll all find out soon enough....

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On 9/30/2018 at 5:05 PM, bigwave said:

look forward to hearing your reviews - flag flashmob looked amazing, well organised

This was my 9th U2 gig - and my first visit to Copenhagen since 1982! We stayed at Cabinn Metro which was a budget hotel only 5 minutes walk fron the Royal Arena!  I thought the intro to Blackout was immense - and it was a true rockin' start to the show. I love the energy of I Will Follwo ( and The Electric Co when they play it ...) and from then on onto some very strong songs with a splash of new songs emerging. Personally I enjoy All Because of You and I was surprised to see it on concert one ahead of Red Flag Day. The whole concert was a rich blend of old and new with brilliant graphics on the screens too. I always enjoy Until The End of the World, City of Blinding Lights and you can nerver grow tired of One in the encore.  Next time, in Manchester I am thinking of standing near the B stage as the energy from Elevation and Vertigo was a little hard to feed off - we were 4 rows from the front near where The edge plays - so maybe a new perspective should be sought for Manchester - what do you think?

Elevation set the crowd jumping further - though the locals near us seemed happy to stand and appreciate rather than rockin'. Our only drawback was a very tall gentleman - probably 6 foot 8 inches tall - which kept obscuring our view - and the shorter ladies stood near us got somewhat frustrated ...as I can imagine when you are an average female height - I am a below average height male so I know how the ladies feel. However, for a split second I could see all four members of the band and I managed to capture my best ever shot of the whole band. All the spectacular lighting changes play havoc if you are trying to take a photo with either a camera or a phone.

The song that first attracted me to U2 when I was a student was FIRE ....it would make a great live song ....is there any reason they do not play it? I love the raw energy in it and would love to se it played live ....How about the first show in Manchester please Bono, Larry, Adam and The Edge?

So here is my photo , taken at the end of the main show, just after City of Blinding Lights ...Hope you like it!


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