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Hello everyone, 

‘this post will probably be unpopular, but I feel the need to voice my opinion. First, let me say tha like everyone else here, U2 is my favorite band on the planet. I’m 51 and have been a cfan since 14. I’ve seen U2 3 times now, admittedly not enough. I would have gone more often but I’m from Charleston, SC and the closest they’ve ever came while I was growing up was Charlotte, NC. I drove to go see them back then...totally worth it. 

Fast forward many years and now I live in Richmond , Virginia...2 short hours to DC and very close to U2 tours. Joshua Tree 2017...fedex field. So good. Paid a fortune, more than $600 per ticket to even be able to see the band. 2018 Experience and Innocent, great seats by the stage. So happy to be so close. Seats right by the main stage were stupid expensive but worth it for me. Perfect view of The Edge, Larry and Bono.  While we all sing along and watch adoringly, I’m struck by how little eye contact they make with the fans. Makes me feel like it’s about the money. I’m sad to think that U2 doesn’t interact more with their fans. We were right by The Edge the whole night and he spent the whole time looking at his shoes and guitar. Your fans love you...look at them. . 

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