NLOTH vinyl re-issue

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A question for those who ordered one of these new vinyl versions: on the digital download card, what kind of downloads are they? Are they mp3s, WAV files, or FLAC/lossless ones (or do they offer more than one format)?


Perhaps a question for one of the mods to pass along to someone who may be able to answer - will these downloads ever be available without having to purchase the vinyl? Apparently, NLOTH has a new remaster this time around, as do some of the more recently released vinyls. It seems like the band is potentially throwing away sales if these new remaster downloads can't be accessed any other way. Well, in any case, I hope they can be accessed another way someday.

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On 2/22/2019 at 8:34 PM, Fergal said:

My clear vinyl arrived today which I ordered from Delighted it arrived on release day. Unfortunately, the dust sleeve is split twice up the side (normally just once where the LP’s slide in/out). What appears to have happened at production is that the label with the title and the 2 horizontal grey lines were put on incorrectly so to accommodate this the sleeve was cut again. I’m not asking for anything above and beyond - just what I paid for🙄 So so annoying!!!

Mine was split too. Contacted help desk and got an automated reply and form to fill out for returns. I don’t want to return it, I just want a new PVC sleeve, but my subsequent email has gone unanswered. Pretty poor service.


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