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the world today

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Hello all you music lovers


Not much releted to music but what keeps me awake, and a lot of others as well: the state of the world, the apocolips, the revelation of John and all the crazy stuff thats happening all around us. Epsteins death (if so) HongKong under threat, North korea playing with fire and so on. 

Anyone Christian here who thinks we are like on the days of Noah?  i am anyway.. there are so many signs something must gone give, i pray for all the souls, that they may return to the light where we all once came from. 

I am curious about your opinions and vieuws on the world today, they might cheer me up a bit or a peak from a different angle. 

Speak your mind plz👍🏻


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Posted (edited)
On 8/22/2019 at 1:17 PM, Denn said:

Anyone Christian here

I am.

On 8/22/2019 at 1:17 PM, Denn said:

thinks we are like on the days of Noah?

I do not.    

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Hello Manohlive. 

Im sorry to reply this late and even though i've read your former reply i couldnt react instant due to some problems. 

I am convinced we are in some way as in the days of Noah mostly the western world and its spiritual ways of living, the way of disrespect and egoistic attitudes seems to spread like wild fire, the cyber world and the crazy things mostly young people would do to get likes or to get more vieuws on their video's is showing, in my eye's that a lot of people yump far accros of what i would say is normal or decent. 

Now if i look at the vatican and the change the have made like with the the Fathers prair, the claim that we all worship the same god with different name's is an abomination and thats just a few facts. 

With all respect for everyone and to be verry clear its just my opinion, this is a stage setting for a one world religion and the begining of the one world gouverment, verry dangerous. 

In my eye's there is was and will be only one way to the Father: through His son Jesus Christ and only through Him alone we can escape the concequenses of God's judgement. 

I have respect and for everyone, for all opinions and vieuws, i see all as my brothers and sisters and value them all greatly, my frase to apply to all is peace love and kindness, even when you dont agree, the value of all souls is equal. 

kind regards

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