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** Fan-Club Member Account Problems **

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** Perhaps a moderator can mark this as "sticky" or keep it at the top of the list as it hopefully will address some issues fan club members arehaving with their account_74615.


I have been a paid subscriber to the fan club since 1992, and today I received an email like most everyone else about the website being rebooted if you will,and the news of the new double-CD set as the perk for renewing or signing up for a paid subscription. I knew my subscription was about to expire so I wanted tolock myself in at the $32 renewal rate and get the double CD as my gift. I signed into my account and wanted to update my profile. I noticed that the year ofbirth listed was in 1890 and not 1970 that it should have been. Also, the big problem appeared to be with the email address they had on file. While it appearedto be correct for the most part, the problem was there was a five digit number and a dash mark before my email address and when I deleted those items and justput my email address in there, it would not allow me to update my profile.


I decided to call the fan club and spoke to a very helpful customer service representative. He informed me that they have been dealing with these problems allweek long in that the switch over to the new site has caused some problems for basically everyone. He mentioned to me that if a user ever had multiple paid orfree accounts under the same contact info, or multiple user names, that the system was lumping them all together. The fix for this is to call customer serviceand they will delete all of the names you tell them to. If you don't remember any other user names, etc, when you provide your info to them, they should beable to tell you all that you have used. In my case I have had the one paid subscription, but I had three different user names on file so they simply deletedthe two I did not need or want anymore, and that fixed the problem.


I was able to renew my membership successfully, but then you are asked to verify your email address in that an email would be generated to your email inboxwith a link for you to click on. He reported to me that some people were not getting the email and while I didn't notice the email at first, I found it inmy spam/junk mail folder. I moved it over to my inbox, clicked the link, verified my email address, and all was good. He was able to fix everything, and I amgood to go, with my subscription set to expire in early March of 2010, but he told me they have been taking calls all day long from people with the very sameproblem as me.


So basically check your profile and look for anything out of the ordinary, if you spot something, give the fan club a call and they will perform thecorrections for you, but also make sure you check your spam/junk mail folders for any verification emails from the fan club as well. One thing I have noticedthat isn't fixed is the U2.com email system isn't up and running smoothly, and for some reason it has an old password of mine on file, different thanmy sign-in info for the main U2.com site, but hopefully that is a bug that is being fixed. I am sure the change over to this new site will take some timethough to work out the bugs and glitches.


Hope this info helps out for those who have been experiencing the same problems as I was....




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I cant receive my emails because when I signed up last night they put this number 384281 in front of my email and it wouldn't let me change it, so thatswhy I can't receive any emails, plus I am only in the free member forums and when I sign in to post messages I can see up top it still tells me to upgrade.


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