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Today it is the world day of rare diseases....

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diseases that affect only to small part of the population, so they are no profitable, so there are only a few scientists that now them,and the people suffering

one of these disease, after a long way to get to a right diagnosis usually finds that it has no cure...

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i can name a few that need some attention and are severely under researched...


one in which i think needs extreme attention, since its so under diagnosed (almost 98% of the time), misunderstood, and is now being able to be treated, tosome degree, but there is virtually no cure and its in the end fatal...


thats Primary Pulmonary Hypertension. high blood pressure in the lungs and main pulmonary arteries of the heart.. going to the lungs.

not the same as regular hypertension.. and not pulmonary artery stenosis. this is something completely different.

i went to school with a girl with it, and another with another heart disorder that led to secondary PH. which i mentioned here a few times. i hadnt even heardof it till then. and it wasnt a nice thing to witness.


and no, thats not what i had (i had mild pulmonary artery stenosis). i outgrew that.




and another... and this is not an actual "disease", but more of a mystery syndrome and fucking annoyance.. and thats Polycystic OvarianSyndrome/Metabolic Syndrome X, aka PCOS. Its a benign (non-cancerous) hormonal disorder with the main features being ovarian cysts and high insulin ordiabetes. this is more common than most people know, 1 out of 10 women have it in the world, and dont even know it or its mistaken as something else. usuallyjust plain diabetes, heredity, or nothing at all. and everyone has different symptoms of it. i have PCOS.

sadly, theres not alot of media attention on the subject, and people kinda stray away from it. its just now actually getting attention on talk shows and realresearch being done the past 10 years...


and yes, it can be treated, not cured (unless its brought on by something else).. many various ways, but its more of a pain in the ass, and can easily be tamedwith the pill, diet, or hormonal therapies, or nothing.


but its more of just a matter of getting diagnosed thats the real pain, and doctors not even thinking of it as the first possibility when patients complain ofcrap.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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