Arch Enemy
© Brendan Burkett
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Arch Enemy

This was actually drawn specifically for the live thread for the St Louis show and posted there about an hour before the cancellation was announced.   After the cancellation, I asked to have it removed from the thread because I was worried about ticket holders who may visit the thread who would struggle to see the funny side.   I was also concerned that people may see this as making light of the current situation in St. Louis.

Having said that, the ridiculous scenario in this pic makes me smile when I see it, and if it makes one or two others smile too, it can't be a bad thing.  


© Brendan Burkett

From the album:

At The Joshua Tee

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Don't worry Larry?

I'm sure some girls would love to help and comfort you.

I know I would love to. :wub:

Yes I would!:D

Love the details. The art looks very much like U2. :wub: Karen.

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