A Vertigo Moment
© Dara McClendon
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Just look at Bono and Adam, they both have such beautiful smiles on their faces.

Love the photo. :wub: Karen.

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 It is for good reason that events, talk shows, creation and support of organizations, etc that we see the public U2 as just Bono, Bono and the Edge, or the whole collection of the 4 guys together as U2 on Jimmy Fallon's show, or at a U2 show (obvious on that one of course, except for the Times Square event when The Boss filled in for the injured Bono who was forced to stay home after the bike wreck by his doctor. I can imagine his attitude as he watched from home!). This pic is a great one to remind us they are all a band of brothers, all having their personal awards and help given to others. They each have their desire and amount of energy for the talk show circuit. But they are still together because any combination of them in public shows they are one as a band, and all four as significant as any of the others. Larry and Adam may not get the media notice as much in public, but they are essential to what has enabled these four guys to always have been at it as U2 for 40 years on tour, in studio, and just giving themselves to us in whatever configuration is noticed by the media. And I'm grateful to Adam for "Take a Walk in My Shoes", helping those who are constantly at war with themselves or praying to God for relief from the hell of depression (see Psalm 40!). Thanks for sharing this image of stage left,

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