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      Apologies for Zoo being down overnight, back now BUT NOTE : ALL PRESALE QUERIES NEED TO GO TO HELP PAGE http://www.u2.com/help NO EXCEPTIONS Also PM's (personal messages) are available but only read-only until mods work through huge backlog
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      PRESALE ISSUES   11/15/2017

      Regretfully due to the number of people affected by the current presale issues, we have been directed to point people towards the help page. (http://www.u2.com/help)

      We will be unable to assist you directly as the presale issues fall out of our scope of work.

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  2. Zoo Xmas card exchange 2017 (Merged/All Info)

    Me....is that all??
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  4. Black friday in Europe

    Anyone knows the shops in Europe doing it?
  5. Black friday in Europe

    Hi all, anyone knows the shops in Europe doing the Records Black Friday?
  6. Speak up! Contact Guy Oseary

    HAHA typo, WE'RE HEARD,
  7. Speak up! Contact Guy Oseary

    That message from Guy was an absolute INSULT!!! A few dozen fans, what about the rest of U2 subscribers, it sounded like he either hand picked people or a few people were hand picking people and that's it, which is playing favorites and "F" the rest of us!!! I can't believe he even said "For the majority of subscribers it worked cleanly", what band was looking into, it sure wasn't U2 because nothing could be further from the truth!! Angela P.S. I don't do social media so if anyone knows how I can send my messages or maybe send it to him for me that would ROCK!! The more we speak, the louder were heard!!! Thanks
  8. Was wondering why if ticketmaster know who the regular scalpers are why their u2 accounts get marked as verified , and their ticketmaster and u2 account remains active?
  9. Unclear situation for Europe

    If you used presale codes from your 2017 subscription to get tickets for the JT30 shows then you will need to have renewed for 2018 to be eligible for the e+i presale. So I think renewing any time from now will be fine. I'm not due to renew until March so I'm waiting for now, but realise I'll have to renew earlier than usual.
  10. From Dalai Lama : The way of tranquillity. 19th oF November : Three are the kinds of generosity : the material help, to give the Dharma and the protection from fear. To give the Dharma it means to give the teachings at the other sentient beings with the mere motivation to help them. P.S. The other ones are to be served merely
  11. u2 song of the day

  12. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    Couldn't agree more. Can't wait for the 1st december
  13. U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I've bought more than once face-value tickets from real fans that couldn't attend the concert, these tickets made two people happy (or at least one very happy person and the other not disappointed). The answer is not the personal tickets, the answer is not to resell above face value, as others said. Simple, eh? No, ´cause ticketmaster is the first that allows this sistem. We're trapped in the matrix guys, it's useless to complain.
  14. Ticket Prices

    Man it's funny how similar our situations and thinking are. Exact same deal with me and my mom. I wanted some tickets close and mid court. $800 for 2 tickets is expensive, but I'd expect that my two criteria could be met for that much money. Nope, I was being offered VIP Party Package, right sections but Row R for $635/each! Uh, no thank you. Same as you, I looked at other options and my mom and I both felt that for the quality of the seats, it was too much. We would and have paid good money for good seats. But I'm not paying ridiculous money for average/mediocre seats. To the point about the seating chart, I'd consider paying for the party package for front row but only for front row. Not 20 rows back. There's nowhere near enough of a value add to justify paying those prices. I can find my own dinner thanks. Despite all my concern, I was VERY lucky to get GAs the next day during the Citi presale and my mom is going to venture down there with me, even if it just means hanging out in the back of the crowd it will still be a good spot and she gets around well enough that I think she'll be okay. Just crazy how stressful this whole process has become. I want to enjoy myself and not have to plan like I'm invading the beaches of Normandy. This shouldn't be this hard.
  15. U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    @hollywoodswag That's perfect for me and I totally agree with YOU Butthe guy above said to make them no transferable and taking risk in buying
  16. U2.com 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    I guess someone has read this.
  17. Innocence group Boston GA question

    No GA’s during Experience pre-sale either.

    Lol at the stripping away the Taylor Swift production I think the delay was a couple of things, they wanted to evaluate the songs & see if there might be more to say. Also, it’s been mentioned that Bono underwent an unknown brush with mortality. I think this was the delay. It sounds like it gave him a new perspective on life & he wanted to leave behind letters to people who mean something to him. Friends, family, fans...etc
  19. Agree. Would be very surprised if they didn't.
  20. Speak up! Contact Guy Oseary

    Thanks mich40!
  21. I didn’t either but I saw a few people who did so I thought I’d comment. There was some worry that registering for multiple pre-sales would be like trying to exceed the 2 ticket limit and you might get your tickets revoked. That’s obviously not the case, but I can see why some were confused.
  22. Speak up! Contact Guy Oseary

    I, like many, am so frustrated by ticket pre-sales. In order to even be eligible for a code, because I used my code for the Joshua Tree tour, I had to renew my membership early- which I did prior to the deadline. On the day or pre-sale, I received my code. When I tried to use my code, it wouldn't work at first, then when it did, I got the message there were no tickets available in ANY of the ticket categories at MSG . My job has a "no cell phone" policy, so I was trying to do all of this discretely. I contacted U2 via email, and did not receive a response. Essentially, I renewed my membership early for nothing (I could have waited until it expired in 2018) - and I don't have a ticket to any show. I am a long time U2 subscriber and fan and I'm not sure what to do at this point... sad and disappointed. I did not have any problem with pre-sale tickets for the Innocence tour or JT Tour. Was able to get GA tickets for all shows I went to. (MSG 2015, Boston JT and Meadowlands JT) Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  23. Lifelong fan and I can’t stop with the new songs. All of them are very solid. Blackout is fantastic so is Get out of your own way into American Soul. Put in the amazing The Little Things That Give You Away and this could be one of their best which is incredible after all these years. And from a live show perspective these will all sound really good live. Especially Blackout.
  24. Speak up! Contact Guy Oseary

    You can find it posted by the various different fansites on Twitter.
  25. New U2 song American Soul released on Spotify

    Yeah, there is no way I'm getting my extra super special deluxe blah blah vinyl set anywhere near December 1st I'm sure. Come on U2! Get it together! It's been 24 hours now. Page says: "Our store is temporarily down for scheduled maintenance.Sorry for any inconvenience.We will be back online as soon as possible. "
  26. What's the word on a DVD for JT17?

    I would guess one of the South America concerts will be released. If you look at the setlists for that final leg you will see that they are the same night after night. To me this means that the band were doing live rehearsals and getting the set right for DVD.
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