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  2. Shipping delays

    I preordered the deluxe 2 x LP and a t shirt on the 3rd of November and received an email that they were shipped on the 29th of November. Still nothing received yet. I did email them a couple of weeks ago and was told they were due to be delivered on the 11th or 12th of January. I cant believe how bad this service is. Nothing short of disgusting in this day and age. Thought i was getting in early with the promise of shipping in time to relieve on or about release date but I’ve learnt a lesson and will never buy through their shop again.
  3. Hi, maybe a reaction a little too late, GA in Dutch is ‘staanplaatsen’
  4. GA sorted, pretty painless

    Just remember though at O2 they usually take your tickets from you! I didn’t get a ticket souvenir at Depeche Mode as a result! We learned the following week for The Killers to ask at which door they return tickets after the show and got lucky! They only return tickets on one exit, so ask as you go in which!
  5. This SOE is shaping up to be a gem

    I highlighted one line of yours because it is what is really catching me about the album, especially the end of what you wrote - lyrically, this is an album that Bono only could have written in very recent years. That is, these really are "Songs of Experience", with lyrics that one would need a lot of experience living to write convincingly. The suggestion given to Bono to "write as if you're dead" seems to have been followed very well. I'll expound on the lyrics more later, but IMHO this is one of Bono's very best bits of writing. I really, really like the words (and the music
  6. Today
  7. What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I got my pink-pussy hat because even though I won't be able to attend the local people's march (we're moving due to hard times), I will still show my support for those who can!!
  8. It's "Feeding Time" at Zootopia

  9. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    42 185 - Good evening everyone at 7 pm... 53° F/11.667 C with what the weather is calling "periodic clouds" for this moment.
  10. It's "Feeding Time" at Zootopia

    Baked ricotta chicken and steamed broccoli.
  11. Any tips on where to stay in Berlin? First time going abroad and I'm going solo
  12. Any Americans Going/Gone to Dublin Show?

    Safe travels to all us Americans travelling to see the boys abroad! I hope to see them in Ireland one day. Maybe next tour...whenever and if ever that will happen.
  13. Any Americans Going/Gone to Dublin Show?

    I am going to attempt to get tickets for both Belfast and Dublin. Bucket list for me to see them in Ireland, and I have never been!
  14. See you there!

    Unless you have a bank like mine who needed to verify my transaction for no reason, They sent a one off code to a mobile number I didn't have , then when i couldn't verify they gave me a number to call at an extortionate rate, eventually cleared my transaction. By the time I'd done all that I'd been timed out and lost my tickets. Started all over again only to be told I couldn't get in and to try later. Used another PC in the end and got my tickets but my stupid bank almost caused a meltdown!
  15. Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    42 184 Congrats to the ticket people
  16. Who is going?

    Got my standing tickets. Now to book travel. So excited. Will be our first time in Germany. DH studied German in university and has always wanted to go. Happy 40th birthday to him! Presale was so much smoother than any other one I've done. Well smoother once I saw the button for English. Didn't want to wake the husband at 3am for him to translate for me.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Hi I have two general admission for Las Vegas Night 2 and I'd really love to trade for either night in Los Angeles because that's where we live. Any takers?
  19. Dolores O'Riordan

    This has had my heart sad all week and I have been listening to the catalog 24/7 since the news. Of course her family are foremost in my thoughts. But it also takes me right back to 93 which is when I met my wife, their music has always been a connection to that time. The first time I got hold of an HD camera I shot footage of our 3 year old playing on a playground and Dreams was the music I put to it. For those of us that love music we recognize the magic that happens when a group builds something greater than their individual parts like our boys in U2. But sometimes there is a player or singer who has a unique sound that transcends anything around them. No matter what kind of music you like it, is undeniable that Dolores' voice was the sound of angels. I am glad I got to listen to it.
  20. Hi I have two general admission for Las Vegas Night 2 and I'd really love to trade for either night in Los Angeles because that's where we live. Any takers?
  21. Time flies... This is still one of my favorite events ever. The 'We Are One' concert at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, 9 years ago TODAY! I had a ticket for a seat up front. I told my new friends around me that when U2 took the 'stage', I would be ON my seat for their powerful two-song set! Pride and City of Blinding Light What an afternoon! Thanks to Stoffe Olsson for posting this segment to youtube (955K+ views)
  22. Looking for the ticket exchange forum - North America.  Has it been set up? Thanks! - M



  23. Red Zone in LV - 5/12 available

    Sorry guys, taking my dad for his bday. They are staying with me.
  24. Belfast likely indoors?

    The stage and screens will be like i+e, impossibile to use outdoors
  25. Does anybody know what the prices are for Manchester in relation to the seating sections i.e. upper/lower tier behind stage etc.
  26. See you there!

    Or put your card number in a word document and cut and paste?
  27. Europe

    O2 presale looks to have moved back to next Wednesday. New dates on both O2 priority and TM for it.
  28. Get out your own way

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