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  2. 1 Peter 5:10 - But the God of all grace, who hath called us unto his eternal glory by Christ Jesus, after that ye have suffered a while, make you perfect, stablish, strengthen, settle [you].
  3. I love that sauce. I'm going to be making my first quiche tomorrow. I'm calling it baked scrambled eggs. The lady I helped move is helping me get cooking again. It's a crustless quiche. (If I can manage to not eat the bacon before I whisk the eggs)
  4. I'm making new friends again. I lost many when I got knocked down. Others took advantage. I'm at the point where I can think it through and choose friends more wisely. The ones taking advantage are being banished. It all feels good.
  5. I love playing with kids. Last time I got put in jail, by my great nephew. I stood there for a good thirty minutes only to realize he'd forgotten about me. I return, he looks and says, "Hey. I didn't say you could get out of jail." So, so cute. My good thing is I hung out with a friend. His job is horrible. The weekend went fast. The weather was awful. I offered to make him dinner. I brought all the makings for spaghetti alla bolognese. It turned out well. He didn't have to do anything. There were leftovers for another meal. Many thanks to a couple of Mama's in Italy for patiently teaching me how to make this sauce. We ended up watching The Godfather 2. He normally likes big explosion blockbuster movies. I didn't think he'd enjoy GF2. He did and really enjoyed it. We are going to watch the first one some time in the future. I have seen those movies so many times and still love them. It was a great way to make a very icky weather weekend finish well.
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  7. Gordon Bennett ! It doesn’t look like it went too well..
  8. Thanks for giving us a great life, ehmmm...night! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ You guys rock.
  9. Thanks a lot for your helps and advices guys, really appreciate it
  10. We apologize but we need to take a few hours to rest before the Wires presale tomorrow. If you have a question or an issue to report, please write it here (or send us a PM) and we will come back to you as soon as possible... Thanks for understanding... see you in a little while...
  11. At least at 10 AM sharp when you click the Wires presale button it will go to the second screenshot, with a field to add your presale code... once entered and when you hit go, you will go to the first screenshot... It's possible that the field to add the presale code appears before 10 AM, but it's not a certainty...
  12. Sorry but its a bit confusing, Ok, so let me clear out my doubt... Say like half an hour before the sale time (10am) when you click on the "Wires Pre Sale" button from the U2 Tour page, the above page will be displayed, and at 10am sharp, the page will be automatically direct us to the page shown below is it?
  13. I logged into the "/tour" page about 45 minutes before tickets went on sale, clicked the [Red Hill] button and got put in the holding screen (pre-queue). After flipping into the queue (PROMPTLY at 10 am local Singapore time), took about 4 minutes in the official queue until I was let in to buy tickets. Good luck!
  14. it's very possible that since the presale page is set for the Red Hill group, the field will be open once it's 10.00 AM SGT this tuesday... You will need to keep checking periodically...
  15. Not sure. I just happened to check when I did and it had gone to the waiting queue.
  16. It's not that there are two red hill links... Wires will be the same page, but at this moment the field for the presale code is not open...
  17. how far in advance did it open today? Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow.
  18. On https://www.u2.com/tour the wires icon has changed to Red Hill so there are now two Red Hill links
  19. You both make great points & I'm definitely sensitive to the issues. I don't see many shows each tour (1-2 is normal) but as the Lads get towards less-frequent touring I'm putting a lot more effort to go see "special shows" like NYC and Dublin on the last tour. Singapore is the only show on this tour I'm going to mainly b/c of costs. But I know it will be a special show for everyone there. I'm a 6'2" (1.9m) dude that blocks a lot of view behind me so I'm always sensitive to those around me. Whatever happens at the venue is beyond most people's control, so I'm just going to enjoy whatever the day brings & the people I meet & celebrate the band with. I would be more worried about multiple entry gates mainly b/c that's how people get hurt - running madly across the expanse to the front.
  20. I know it’s still early at this point, but for fans who run the numbered GA queues, do they usually have to seek prior approval from the venue first?
  21. Respect. I'm an asia from Sri Lanka, and this is my first ever U2 show. Was waiting for them to come to ASIA for 10 years and like you said I'm dreaming to get to the front in rail so you know. I don't know whether il be able to see U2 ever again, im guessing other asian fans feels the same too. But having said that I know, we will have to queue, but doubt asians will queue for days, I myself having spine disabilities, could queue for a maximum of 6 hours I would say, which I doube will be enought to get a railing spot.. lets see how luck turns out but if there are multiple entrances for GA that means it would be easier for people like us isnt it?
  22. I had some lovely queueing experiences in Amsterdam too, but I'm glad I choose RZ for Singapore. This kind of climate is new to me, plus jetlag...😁 One thing that I sincerely hope though, is that the die hard, multiple-check-in GA queuers will take the local fans into consideration. For many local long time fans, this will be the first ever U2 concert in their life. They don't know about our quirky self-invented queueing regime. It would break my heart to have them think they're at the front to finally see their favorite band, only to discover that there's a bunch of (probably rather tall) regulars with numbers on their hands who claim they are first in line because they checked in twice a day for the last week. Don't get me wrong, I have queued myself, and when you know the rules, it will get you a great experience. But how graceful it would be if for once, we just forget about queueing and check-in and numbering, and let local fans have the railing spots. Assuming they want them, that is; friends in Singapore tell me they rather sit and enjoy the show 😊
  23. If the GA tickets have multiple entry points around the stadium, that will be a huge problem. This issue has occurred before for shows like Ed Sheeran and Coldplay.
  24. It should switch over to that at some point tomorrow. Don't worry....the Mods will be around to help tomorrow too.
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