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  2. It's a very nice place! I saw Jon Anderson solo (Yes' original lead singer) there 2006-ish. That show was a bit unusual, but the venue is lovely!
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  4. Yes. My first time there. Almost went to see Simple Minds there this time last year but let it slip by.
  5. Updated UF autumn dates coming soon! 😎
  6. One of my favorite towns in NJ. 😎 Count Basie?
  7. You're not alone - I'm doing the same thing. 😎 Why get used to some of the songs in mp3-quality when you're going to get them all in WAV-quality eventually (rumor has it...). 🙄😆(Let me clarify - I'm not knocking those who are happy with the downloads; I'm happy that you're happy. I'm just explaining why I'm abstaining.) AND, there is this completely valid point: Agreed. If you consult earlier in this thread (my goodness, it has lasted a while), I was a preacher of patience. However, even by U2.com standards, this wait has been epic (meant not in the modern sense of "awesome", but in the original sense of "(interminably and frustratingly) long"). In any case, I'm looking forward to hearing this before Halloween. 🎃
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  9. 45142 Still warm weather here, especially today.
  10. 45, 141 - Weekend counting. I've decided to finally count all the library books when we put them back next week. Because I can
  11. By Lerato Mogoatlhe AUG. 29, 2019 5 WATER & SANITATION This South African Taxi Driver Hands Out Sanitary Pads to His Passengers An estimated 3.7 million girls and young women in South Africa can’t afford sanitary products. Why Global Citizens Should Care Period poverty and poor menstrual health management are serious obstacles to girls being able to access education. Too many girls are still forced to miss school — falling behind their male peers — when they’re menstruating. Join the movement by taking action here to support the UN’s Global Goal 6 for clean water and sanitation for everyone, including access to menstrual health management. Taxi drivers might not be your main port of call when it comes to tackling period poverty. However, for many passengers lucky enough to get into Kamogelo Mampatla Betha’s taxi, the South African is a hero — particularly if they’re in need of a spare sanitary pad. Betha, from Lebowakgomo in Limpopo, reportedly buys sanitary towels out of his own pocket and then keeps them in his taxi to hand out to passengers when they’re caught short without period products. Send Email: Tell Denmark: Stand for Gender Equality PASA A LA ACCIÓN Más información The 31-year-old told Drum magazine that he started the initiative in May 2018 as a way to help his passengers have a less stressful time when they’re on their period. ”The idea to stock up on pads came about after I noticed that some of the school kids I transport to school every day would stain the seats of the car in the morning,” he said. “Sometimes I would even find toilet paper they had used for their menstruation and that affected me because I realised that some people cannot afford pads,” he continued. “It’s really sad, people are very poor and cannot afford such cheap items.” According to Menstrual Hygiene Day, a global organisation that brings together governments, business, civil society, and the media to keep the spotlight on menstrual health challenges and management, an estimated 3.7 million girls and young women in South Africa alone can’t afford sanitary products. This is despite the government announcing last year that there will no longer be a 15% value-added tax (VAT) charged for sanitary products. The decision — and others supporting menstrual health management (MHM), such as providing free pads at schools — follows massive campaigning by activists and organisations that include Global Citizen. Related StoriesMay 28, 2019How Global Citizens & Activists Spurred a Country to Improve Menstrual Health in Over 5,000 Schools Not having access to sanitary pads forces people to adopt unhygienic and unsafe practices like using tissue paper, socks, newspaper, and other products instead. It can also have a detrimental effect on students going to school — instead staying home because of pain, stigma, or embarrassment. This, the Human Rights Commission of South Africa states on their website, “inflicts indignity upon millions of women and girls.” “There is no dignity without basic necessities such as sanitary napkins,” the website adds. “This perpetuates a culture of silence that forces many to cope in isolation.” Related StoriesOct. 25, 2018Here's What's Next After South Africa Abolishes the Tampon Tax The problems of the students taking his taxi really woke Betha up to the global issue of period poverty and menstrual hygiene management — and so he started doing what he could to alleviate his passengers’ suffering. “I was so touched and realised that most women see their menstruation cycle unaware and unprepared for that,” Betha told Daily Sun. He added: “As a driver of a taxi, I knew that it's time for me to always have pads in my taxi so that in times of such situations I can assist.” He is not just handing out sanitary pads, either. He also wants his passengers to feel comfortable and open, and actively encourages them to ask for help without feeling any shame. Related StoriesFeb. 5, 2019Period Poverty: Everything You Need to Know "I always tell them that they must speak out. Some [female passengers] send their friends to me and ask on their behalf and that is not right,” he told Daily Sun. “I'm aware that they are afraid because people still believe that taxi drivers are violent people with a bad attitude all the time but it's not all of us,” he added. He’s also encouraging other taxi drivers to be more empathetic to their passengers and what their needs might be — and encouraging men to care more about menstruation too. "It's time that we teach men that menstruation circle is a natural thing that our sisters, girlfriends, and wives must go through on a monthly basis and respect them,” he said. He added: “I so wish that taxi drivers can stop shouting at women when they leave blood on the taxi seats because it's a natural thing that is beyond her control.” TOPICSSouth AfricaMenstrual Hygiene ManagementPeriodsMenstrual HygieneMenstrual Health#EndPeriodPovertyMenstrual Hygiene DayPeriod PovertyEnd Period StigmaPeriod Stigma
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  13. Por Joe McCarthy y Erica Sanchez 11 DE SEPTIEMBRE DE 2019 21 ADVOCACYMEDIO AMBIENTE La Gran Muralla Verde es un proyecto utópico que podría salvar el planeta Mientras que otros muros dividen a las personas, esta iniciativa está uniéndolas. Por qué es importante para los Global Citizens La Gran Muralla Verde es un ambicioso proyecto multinacional que busca restaurar paisajes en toda la región del Sahel en África, al tiempo que crea empleos, seguridad alimentaria, y trae paz. Como resultado, cubre casi todos los Objetivos Globales de las Naciones Unidas. Puedes apoyar a la Gran Muralla Verde aquí. A medida que las selvas tropicales arden y la desertificación se extiende, un proyecto masivo y utópico tiene lugar en una de las áreas más degradadas en cuanto a medio ambiente del mundo. Un proyecto que podría servir como modelo para salvar al planeta. Se trata de The Great Green Wall o Gran Muralla Verde, una iniciativa cuyo nombre aparentemente fue extraído de un libro para niños. Su objetivo es plantar árboles y restaurar paisajes en una de las secciones más amplias de África, un área conocida como el Sahel que se extiende 8,000 kilómetros creando un "muro" de ecosistemas verdes en el proceso. La Gran Muralla Verde significa mucho más que restaurar tierras degradadas. Se trata de revitalizar comunidades y fomentar economías sostenibles, con el entendimiento de que un medio ambiente sostenible es la base de cualquier sociedad saludable. La región del Sahel de África, que abarca 10 países con una población combinada de más de 300 millones, representa grandes desafíos. Decenas de millones de personas viven con hambre crónica. El conflicto entre y dentro de los países se desata regularmente. La falta general de oportunidades hace que los jóvenes migren a otras partes del mundo, lo que a menudo contribuye aún más a las tensiones geopolíticas. Además, causando e intensificando otros problemas, se encuentra la degradación del medio natural. Pocos lugares en el mundo se han visto tan afectados por las consecuencias del cambio climático como la región del Sahel. Sequías severas, inundaciones y olas de calor en las últimas décadas han devastado los sistemas agrícolas. Los pequeños agricultores que alguna vez pudieron confiar en patrones climáticos predecibles han visto cómo sus cultivos se marchitaban y se destruían con mayor frecuencia. A medida que los sistemas agrícolas han fallado, la pobreza extrema, el hambre y los conflictos han aumentado. En Etiopía, la sequía severa ha llevado a millones de personas a la inseguridad alimentaria. En Sudán del Sur, el colapso de la agricultura ha ayudado a alimentar un conflicto generalizado. Mientras tanto, Nigeria se convirtió recientemente en el país con el mayor número de personas que viven en la pobreza extrema. Más del 80% de los empleos en la región están en la agricultura, lo que lleva a mayores repercusiones de las tensiones del cambio climático cada año. Historias relacionadas30 de Julio de 2019Cómo obtener entradas para el Festival Global Citizen 2019 en Nueva York La Gran Muralla Verde se estableció por primera vez como un proyecto en 2007 para combatir todos estos desafíos como parte de su enfoque holístico de desarrollo. El proyecto, que cuenta con el apoyo de 20 países en África, también recibe respaldo financiero del Programa de las Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo, el Banco Mundial y el Foro Forestal Africano. Recibió $4 mil millones de dólares en 2015 en la Conferencia Climática de la ONU en París, con compromisos adicionales de países como Francia. La Gran Muralla Verde tiene como objetivo mejorar la calidad del suelo para los agricultores, lo que permitiría a los cultivos resistir mejor las condiciones hostiles; crear corredores de vida silvestre que revitalicen los ecosistemas y se conviertan en centros de turismo; restaurar las fuentes de agua para combatir la sequía; generar millones de empleos en economía verde; establecer un sumidero de carbono para combatir el cambio climático; romper los ciclos viciosos de la migración que están drenando las sociedades jóvenes; impulsar las economías; y aliviar las condiciones que conducen a la violencia. Y ya está dando sus frutos. En Senegal, se han plantado más de 12 millones de árboles resistentes a la sequía. Se han restaurado más de 15 millones de hectáreas de tierra en Etiopía, 5 millones de hectáreas en Nigeria y 5 millones en Níger. En Burkina Faso, las comunidades locales han utilizado prácticas tradicionales para restaurar 3 millones de hectáreas de tierra. "Para 2030, el Muro tiene como objetivo restaurar 100 millones de hectáreas de tierras actualmente degradadas, secuestrar 250 millones de toneladas de carbono y crear 10 millones de empleos en las zonas rurales", explica el sitio web del proyecto. Llegar a este objetivo no será fácil. Aproximadamente el 15% de la Gran Muralla Verde se ha completado desde que comenzó el trabajo hace más de una década. Alcanzar la meta 2030 requiere un importante apoyo financiero de países de todo el mundo y socios del sector privado. Además, los países del Sahel deben dedicar más recursos al proyecto y fomentar la creación de empleo mediante el desarrollo de cadenas de suministro y mercados para las personas que se benefician de los paisajes rejuvenecidos. El retorno de la inversión del muro parece evidente: luchar contra el cambio climático, promover el desarrollo económico sostenible y poner fin al conflicto. Mientras que los muros se utilizan cada vez más como barreras entre países, los arquitectos de la Gran Muralla Verde imaginan una banda transnacional de vida próspera que unifica en lugar de dividir. El Festival Global Citizen 2019 en Nueva York estará presentado por Citi y Cisco, y se realizará en asociación de Live Nation, nuestro Productor Asociado. MSNBC, Comcast NBCUniversal, e iHeart trabajarán como Presentadores de Medios Asociados y transmitirán el Festival en simultáneo en MSNBC y en las Estaciones de Radio iHeart. El Festival también será transmitido en vivo en YouTube y Twitter, presentado por Johnson & Johnson. Entre los productores orgullosos que acompañan siempre en el Festival Global Citizen se encuentran el socio mundial de salud Johnson & Johnson, y los asociados mayores P&G, Verizon, y NYC Parks. TEMASEnvironmentCurrent eventsClimate changeAfricamedio ambienteSustainableReforestationEconomyreforestaciondesertificacionThe Great Green WallThe SahelDesertificationgran muralla verde COMENTARIOS
  14. By Joe McCarthy and Erica Sanchez AUG. 8, 2019 10 ENVIRONMENT Global Climate Strike Aims to Spur Transformative Change “We, as a global society, are at a crossroads.” Why Global Citizens Should Care The United Nations urges countries to pursue bold climate action policies to achieve the goals of the Paris climate agreement. Youth protest movements are holding leaders accountable and creating the impetus for action. You can join us in taking related actions here. The world’s youth have infused a new urgency into the global fight against climate change. Through movements like Fridays for Future and Extinction Rebellion, millions of young people have gathered in public squares and busy streets, senate chambers and assembly rooms, to call on government leaders to curb greenhouse gas emissions and enact meaningful environmental policies. Now they’re planning to come together for a grand climate strike on Sept. 20. The “Strike With Us” march aims to get as many people into the streets as possible to underline the fact that climate change affects everyone and demands a global solution. Firma: El cambio climático amenaza la vida. Ayuda a los países más pobres a adaptarse PASA A LA ACCIÓN Más información “We, as a global society, are at a crossroads,” the organizers wrote on the strike’s website. “We have a decision to make. Are we going to choose money or power or are we going to choose the future? The September 20 strike is an invitation to everyone to choose us. Choose the kids, choose humanity, choose the future.” The intergenerational day of striking will take place in cities and towns worldwide but it will revolve around the march in New York, where organizers hope to inspire world leaders gathering for the UN’s climate summit on Sept. 23. Climate activist Greta Thunberg will be speaking at the New York strike as part of a broader effort to galvanize climate action. The climate summit is part of the annual United Nations General Assembly week, during which member states give speeches and negotiate on global issues. The climate summit is meant to be a platform for countries to update climate commitments made under the Paris climate agreement, which seeks to keep global temperatures from rising more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, and to set a bold agenda for environmental policy through 2030. Read More: 17 Photos You Have to See From London's Extinction Rebellion Climate Protests “September 20th isn’t a goal, it’s a catalyst for future action,” the Fridays For Future NYC chapter wrote in a press release. “It’s a catalyst for the engagement of humanity in the protection of Earth. It’s a catalyst for realizing the intersectionality that the climate crisis has with every other issue. It’s a catalyst for the culmination of hundreds of climate activists who won’t stop fighting until the climate emergency is over.” The power of youth activism has been made abundantly clear in recent months. In response to growing protest movements, hundreds of governments have declared climate emergencies, companies have committed to the Paris climate agreement, and awareness of climate change has skyrocketed. For young people, climate change isn’t a theoretical problem to be debated on talk shows and in opinion sections. Instead, it’s a rapidly escalating crisis that threatens to undermine their future. Already, people around the world are dealing with the consequences of climate change. See Future Coalition's other Tweets Read More: Youth Leaders Tell Us Why They're Skipping School for Climate Action “In Lerma, the rainfall of 2015 flooded my town, new factories contaminated the air, and buildings were sinking into wetlands,” Xiye Bastida, a climate justice activist from Mexico, said in a press release. “Economic instability and air pollution were the things that pushed my family out of my home. “This crisis is our present, but we cannot let it be our future,” he said. “That's why youth across the globe are uniting against corporate power, against climate racism, and against the deterioration of Mother Earth.” TOPICSCurrent eventsClimate changeUnited NationsprotestClimate SummitYouth activismAirstrikes11000 refugeesrefugiados climaticosClimate strikeactivismo ambientalGlobal climate strikehuelga climatica globalactivismo joven COMMENTS
  15. Soooooo excited to open my email just now saying the subscribers gift is coming soon!!! It's my son's Birthday today but I feel like I just opened the best present!! Miss the boys playing rock & roll. At dinner" Love is Bigger" was playing in the restaurant & I grabbed my son's hand and just felt all the love. It will be worth the wait
  16. This is one of the best gifts for subscribers in a long time. I am glad we are not getting the vinyl releases anymore. That said, U2 could be better providing members downloads more often. It's not a huge deal to provide more live shows from the '80s to the latest tours. I am sure the catalog they have on vaults is enormous. Just get it out and give the hardcore fans something to cheer about. While I am looking forward to seeing the entire print package, I think through the membership year U2 could very well gift away these concerts consistently.
  17. Today been listening to this tune love it
  18. Lets be honest you pretty much have to be patient if you subscribe to U2.com.
  19. It's a genuine shame California didn't get played regularly on IE. It's one of the most upbeat tracks on Songs of Innocence and slotted in well in the second half when it did get played. 13...even now, almost 2 years after its release...still makes my eyes water. Also, yeah, nice to finally get an update on delivery!
  20. I have no real idea how zootopia works so I normally avoid it like the plague. I came to look saw you were online and decided I would ask if you knew anything about a DVD of the Joshua tree anniversary tour being released. I am desperate for a proper copy. Maybe this has been discussed already. If you know anything could you please help. maybe I will see your answer maybe not. Technophobe, who me?

    1. Max Tsukino

      Max Tsukino

      At this moment there is no indication about any official release for a Joshua Tree 30 Anniversary tour DVD, Blu-ray and/or digital video...

      If/when there's some news about it, be sure it will be posted on the site, U2 official social media and here in Zootopia... I recommend you to periodically check the site and the board for any update about the band and any upcoming releases...

      If you have any question about how the board works, do not hesitate to contact us in the moderation team... is not the plague, honest =D ...

    2. tulips


      Thanks for the help.

  21. I’m not one to brag. my next show is U2. 😊
  22. I’m not listening to the downloads, like Gollum I’m awaiting something precious shiny and silver with a hole in the middle!😀
  23. I loved invisible live.... it also helped identify the U2 diehard nuts in the audience...(myself included)
  24. The Waterboys in Red Bank, NJ next Tuesday for me.
  25. Finally some news. However why not make all the tracks available for download while we await the physical release? As a matter of fact they should all have been available months ago.
  26. Two new downloads and sub gift set to dispatch in October. https://www.u2.com/news/title/two-more-downloads---and-delivery-update

  27. Two new downloads available (California and 13) and dispatch information here: https://www.u2.com/news/title/two-more-downloads---and-delivery-update 'California (There is No End To Love)' and '13 (There Is A Light)' are the latest two downloads for subscribers from 'U2 Live Songs of iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE'. The big news is - and thank you everyone for your patience - dispatch of the physical double-CD set begins next month. (It looks beautiful!)
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