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  2. I’ve seen U2 multiple times on every tour since Unforgettable Fire. I did RZ for several US shows in 2017 and it was fantastic. A great way to see the show. When I arrived for the first Rose Bowl show, I was number 60 for the RZ when there were thousands of people online for GA. I did one JT17 show in regular GA and it was fine but if you are willing to pay and can get them, the RZ is absolutely worth it in stadiums. IMO the RZ was nowhere near as good in the arenas on the IE/EI tours. They were too far away from the action and the best thing to do during those shows was move around as the band moved anyway.
  3. I'm really amazed that RZ is selling so quickly. It's basically GA with a fence around it and a bit more room to breathe. It's what people usually go for as a last resort when GA is sold out. Or when they don't want to queue (like me this time). In Europe, I would go for GA over RZ anytime, without a doubt.
  4. It's hours later and I'm still laughing at this. It's spot on with what I've felt in presales. Perfetto!
  5. Many people end up disappointed with Red Zone. Perhaps what now seems a disappointment will turn into something even better. I've read GA for U2 equated to heaven.
  6. Roller coaster emotions. My niece was on vacation with her boyfriend. Their dog got out of the house where he was being watched while they were gone. Sadly, Petrie got hit by a car and was killed. I'm very close with my niece. We are friends. What do you say but I'm sorry? My heart is broken for them. It's weird because I was missing Bruff all day long. I teared up a few times. I didn't know why. I texted her a bit ago and she told me. I can't imagine what I'd feel were it me. Her mom (my sister) and her grandmother (My mom) did not bother to tell me. I'm angry with them but also feel sorry for them. I gotta let it go but c'mom; it's family. They are all in Florida. I'm in Wisconsin. I can't go hug my niece. I texted my brother's family here in Wisconsin. They are getting in touch to console my niece, as are their children. At least she gets the chain of family in us. I feel bad for her friend who was watching Petrie. She's a good friend. I am in bad head pain. It's been a joy to watch new Zootpians get tickets in the Singapore presale. U2 and Bruce make everything better. I'm thankful I can listen to music.
  7. Very happy for you Sir! 😊 And you'll have a great time regardless of where you're standing. I have back troubles too, and usually prefer to find a bit of railing at the sound towers for support. If things get too crowded at the front (which they will) there's plenty of room to move (and dance) at the outer areas. Being at the front is of course great, but being at a U2 gig is amazing no matter where you are. I once ended up at the back, and still had Bono smiling at me personally, with 20000 people between us (later, my friends claimed he was looking at them, but I know better if course 😊). That's the degree of perfection of B's showmanship: he'll give each of the 40000 visitors in the room the feeling that it's just him and you. So be ready to be overwhelmed. Blown off your socks. Get teary eyed. Meet new friends. Have the occasional spiritual experience. My advice: leave your phone in your pocket. Don't experience this concert through a lense, but through your senses. That's what will give you the best memories IMHO: the sounds, the smells, your emotions when you hear your favorite song. Those memories will last way longer than a movie that you might not even watch that much.
  8. Managed to get 4 GA tickets. Couldn't get Red Zone even within a couple of minutes of sale start time. Now need to figure out GA queuing strategy! 😉 Thanks to everyone for the tips and best of luck for getting tickets. With ̶O̶r̶W̶i̶t̶h̶o̶u̶t̶ You
  9. Today
  10. Thats correct I only purchased 2 RZ tickets and would like to purchase 2 GA.
  11. just to be certain: your presale code right now has only be used for 2 tickets? so, is it correct to say it has 2 tickets left on it?
  12. Looks like the Singapore presale is going well for people.  Congrats to all. 

  13. I listened to U2 while I watched Zootpians get tickets in the Singapore presale. It was torturous but it looks like they got them. (and hopefully still do)
  14. Tried calling and they said because code has been used they can't help. I explained that the website didn't allow RZ + other sections and was advised that its due to a different delivery method. They said I have to wait until the main sale on Thursday
  15. What an amazing thing for a first post in Zootpia. Congratulations.
  16. Thanks for all the support. Managed to get in eventually- Got GA. Would have preferred RZ.. they kept on coming and going.. but I could never get hold of them.. I think I managed once or twice.. but then it said cart had too many tickets. Could not find the cart on the website to delete the ones I did not want. All while fingers sweating But to be honest am quite happy with this outcome too! Looking forward to the concert!
  17. Got my GA tickets after a very tense 20 minute wait in the queue (first time in a pre-sale as my cousin usually buys them!). Singapore here we come!
  18. I got mine too! So happy. Really appreciate the admins standing by and prompt replies. ☺️
  19. Thank you all who advised us on the procedures since yesterday and the admins for the help given to us, thanks to all of you guys, managed to follow the process neatly and secure the ticket
  20. Yes, just tell them you couldn't get it to let you choose 2 different areas. And good luck!
  21. Congratulations on surviving your very first presale! Have a great time!
  22. Kept pressing F5 browser refresh and managed to get 2 RZ. Now need to figure out how to add 2 more GA (will try you suggestion). Many thanks for being here to help out
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