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  2. More price reductions for Auckland 2. $60 East Stand uppers available.
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  4. How would you feel if a piece of technology could enable you to feel more independent and in control of your life each day? We are excited to announce that we have been working with Vodafone Business Ventures to develop a brand new piece of creative technology to support people with a learning disability with their independence. Find out more: https://bit.ly/2jEZ1sS
  5. 0 CULTURE Everything you need to know about Afrobeats December 5 2018 | By: SADOF ALEXANDER JOIN Join the fight against extreme poverty EmailJoin Share on Facebook Save on Facebook Share on Twitter Share by Email From Lagos to London to Los Angeles, a new style is taking dance clubs and music charts by storm. Chances are, you’re already familiar with the sound, even if you haven’t heard the name. Afrobeats, a music genre from Nigeria, is shaking up the global music industry. Growing since the early 90s, the genre really took off in the international music scene with Drake’s 2016 hit “One Dance,” featuring Nigerian artist Wizkid. Other US artists, including Ciara and Major Lazer, have incorporated Afrobeats sounds and featured African artists in their music. The success of Afrobeats continues to grow and it looks like the style is here to stay. So we’ve put together a guide of everything you need to know. The Sound Afrobeats gets its distinct sound from a couple of different influences. The style is anchored in West African music styles, particularly highlife music. American jazz and funk are also added to the mix, creating a hybrid sound from across continents. You’ll know when you’re listening to Afrobeats from complex rhythms, heavy percussion, repeating vocals, and Pidgin English. It’s no wonder this music is taking-off internationally — the upbeat, fun, and energetic melodies get people dancing in clubs around the world. “This is music that has come a long and joyous way in a very short time,” says Nigerian-American author Teju Cole. “Dance to it—note its persistent tone of joy—then come back and listen to it.” Don’t confuse Afrobeats with Afrobeat, the style pioneered by Fela Kuti. Afrobeat is a highly political, non-commercial music style, making it really different from Afrobeats! The Artists There are plenty of artists creating hip-shaking hits, so it’d be hard to list every artist out there. If you’re just getting into Afrobeats, there are a few acclaimed artists to start with, and plenty more to discover from there! Wizkid became internationally known with “One Dance,” but his success as an artist goes far beyond that hit. His 2011 debut album Superstar earned him immediate recognition, with several singles coming from that album. His rise in popularity was clear in 2014 when he became the first Nigerian musician to get over a million followers on Twitter. To date, he is one of the most recognizable Afrobeats artists, earning him the nickname “Star Boy.” Tiwa Savage is one of Nigeria’s leading female Afrobeats singers. As a female singer, she struggled to gain popularity in the male-dominated music scene. Despite the obstacles she faces, she’s become one of the most prominent Afrobeats artists today. She even won Best African Act at the 2018 MTV Europe Music Awards! Davido quickly rose to popularity in 2011 with his debut album Omo Baba Owolo, continuing his success with his second album, The Baddest. He won Best International Act at the BET Awards in both 2018 and 2014, and was the first African artist to receive his award in person on the BET stage. Other popular artists include Burna Boy, Mr. Eazi, Tekno, and 2baba. You can find all of these artists and more on Quartz’s Afrobeats playlist on Spotify. Combating Piracy Despite growing popularity, many artists struggle to achieve financial success from their music. Piracy — selling illegal copies of an artist’s work — is one of the biggest challenges African artists face. Piracy makes it incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to make money from selling their music. Many artists rely on live performances, endorsements, and digital streaming to make money. Some artists are also profiting from ringback tones — for a small monthly fee, you can pick a song for someone to listen to while they call you, instead of hearing a traditional ring. With streaming services widely unavailable, ringback tones have generated over US$100 million in Nigeria’s music market. The Future of Afrobeats Recently, Sony Music and Universal Music Group opened offices in Lagos, hoping to sign local artists and further their success. These labels are also tackling piracy, which will secure better legal ownership and rights over music. Afrobeats artists paved their own way to international success. Now that major music labels have taken notice, these artists have nowhere to go but up.
  6. 🚨This is UNACCEPTABLE. If we want to end AIDS once and for all, we need your help. Like this post to join our digital protest to #endAIDS.http://bit.ly/32wKJfH
  7. TIME TO PAW-TY! You can now buy (RED) bandanas on Amazon.com/RED!
  8. We've got the I&E bluray already. The E&I bluray is in the pipeline. Then we'll get the European based setlist in high quality. But.... when it will be released is a mystery....
  9. Does anyone think that they might put out a separate digital double album that the public can purchase of the two tours? I would really like to have Stay, Dirty Day and the stripped down version of Sunday Bloody Sunday. ☺️ For that matter I would love to have a digital version of the whole JT2017 tour, particularly Bad.
  10. Me too .......... Personally, I would have wanted to have a version of Until the End of the World.......It's ONe of my favourite songs of all time and they played it SO WELL on the I+E tour ........ .... ...
  11. Acrobat is MORE Innocence and Experience than the Innocence and Experience albums....times 1 Billion .......
  12. Hmm, I really thought we were getting half the album resembling the I+e setlist and then a E+i based around the Europe setlist.
  13. This set looks great! The only disappointing thing to me is that "You're the Best" was taken from an Experience show and not a JT show, so we'll be getting the (in my opinion) boring acoustic version. Would have been amazing to include Acrobat, but of course with it not being an Innocence or Experience song I understand why. Overall really looking forward to this. And of course it's always a bonus when one of the songs comes from a show I actually attended (American Soul from Las Vegas, May 12th)!
  14. My current mood is slightly irritated because for the good majority of the weekend I was busing tables at a restaurant. Don't get me wrong the people I worked with were great, but when a rich twat or a glamour puss tells you that's NOT hard work really stinks as ignorance generally does.
  15. 0 EDUCATION Why we need to get every girl a quality education 17 July 2019 10:31AM UTC | By: SADOF ALEXANDER ADD YOUR NAME Take action for women everywhere EmailSign Share on Facebook Save on Facebook Share on Twitter Share by Email The fight to end extreme poverty cannot be won without education. When people have access to a quality education, they’re more likely to live healthy, poverty-free lives. In fact, a quality education for all would be the most effective tool against poverty and instability worldwide. People who are denied equal access to a quality education do not have a fair chance at escaping poverty. This reality continues to affect the world’s girls. Although more girls are now attending primary school, there are still big gender gaps in how many get a secondary education. Child marriage, unfair amounts of chores, gender-based violence, and other forms of discrimination also affect a girl’s ability to finish school. Denying girls a quality education also harms the next generation, making it harder for whole communities to come out of poverty. Luckily, activists around the globe are fighting back. We wanted to highlight two of these activists (who also contributed to our gender equality open letter). Here’s why they want world leaders to support education, and what needs to happen to secure a quality education for everyone: Refilwe Ledwaba After becoming the first black woman to fly for the South African Police Service, Refilwe Ledwaba founded The Girl Fly Programme in Africa Foundation to teach girls about careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). The camp specifically focuses on STEM skills to prepare girls for the jobs of the future. According to Refilwe, it is “imperative that women are encouraged to take a strong lead in being technical and embracing STEM fields.” Refilwe believes that ensuring primary and secondary education for everyone is an important step. However, “the kind and quality of education” is even more important. There is also the need to change how the media portrays women: “Women need to be shown as engineers, pilots, doctors … When there is an advert for washing powder, women are the lead roles, and when there is an ad showing a car, an aeroplane, (or) pilots, men are in the lead role. This also needs to change.” She hopes for a world where everyone can be what they want, creating a prosperous world for all. Martha Muhwezi Martha Muhwezi, Executive Director of the Forum for African Women Educationalists (FAWE), is wholly dedicated to her organization’s mission. She fights for girls’ education on every level because she knows how powerful it is. “Education has the potential to become an equalizer that will foster gender equality for women and girls … imparts them with the requisite skills and competencies they need to benefit from individual returns, which in turn will affect social and economic returns.” FAWE promotes gender equity and equality through working across policies, schools, teachers, communities, and individual girls. Working at all these different angles allows FAWE to work towards multiple solutions in the complex problem of education access. “Both schooling AND empowerment that need to go hand in hand. Indeed, acquiring skills and competencies to enter the labor market is one part of the story. And empowerment is another part of the story to ensure that girls and women acquire agency that will allow them to thrive and exert choice.” Empowering individual girls isn’t the only key. The environment around the girls also needs to support them and give them the opportunity to thrive. “Changes in communities and homes will enable girls to attend school. Changes in school, the teacher’s pedagogical approach, and the girls themselves, reinforced by changes in policy, communities, and homes, will ensure that girls stay in school and learn and contribute to the economic development of their country.” Committing to Education at the G7 Refilwe and Martha have proven their dedication to educating girls. Now, it’s time for G7 leaders to do the same. World leaders will meet at the G7 Summit in August to discuss their priorities. We want them to pledge financial aid that will help get girls into school. If they do, we’ll get even closer to the world these activists are working towards. These activists have spoken and now’s your turn to stand with them. Sign their open letter and tell world leaders to make progress not promises towards gender equality. Take action for women everywhere Dear World Leaders, We are the women at the frontlines of the fight against gender inequality and global poverty. Every day we see the determination and dignity of girls and women facing down the toughest challenges. We see real advances and the power of people to achieve change. We won’t surrender this fight, but we need you to play your part. You promised to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls by 2030, but at the current rate of progress, this will take 108 years. This is unacceptable. We need genuine progress, not grand promises. We want implementation and accountability at every level - from this year’s G7 Summit to the Global Fund Replenishment; from our African Union leaders to our community leaders. We will be looking for your actions not your words; for funding to follow promises; and policy to turn into practice. It’s both the right and the smart thing to do for everyone. To accelerate progress men must demand change with us so that we rise united not divided. And women must have a seat at the decision-making table – because you can’t change what you don’t see. We’re not looking for your sympathy, we’re demanding your action. Because none of us are equal until all of us are equal. Yours,
  16. And LOL.... You guys thought we were gonna get Acrobat and Horses .... ...
  17. There's the SHINE Like Stars Extended SOLO ZOO TV Version ....
  18. I did not. I was hoping for The Troubles but didn't think it would be a part of this. I would never have even hoped for The Crystal Ballroom. That is a very nice surprise. The same is true of Volcano and California. Two tracks are from Chicago, where I attended the shows. That's a nice as well. As always, thanks to the mods.
  19. With Or Without You-original Joshua Tree version. I'm not sure I've heard a different version. Probably but the original is my choice.
  20. Bump to keep the thread from archiving. Shows are coming in August and the autumn. 😎
  21. Last week
  22. MAY 21, 2018 75 CITIZENSHIP This Scottish Cafe Has Built an Entire Village for Homeless People "Not just building houses, but building homes, building community." By Lee Mannion LONDON, May 17 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - A cafe chain that employs homeless people and runs a scheme to provide free food to rough sleepers has gone a step further, building a village of 11 houses in Scotland. Up to 20 homeless people will be given accommodation in the new village to the north of the Scottish capital Edinburgh built by Social Bite, which was set up in 2012. "Something special has been created," said Angela Constance, the Scottish communities minister at the launch on Thursday. Take action: Help the Most Marginalised and Vulnerable Find Shelter "Not just building houses, but building homes, building community – a community that will provide support and enable folk to rebuild their lives." See Gemma MacDonald's other Tweets Next month the first six residents will move into the village, which sits on land loaned by the Edinburgh city council for four years. If they decide not to renew the loan the prefabricated houses, which last for up to 100 years, can be moved. Social Bite founder Josh Littlejohn said homeless people had been ignored politically for too long. Read more: New Project Tracks Homeless People Who Have Died on Britain's Streets "They're not a demographic of people that would vote and it's not a big vote winning issue, so I think if we keep pushing the political focus on the issue, the statistics are solvable in a country like Scotland," he told the Thomson Reuters Foundation. There are 11,000 homeless households in Scotland, according to government figures, and the number has been rising steadily since 2015. Last year the Scottish government pledged £50 million ($67 million) to fund homelessness prevention schemes over the next five years. 16 people are talking about this The charity Shelter says as "a conservative estimate" 307,000 people are homeless in Britain. Read more: Thousands of People Slept in a Freezing Scottish Park for a Brilliant Reason Social Bite opened its first outlet in 2012 and now has five shops and a restaurant in Scotland. One in four staff at the chain is homeless, and customers can pay for meals that homeless people can claim later. It distributed nearly 100,000 items of food last year and engages with more than 300 homeless people per week. Social Bite is one of a growing number of social enterprises in Scotland - businesses that aim to help society as well as making money. The country had 5,600 social enterprises last year, up from 5,199 in 2015, according to campaign group Social Enterprise Scotland. The government has a a 10-year strategy to support social enterprise, including making funding available and expanding education about the sector in schools. Read more: 6 Amazing Things Scotland Is Doing That Other Countries Really Need to Pay Attention to The village will be operated in conjuction with Scottish homeless charity Cyrenians, which is assessing applications for residents. See Scotland Is Now 's other Tweets "The mark of any society is how you look after those who are most excluded. This village says an extraordinary thing about how we all want the world to be," said Cyrenians chief executive Euan Aitken in a speech marking the opening of the village. (Reporting by Lee Mannion @leemannion, Editing by Claire Cozens. The Thomson Reuters Foundation is the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers humanitarian news, women's rights, trafficking, property rights, climate change and resilience. Visit http://news.trust.org) TOPICSUKBritainScotlandHomelessnessHomelessRough SleepingSocial Bite
  23. By Daniele Selby MAY 22, 2018 34 GIRLS & WOMEN Jimmy Carter Says the World's Biggest Problem Is Its Treatment of Women and Girls It’s not the first time the 93-year-old has spoken out against gender inequality. Former president Jimmy Carter has changed his mind about the world’s greatest problem, he told graduates during his commencement speech at Liberty University on Saturday. Nearly 20 years ago, Carter said in a speech that he believed the biggest global issue was income inequality. And although income inequality has worsened in much of the world since then, he now believes the biggest challenge the world faces today is gender inequality. “I think now it’s a human rights problem, and it is the discrimination against women and girls in the world,” Carter said during his address at the university in Lynchburg, Virginia. Take Action: Sexist Laws Have No Place in 2018. Agree? Tell Governments to Act Firma ahora: El próximo presidente del Banco Mundial debe apoyar a las niñas y mujeres PASA A LA ACCIÓN The former president touched on issues from female infanticide to sex and human trafficking to the astounding number of sexual abuse incidents within the US military (Carter cited 16,000 cases a year, though according to recent data, the number of reports filed last year was closer to 6,700). This isn’t the first time Carter has spoken out about this issue. In a 2015 TED Talk, Carter pointed to the mistreatment of women and girls as the most serious global human rights abuse. He discussed how harmful cultural attitudes, many stemming from interpretations of religious texts, are often the root of the problem, and he also shed light on forms of gender-based violence, including honor killings and female genital mutilation — which has affected more than 200 million girls and women alive today, according to the World Health Organization. Until the stubborn attitudes that perpetuate gender discrimination change, the world cannot advance, and what Carter had previously thought was the world’s greatest challenge — income inequality and poverty — cannot be solved. Read more: Gender Bias Kills 239,000 Girls in India Every Year, Study Finds More than 130 million girls are out of school, according to UNESCO and over 650 million girls and women alive today were married as children, according to Girls Not Brides. Many of them live in poverty and in communities where girls are seen as a financial and social burden, rather than potentially valuable members of their communities. This means they may be pulled out of school to collect water, care for their family, or to free up funds to prioritize opportunities for male family members. As a result, millions of girls miss out on a chance to realize their full potential and are made dependent on others, trapping them in the poverty cycle. Carter's commencement speech on Saturday helped highlight these issues, and underscored the need to reevaluate how the world treats half its population. Global Citizen campaigns in support of the Global Goals, including for gender equality and the advancement of women’s rights. You can take action here to empower girls and women around the world. TOPICSPovertyFGMSexual HarassmentGender Based ViolenceFemale Genital MutilationDiscriminationHuman TraffickingWomen's EmpowermentGender InequalitySexual AssaultHonor KillingsJimmy CarterFemale Infanticide COMMENTS
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