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  2. Enjoy Sir Paul, kevin_hogan. Dawes is tomorrow. This one is reserved seating and we are front row. Summerfest starts tomorrow. It's the first opening day I will have missed in almost four decades. I can't wait to leave town and head to Ann Arbor to see them.
  3. Landlady is my hope for one I am not expecting. I wonder when we'll get the next downloads. (I will keep myself posted by checking back with U2.com to see.) Anyone who checks their order status: It says my order was shipped the beginning of May. it was not. That's the day I resubscribed. I freaked out the first year I noticed that happened with subscriber gifts.. Now I know better. Maybe this will save another some strife. I've never been so excited for a subscriber gift as I am this one.
  4. Yeah it was very simple in the presale. In English, with no need to sign up to PIA. As a Live Nation Asia member, I practiced on a few other presales that were through PIA, just to get an idea. Didn't purchase tickets mind you, it was just for practice. The Red Hill foreigners presale turned out to be even easier. Just hit the appropriate link on u2.com/tour, enter the code, choose the ticket type & quantity, enter the credit card details (just the number & CVC, not the billing address from memory), hit BUY, wait a minute for confirmation. My girlfriend did have issues though. The Verified by Visa thing didn't work, as the SMS with the code was never received. See sent it twice, & nothing. I took over, & had tickets purchased in under two minutes. She had actually called her bank the day before the sales, & checked that her details in the verification system were correct. They said they were fine 😳 I also called my bank before the sales, & had the Mastercard SecureCode verification cancelled for 24 hours. I did this two times, for Brisbane, Sydney 1 & Japan 2 (which all occurred on the same day), then again for Sydney 2. This greatly speeds up the purchasing process, & removes one possible problem when purchasing tickets. Of course some people don't like the idea of removing that layer of security off your card, so it's not for everyone. I just keep a fairly good eye on my account online for the day.
  5. 45, 008 - Some middle of the night counting just because I can
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  7. Balmain turns runway show into an AIDS-fighting music festival. https://www.red.org/reditorial/balmain-turns-runway-show-into-aids-fighting-music-festival?fbclid=IwAR0MOMWQiq8B3oC6hD0zXliv-IiHWpqtmkDCVA_m4sapcbXTWGITlTFxOnI
  8. 45 007.Thank you Padawanbeck84. I'm getting there.x
  9. By Joe McCarthy JUNE 24, 2019 HEALTH Major Health Groups Call Climate Change a 'True Public Health Emergency' “It’s harming our children’s health, our parents’ health, and people in the poorest communities.” Why Global Citizens Should Care Medical professionals have recently begun to urge policymakers to view climate change through the lens of public health. The United Nations’ Global Goals have followed this lead, and call on countries to protect the global environment to ensure people can survive and thrive. You can join us in taking action on this issue here. Climate change is rapidly becoming a public health emergency, 74 leading medical and public health groups said in a call to action released Monday. Between powerful heat waves affecting more countries and disease-carrying pests entering new areas because of warmer weather, the health risks of climate change are multifaceted and grow more dangerous each year. In the statement, the medical groups said that political, business, and civic leaders have to take decisive action to curb greenhouse gas emissions to protect the welfare of citizens. “Climate change may well be harming plants, bees, and polar bears,” Ed Maibach, director of George Mason University’s Center for Climate Change and a lead author of the statement, told Global Citizen. “But it’s also harming the health of Americans and people around the world,” he added. “In particular, it’s harming our children’s health, our parents’ health, and people in the poorest communities. And that’s not OK.” Firma: Garanticemos que todas las comunidades puedan soportar desastres climáticos PASA A LA ACCIÓN The health professionals, who come from organizations including the American Medical Association and the American Heart Association, call for 10 policy changes to address climate change. First and foremost, they want the United States to recommit to the Paris climate agreement, which President Donald Trump infamously withdrew from last year. “Climate change is a global problem,” Maibach said. “Even though it’s felt locally, if we don’t address it globally, then we will never fundamentally stem the tide of this slowly unfolding public health emergency.” The group wants the country to enact a price on carbon and work toward phasing out fossil fuels in the transportation sector, two policies that have faced legislative resistance over the past decade. The effort to make vehicles more sustainable has recently come under attack by the Trump administration, which is trying to roll back a rule that would have forced automakers to develop more efficient cars. Other recommendations include promoting sustainable agriculture, ensuring the right to clean water and air, and helping workers in the fossil fuel industry transition to new careers. Image: Stephen Yang / The Solutions Project Read More: Climate Change Is Already Damaging the Health of Hundreds of Millions of People, Report Shows By approaching the issue from a public health perspective, the medical groups could overcome the partisan divide that has long thwarted climate action in the US, according to Maibach. >“Candidates at all levels of government would be very wise to lean in and pledge to adopt climate and health solutions,” he said. “Climate solutions are health solutions and health solutions are climate solutions.” The announcement isn’t the first time medical professionals have warned that climate change has an often overlooked public health component. The World Health Organization considers climate change the greatest health risk of the 21st century, and the Medical Society Consortium on Climate Change and Health formed a few years ago to lobby for climate action in the US. In recent years, medical professionals have noted an abundance of health problems caused or exacerbated by climate change, underlining the fact that people depend on a stable and clean to survive and thrive. As temperatures continue to rise around the world, more people are being subjected to blistering heat waves. Already this year, at least 36 people have died in India during a brutal heat wave that’s happening amid a severe drought. “More people die from heat waves in America and around the world than from most other weather events,” Maibach said. “It’s a surprisingly large number of people who are hospitalized and killed.” Image: Armando Franca/AP Read More: India’s 6th Biggest City Is Running Out of Water Rising temperatures also make conditions more dry in parts of many countries, which raises the risk of wildfires and dust storms. These events, in turn, fill the air with harmful particles that can lead to a range of lung, heart, and other diseases. “A warmer environment actually creates more air pollution,” Maibach said. “It raises the ground-level ozone that we already have and bakes it into more concentrated levels of smog, which is incredibly harmful both in the short-term, precipitating more heart attacks and asthma attacks, but it’s also incredibly important in a chronic sense. It’s incredibly harmful to people’s brains, including the brains of children who aren’t born.” Pests such as mosquitoes and ticks entering new areas each year are another side effect of warmer weather. By 2080, an additional 1 billion people could be exposed to deadly mosquito-borne diseases, and tick-borne diseases are rapidly increasing in the US. Extreme weather events made worse by climate change cause another set of health consequences. For example, extreme precipitation during a hurricane can cause chemical or wastewater facilities to become flooded, which could lead to water sources becoming contaminated. Image: David J. Phillip/AP Read More: A Rare Flesh-Eating Bacteria Is Spreading Because of Climate Change Water sources will also be affected by changing precipitation patterns around the world, which could leave two-thirds of the global population without enough water by 2030. Many doctors have begun to notice the impacts of climate change among their patients, but Maibach said that the job of educating the public on the link between the environment and health should involve all sectors of society. “There’s no question that health care officials are consequential,” he said. “But now the highest leveraged way in which they can help solve this problem is to engage with political leaders, business leaders, and civic leaders.” TOPICSEnvironmentCurrent eventsClimate changeHealthPublic healthHealth emergencyMedical professionals COMMENTS
  10. I second that hope. I don’t think they’re going to be SOI and SOE tracks that were played on the i&e and e&i tours exclusively; including TLTTGYA on this set pretty much confirms that (yes, it’s a SOE track, but it was played on the JT anniversary tour). I also hope that some deserving rarities from the two tours will be included as well.
  11. Meet Gayle — our hilarious, smart AF CEO who wants to talk your ear off about things that really matter in her new series “Gabbing with Gayle.” In Episode 1, she’s tackling a question we get a lot: “What is ONE?”
  12. By Sushmita Roy JUNE 24, 2019 ENVIRONMENT The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Is About to Undergo Round 2 of a Massive Cleanup The Great Pacific Garbage Patch holds 80,000 tonnes of plastic and is larger than France. Why Global Citizens Should Care Ocean plastic traps and kills thousands of marine animals each year. Animals that mistakenly ingest plastic and other debris can also choke on the hazardous materials and become ill or die. Groups like the Ocean Cleanup are teaming up to address plastic pollution and protect marine wildlife, helping to achieve the United Nations’ Global Goals. You can join us in taking action on this issue here. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch encompasses an area twice the size of Texas — or three times the size of France — but the Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit dedicated to curbing plastic pollution in oceans, hopes to cut it down to size. The group has reintroduced a device designed to collect and properly dispose of the enormous amounts of trash swirling around in the Pacific Ocean as part of its second ocean clean up attempt, the Associated Press reported. Boyan Slat, founder of the Ocean Cleanup, announced the redeployment of the 2,000-foot long, U-shaped floating device to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, in the region between California and Hawaii, on Twitter. 239 people are talking about this The cleanup device was deployed to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch for the first time last September, but during its four months at sea, suffered constant blows from strong waves and wind that damaged its equipment. Firma ahora: ¡Previene la polución plástica en nuestros océanos! PASA A LA ACCIÓN The contraption was unable to retain the plastic it trapped due to the damage and was sent for repair, which took about four months to complete. Slat hopes its second deployment will prove more successful. “Hopefully nature doesn’t have too many surprises in store for us this time,” Slat tweeted. “Either way, we’re set to learn a lot from this campaign.” Using traditional methods like vessels and nets to gather the waste could take thousands of years and billions of dollars to rid the ocean of all the plastic currently in it. The Ocean Cleanup says its new technology consisting of a 600-meter-long floater and a tapered 3-meter-deep skirt attached below will more efficient and cost effective. Slat dropped out of college at 18 to start the Ocean Cleanup and designed the waste-collecting device, which captures and holds plastic waste until it can be picked up and processed. The cleanup system uses the natural force of the ocean’s currents to travel and is able to move faster than plastic waste floating on the ocean’s surface. The device’s U-shape, and its attached skirt, help trap the plastic in the center of the system. A support vessel functioning as a garbage truck collects and removes the trapped plastic every few months. The waste is then sent for recycling at facilities on land. Natural ocean currents deposit floating plastic in five particular areas, called subtropical gyres or “ocean garbage patches,” around the world. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is the largest of the five patches, with about with about 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic weighing an estimated 80,000 tonnes — equivalent to the weight of 500 jumbo jets. About 80% of the debris in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch enters the ocean by way of land. The patch comprises mostly of plastic bags, bottles, and other consumer products. Fishing nets make up another 10% of the litter, while the rest stems offshore oil rigs and large cargo ships. Objects like hockey gloves, computer monitors, resin pellets, and LEGO — some of it left behind by recreational boaters — can also be spotted in the massive garbage pile. Research conducted by the Ocean Cleanup shows that most of the floating plastic in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch is close to the surface. The organization wants to remove most of the plastic from the ocean before it breaks down into microplastics — plastic pieces smaller than five millimeters — and sinks below the surface making it difficult to extract. This ocean plastic enters the food chain by way of the smaller marine animals and insects that ingest them, negatively impacting many larger marine animals. "Even if you don’t care about the crabs and the larvaceans, they're the food of things you do care about – tuna, seabirds, whales, and turtles all feed on them, or feed on things that feed on them," Anela Choy, a professor at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California, San Diego, told USA Today. According to the Ocean Cleanup’s research, the floating device could clean up 50% of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch every five years; however, marine biologists on the organization’s support vessel were unable to observe any environmental impact during the vessel’s first run last year. Still, Slat hopes to eventually deploy 60 cleanup devices to help remove even more plastic debris, according to the Associated Press. TOPICSGreat Pacific Garbage PatchClean UpOcean PollutionOcean Plastics
  13. We don't know about the vendor presale... it's possible that some information will be available here ---> https://www.u2japan2019.com/
  14. Not an E&I track but really hoping for Acrobat to be on this album as it was the highlight from the last tour
  15. By Helen Lock JUNE 25, 2019 CITIZENSHIP These Teens Are Banned from Their School Prom for Protesting Climate Change Their parents say they are devastated and show that “young people are not apathetic." Why Global Citizens Should Care All across the world, a growing movement is demanding action to curb the climate crisis. This movement has been led by the front by young people, teenagers, and children, giving up days of their own education to get their voices heard — and we believe young people's activism is essential in shaping a better world. Join the movement by taking action here to support the UN's Global Goals and help protect the environment. Three school friends have been told they can't go to their end-of-year prom because they took part in a school climate strike earlier this year. The 16-year-olds Ellie Kinlock, Tyler McHugh, and Isobel Deady, from Lancashire in England, are said to be devastated by the punishment and their parents feel the school has tried to “make an example of them”. The climate-conscious pupils decided to go on the Youth Strike 4 Climate march in Manchester on May 24, following the movement’s worldwide attention — inspired by Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg, who started a school strike last year. Tuitea Ahora: Educar a las niñas fortalece la lucha contra el cambio climático PASA A LA ACCIÓN The point of the walk-outs has been to send a message to adults that children and teenagers feel their future is so at risk that they feel un-motivated to study until adults actually take action on halting climate change. Peter Mayland, the girls' headteacher at Albany Academy in Chorley, Lancashire, has said however that the protest counts as a "unauthorised absence". 240 people are talking about this So the students and their parents have gone to the media to raise awareness of their situation, and protest the decision. They argue that they informed the school of their plan to participate in demonstrating and feel that it should have been considered “an exceptional circumstance”. Related StoriesMay 3, 2019Here's What London's Extinction Rebellion Protests Were Really Like. And What Comes Next. Speaking to the Independent, the families say they have suggested different ways they could be disciplined for the absence, such as paying a fine, being put in detention, or doing an environmental project to help the school. But the headteacher hasn’t changed the decision. Janine Deady, Isobel’s mother, said: “We hear so often that young people are apathetic but it’s not the case. The girls are an example of that.” Deady added that her daughter "had decided to join the protest after seeing a lot of things in the media about environmental damage, including the Our Planet documentary with Sir David Attenborough.” She said: “Isobel considered very carefully taking the day off for the strike action, it was not taken lightly at all.” Related StoriesFeb. 18, 2019What's Next for the Climate Activists Who Skipped School to Protest? Meanwhile Karen Kinloch, Ellie's mother, said that parents were not informed that they would be disciplined to this extent. "If they had told me in advance I would have made a decision. We've spent £500 on Ellie for the prom in dresses, tickets, transport," she told the paper. "Ellie is devastated. We all are. We’ve never felt so strongly about anything like this." She added that the teens were well-behaved and had only skipped school for something they really believe in. "They've done nothing wrong in five years at this school, they’ve never been in trouble once," Kinloch said. "You’ve got children [going to prom] with worse disciplinary records who have done far worse than skip school for something they believe in. We accept it as an unauthorised absence but we don’t accept the weight of the punishment.” Related StoriesJan. 25, 2019'Act as if the House Was on Fire': Teen Calls Out Davos Elite With Fierce Climate Activism Mayland said in response: “Albany Academy has an excellent reputation based on the high standards we have, especially for students' attendance, behaviour, and safety." He added: “Our rule on attendance during exams has been in place for many years: Year 11 children need to be in school to prepare fully for their GCSEs." The girls involved and their families have launched a petiton in a bid to have Mayland reverse his decision, that has been signed by more than 2,000 people. TOPICSActivistsHigh SchoolClimate ActionGlobal WarmingGreta ThunbergClimate strikeSchool Strike for Climate ActionClimate Activists
  16. Thanks for the heads up about this! Mods or anyone else....will I need a Japanese address/phone number in order to sign up for this vendor presale on Pia? I’m in the US and am wondering if the Pia presale site will be in English and if there are any other work arounds I need to be aware of. I’ll get in touch with my credit card company to let them know so my credit card works. It seems the fan club presale was simple but I’m curious about the vendor presale. Many thanks for helping me figure this out.
  17. Guys - if you are coming to the tour opener In Auckland we are hosting a fan event alongside the team at U2start.com on 7th. All details and tickets here. Our band December has been privileged to play at a number of these events worldwide over the last few years and we are thrilled to be heading to NZ for the first time. Hope you can join us. Can't wait. https://www.decemberband.com/events/whammy-bar-auckland-u2-fan-event-with-u2start-com And a wee link to one of our U2 covers so you can see what we are about:- [a total honour to get to pay tribute to this band]
  18. It looks like there will be a second round of vendor presales, for non-Japanese residents. Starting on July 1st. This is what u2songs.com had to say, In Japan tickets are now finished in the Japanese presales at Ticket PIA and E-Plus, allowing Japan residents to apply for tickets in a lottery based presale. A second round of presales for non-Japanese based residents starts July 1 at noon Japan standard time, and will run until July 13 at 23:59. More information on these new presales will be available on U2japan2019.com. The general sale for Japan, if there are any tickets remaining after these presales, will start on Saturday July 20 at 10am.
  19. You're never too old for music (or concerts). I take new CDs over to my Mum's house and share them with her as she likes discovering new stuff. And she goes to see local bands almost every week. Talking of discovering new stuff, my good thing for yesterday was a discovery on Spotify. I found that River Phoenix's family have started to release the songs he made with his band, Aleka's Attic. They came up as a recommendation because I listen to Dogstar - I didn't believe it was real at first. But I researched on another site and found that, yes, this was real and not just bootlegs or anything. Over 25 years since he died, we get to hear what his music sounded like. I listened to one song and had tears in my eyes just hearing his voice. And I'm not even that huge of a fan - I was only 9 when he died. There are probably some people who've been waiting their whole lives thinking we'd never hear these songs. And now we will
  20. 45, 006 - I hope you get those issues sorted @caz63 I'm still hyper over a musical discovery I made yesterday. I didn't get time to put it in the Good Things.. thread last night, so I'm going to go and do that now.
  21. Here’s a great article on the making of the recent years’ re-releases of U2’s catalog on vinyl. https://www.mixonline.com/recording/scott-sedillo-remasters-u2-vinyl-at-bernies
  22. There's been a TICKET DROP for MELBOURNE 1. Seats & GA. https://www.ticketmaster.com.au/venueartist/303717/736365 I guess this means the rumoured logistical issues have been sorted, & we may see an announcement for Melbourne 2 soon.
  23. New tickets have just opened up for Melbourne. GAs and seats.
  24. I've created this thread so that people looking for tickets have the best chance if obtaining then, without resorting to scalped tickets. Please use this thread to notify other fans of ticket drops. NOT to discuss other issues, such as scalping, how tickets are selling etc. They can be discussed elsewhere. People will then be able to use the FOLLOW option (at the bottom of the page), to be notified when ticket drops occur. Without being bombarded by messages, which will happen if excessive replies are posted here. What is a TICKET DROP? A TICKET DROP is when the official seller releases more tickets, long after the general sale has begun. Why & when do TICKET DROPS occur? TICKET DROPS occur for a couple of reasons. Firstly, they occur in the days leading up to the show, to increase supply, minimising the demand for scalped tickets. Secondly, once the stage is setup, & sightlines are confirmed, additional tickets may be released (some of which may have restricted views).
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