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  2. Singapore - single use codes.... The story appears to have changed here. The email before the original presale said you can split across multiple shows (see below). Now today's email says one show only. It's not great that the rules change half way through?
  3. 20 cents a day is all it takes to keep someone living with HIV alive and healthy. EAT (RED) SAVE LIVES and let's #86AIDS.
  4. We have the power to make AIDS a disease of the past *if* our leaders are willing to #StepUpTheFight. Tell them to take action now: bit.ly/2WOHFIz
  5. 0 HIV/AIDS Clara: HIV shaped me, but it did not stop me 30 November 2018 5:05PM UTC | By: GUEST BLOGGER SIGN THE PLEDGE Sign the pledge: We’ll do whatever it takes to end AIDS EmailAdd your name Share on Facebook Save on Facebook Share on Twitter Share by Email Written by Clara I tested positive for HIV in 2004. I was working in a HIV counselling centre and I noticed that I was experiencing some of the same symptoms as my patients. I gathered the courage to sneak home an HIV test and tested myself, and my baby, in private. When I first discovered my HIV status, aged 25, I was worried that I might die. But I was also filled with anger, and a determination to fight back. I refused to leave my child motherless. At first, my doctor refused to put me on HIV treatment because I did not outwardly appear sick, but inside I felt I was draining away. I lost stamina to the point that I could not lift up my one-year-old daughter. I had to travel 400km to get my immune system levels tested. When the test showed how weak my immune system was, I was allowed to begin HIV treatment. HIV affects all of aspects of your life. It is not just about you, but your loved ones as well. My husband and my daughter, who are also HIV positive, both suffered from drug-resistant TB. As a wife and mother who was nursing them, I experienced the horror of dealing with this killer disease. And every time I got the flu, I thought I might be next. Social stigma and gender inequality compound the impact of HIV in Malawi. I have worked with many women whose husbands blame them for bringing HIV into the home and divorce them when they find out they are HIV positive. And even though it is now illegal, some communities still practice ‘sexual cleansing’ where a woman must have sex as a cleansing ritual after becoming a widow. I’ve faced stigma myself. When my community first found out about my status, my own neighbour would not talk to me. But when she was sick and needed help, I was the one who took her to hospital. My experience made me want to help others – to stop them from going through the same struggle. Thanks to funding from the Global Fund to fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, I have been able to access free lifesaving medicine and my life is very different than it could have been. Thanks to the medicine, I also have a second child – who is HIV negative. Now I am channelling my energies into helping others. I am the National Coordinator of International Community of Women Living with HIV, Malawi Chapter. I help others who are in similar situations to the one I was in 14 years ago. My work is about helping women living with HIV address the challenges they face in their own lives and also campaigning on national issues to make sure the Malawian Government deliver on their health commitments. My story is not just one of ill-health, but one that shows how women are taking charge of their own destinies. Working together we can create change so that my daughter, and all our daughters, will not face the same challenges that I did. YES: To win the fight against AIDS we’ll need to work together. Add your name to join us today. ONE welcomes the contributions of guest bloggers but does not necessarily endorse the views, programs, or organisations highlighted. Sign the pledge: We’ll do whatever it takes to end AIDS This World AIDS Day, we are turning our outrage into action and putting our leaders on notice: AIDS isn’t done. And neither are we. We’re committed to joining the global fight against AIDS and we’ll do what it takes to end the epidemic for good.
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  7. The ticketing system here for the sports hub has a bad reputation in Singapore with several screw ups with previous gigs. Im not surprised that we have the issue with the 1 time code and being unable to select GA and RZ tickets. What I am surprised about is the fact it worked at all on Tuesday and many of us did manage to get some tickets compared to previous gigs like Coldplay etc.
  8. Dave Matthews Band killed it last night in Bethal Woods, NY. It was my first time seeing them and I would definitely see them again. Another first on the 29th of this month when I'm seeing Phish in Camden, NJ.
  9. This may be of interest-> https://www.nme.com/news/music/youtube-upgrade-large-number-old-music-videos-high-definition-2511753
  10. Well - I’m going for red zone again in the second night pre-sale. At least it is 6am this time (for U.K.) and not 3am! I’m still frazzled from all the shenanigans from Monday having to pretend to live in Singapore and taking 5 goes to finally check out (I was being my husband Brunodog that night). Hopefully should be smoother....though they might be famous last words. Good luck to everyone else going for tickets.
  11. The way it was solved was cancelling the tickets, then resetting the codes. I don't think you would want that.
  12. I’ve been checking yes24 to see how many tix are left. There are about 1350 GA tix left and a few hundred have sold since yesterday. One would think that the rest will sell in the next few days. Hoping for a sellout soon so night 2 might be possible. You’d think U2 playing there would be a big deal since they haven’t been there before. Let’s go Seoul!
  13. I agree, the situation was different, but the technical solution is basically the same: add the appropriate presale codes back into the validation table so they may be used again. I understand we all need to wait and see what, if any, accommodation might be made for Singapore2 presale, but I hope Live Nation/the band continue to strive to improve the technical side of the buying process (it has dramatically improved over these past 3 tours! THANK YOU) so that fans don't get stuck out in the cold due to the strategy employed when deciding to add shows. Thanks for all you do, Mods. I know everyone is working to do their best for the fans & their experience.
  14. They were reinstated....those orders were also canceled. Totally different circumstances.
  15. EXACTLY. I know this isn't a simple solution, and poses a few technical challenges, but it's very disappointing that fan club presale members are getting hosed. We literally have NO CHANCE to buy presale tickets to multiple shows in Singapore. I've used 1/4 and would love to see the second show - especially given all the costs of flight & accommodation.
  16. The singa tour has been dramatic from the start.. first the tickets were accidently sold, then when we were told its unlikely a 2nd show will happen, came untrue, so expect a miracle few hours before the presale starts tommorrow a notice saying.. "Due to overwhelming response, the presales code can be used again for the 2nd show" :p
  17. 1 ticket should be a breeze. the website puts you in a virtual queue though when the tickets launch. you just gotta keep your fingers crossed.
  18. Just thinking out loud... they managed to reactivate the codes of those people who bought their tickets in the 'accidental' presale and had their purchase cancelled. Couldn't they do the same thing again?
  19. Keeping my fingers crossed for a second night.
  20. And @xrayjets likes to jokingly harass us every presale and tour with that question....which, personally, I appreciate the comic relief.
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