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  2. It’s still nonsense to call it an illegal sale. Just because u2.com tell you not to sell it doesn’t make it illegal. Do I agree with people selling the item for a high cost? No, but ultimately people shouldn’t pay too much for it. But if someone wants to sell there fan club gift to recover some of the subscription cost at a fair price then I say fair play they’ve already given u2.com there money and some other fans might not want a subscription but just to have the gift so it’s a win win. I also see plenty of fans saying they haven’t received the gift yet and that’s why I say u2.com are in no position to tell people not to sell the fan club gift which is merely a u2.com standard when they can’t live up to an acceptable standard. They would get more subscribers if they did things right. Ultimately someone going on to ebay and paying the exact same amount for the gift of a trusted seller knowing they’ll receive the item in a short space of time sounds more appealing than getting a subscription and having to hope to be one of the lucky ones that gets there gift in reasonable time and receiving little to no communication about delivery in the mean time.
  3. https://lh-st.com/shows/05-04-2020-inhaler/ May the 4th be with Inhaler @Manohlive
  4. I’m going to see Cygnus X-2, a local Rush cover band who are planning a big tribute to Neil Peart, but first I’m gonna see the Wedding Band, a supergroup that features the singer from Ugly Kid Joe and Kirk Hammett and Robert Trujillo from Metallica, and they promise to play “all the songs that you hate hearing at your friends wedding.” 😀
  5. Interesting. Are they not getting along? and Are they delaying the album/tour until the election is over? were my two thoughts/questions. I hope that when they do tour-it's about the new music and lots of what Bruce has released since The Rising. I'm tired of hearing the usuals. I love them but I've seen it live so many times. I seem to be in the minority when I say I'd love a music from 2000 on Bruce Springsteen tour. Oh well. It'll be next year. That leaves more money for when Coldplay tours this year.
  6. Just in case you missed this, there may not be an album/tour cycle this year after all: https://www.app.com/story/entertainment/music/2020/02/12/bruce-springsteen-and-e-street-band-no-tour-2020/4740249002/ Sorry to be the bearer of potentially bad news, but it's better to know sooner rather than later if this article is correct.
  7. That still does not make it right. Buying/supporting illegal sales contributes to a larger mess. In the end, who wins? All it does is cause more problems and raise the price for everyone else. .I do not understand this mentality. I find it extremely irritating. Also, some fans find, copy, paste and report illegal sales of U2 tickets and merchandise. Good for you, and I mean it. Many do not have the 2019 gift. I keep coming into these threads hoping to see posts that they've finally received their CD's.
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    I'm glad you enjoyed it. No new Chicago gigs yet.
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    Perhaps it will be his son.
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  11. By Joe McCarthy FEB. 14, 2020 4 ENVIRONMENT Antarctica Reaches Highest Temperature Ever Recorded The region is rapidly becoming inhospitable to various species. Why Global Citizens Should Care As climate change intensifies, the warming of Antarctica acts as an early warning sign for broader disaster. The United Nations’ Global Goal 13 urges countries to curb greenhouse gas emissions to protect the integrity of the polar region. You can join us in taking action on related issues here. Antarctica soared to 20.75 degrees Celsius (69.35 Fahrenheit) on Feb. 9, marking the first time the region has surpassed 20 degrees Celsius, according to the Guardian. A team of Brazilian scientists took the reading on Seymour Island, off the tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. The temperature record, which still has to be confirmed by the World Meteorological Organization, shatters that previous record on the continental Antarctic peninsula, set just days earlier on Feb. 6. While anomalous, the readings fit into a larger pattern of the frigid Antarctic transforming into a balmier region. The polar area’s temperature has increased by 3 degrees Celsius since the pre-industrial age, a rate of warming that’s twice as fast as the rest of the world. Firma: El cambio climático amenaza la vida. Ayuda a los países más pobres a adaptarse PASA A LA ACCIÓN Más información The record-setting temperatures show how the area’s warming could be accelerating as climate change intensifies. As Antarctica warms, it's losing a massive amount of ice. Between 2014 and 2017, sea ice four times as large as France broke off and melted into the ocean. Antarctica holds 70% of the world’s freshwater in its ice caps, and if all caps were to melt, sea levels could rise by 50 to 60 meters. At current rates of ice melt, global sea levels are expected to rise by 1.1 meters by 2100, which includes water from Greenland and the Arctic, which are similarly being scorched by record temperatures. Related StoriesNov. 15, 2017These Stunning Photos Capture the Massive Iceberg That Broke Off Antarctica The rising temperatures threaten to unravel ecosystems that developed over centuries or millennia. Countless animal and plant species are being disrupted. Krill, the foundation of the region’s food chain, rely on the ice for protection as they mature. The melting sea ice deprives them of this shield and allows predators to devour them for a wider period of time each year, causing annual krill levels to decline. The shrinking sea ice also opens the area up to fishing boats that trawl the waters to harvest krill populations. Polar bears are starving as the shrinking ice prevents them from reaching their prey, chinstrap penguins are having trouble breeding amid the changing conditions, and whales are struggling to find enough food. The warming of the world’s polar regions affects the rest of the planet by disrupting precipitation levels, influencing the intensity of storms, and the accelerating climate change. As permafrost melts, for instance, frozen greenhouse gas emissions are being released into the atmosphere.
  12. Just got back from the gig. they were amazing. A really tight band and Eli definitely plays guitar better than his dad ever has and has huge stage presence and a cracking live voice. they are very reminiscent of early U2, the venue was packed and it was great to see people in their teens and twenties really enjoying a proper rock band. if you get a chance to see them go. You won’t be disappointed! All hail the second coming of Hewson!
  13. From: Thomson Reuters Foundation FEB. 14, 2020 CITIZENSHIP First Lady of Namibia Vows to Donate Wealth to Charity After Death "I strongly believe that inheritance is one of the biggest drivers of inequality." By Kim Harrisberg WINDHOEK, Feb 13 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) — Promising to give away all her wealth — estimated at $3 million — to charity when she dies, Monica Geingos is on a mission to change the image of African first ladies and tackle sexism and inequality in Namibia, the world's second most unequal country. Geingos married Hage Geingob on Valentine's Day in 2015 — a month before he was sworn in as president of the southern African desert nation, which gained independence from apartheid South Africa in 1990 but remains starkly unequal. The couple then voluntarily declared their combined assets of some $7.44 million, a popular move in a continent where politicians and their wives, like Zimbabwe's Grace Mugabe, grab headlines over unexplained riches. Brought to you by: WWE Sign Now: Sign the #SheIsEqual Declaration PASA A LA ACCIÓN Más información "I strongly believe that inheritance is one of the biggest drivers of inequality," the 43-year-old lawyer and former head of Namibia's first and largest private equity fund, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an interview at the State House. "If I'm telling poor children that they must be well-educated, have the right attitude, and they must stay away from self-destructive behavior and they'll be fine, then surely that message should apply to my kids too?" About 6% of Namibia's 2.5 million people are white. They dominate businesses and land ownership, a legacy of German and South African colonial rule, along with a growing black elite. She and her veteran politician husband, who is about 30 years her senior, both have children from previous marriages. Geingob faced criticism last year over the 'fishrot' scandal involving allegations that two ministers received kickbacks from an Icelandic fishing company in exchange for fishing quotas. Both men were arrested. Privilege While presidents' wives are often portrayed as promiscuous, materialistic, or political meddlers, said Geingos, her contemporaries are in reality doctors, economists, and academics "who ran very productive lives before they became first ladies." Geingos has thrown her weight as first lady behind the One Economy Foundation, which she founded in 2016, and plans to leave all her money to it when she dies. "Of all my achievements, the title of first lady resonates the least with me because it's the one title that I have really done nothing to deserve, that I got by virtue of marriage," said Geingos, whose husband won a second and final term in November. Related StoriesMay 13, 2019Thomson Reuters Foundation'No More': The #MeToo Movement Has Reached Namibia "It is, to me, a form of unearned privilege but...it has changed a lot of my views on socioeconomic issues in the country," she said, adding that it felt "schizophrenic" to witness both wealth and poverty in her life and work. Geingos' parents were only allowed a basic primary education under Namibia's racially segregated regime — an injustice which she said drives her to make the most of her life. Her charity lends money to entrepreneurs, gives grants to students, and supports victims of gender-based violence. Its board members include a security guard and a domestic worker. Geingos offered free legal and psychosocial support to victims of sexual harassment last year when Namibia's own #MeToo movement went viral on social media, with hundreds of women naming and shaming sexual predators. Related StoriesDec. 18, 2018Closing The Gender Gap: The 10 Best and Worst Countries For Women Namibia ranked 12 out of 153 surveyed countries in the World Economic Forum's Global Gender Gap, beating Denmark and France. But Geingos said sexism remains common in Namibia's private sector and media, which is quick to tear down prominent women like Isabel Dos Santos, Africa's richest woman and daughter of Angola's former president, who was recently accused of corruption. "I am not saying she isn't guilty. But there is a lack of consistency (in media coverage)," Geingos said, adding that she and Geingob will soon update their wealth declaration. "You will always be accused of everything under the sun in these kind of roles. But what you can do is put the information out there and let people decide themselves." She denied rumors of her presidential ambitions. "I am not available for any executive political function...I am very convinced that you do not need to be a politician to effect change," she said. "But I do feel this deep need that I can and I must do more." (Reporting by Kim Harrisberg @kimharrisberg; Editing by Katy Migiro. Please credit the Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers humanitarian news, women's and LGBTQ rights, human trafficking, property rights, and climate change. Visit http://news.trust.org) TOPICSCitizenshippovertyCharityInequalityWealthNamibiaFirst Lady
  14. I just hope they meet there first deadline of February for dispatch information and don’t lie to subscribers and hide information like they did with last years gift. But at the moment they’re not behind schedule so nothing to complain about yet....
  15. I'm just hoping that there will be something about the DVD that won't be on the blu ray release, assuming there is one. Whether it's some bonus songs from other nights on the tour that weren't played in Berlin or something. Then I won't be as annoyed with only getting a DVD as the gift. But, yeah, if it's just a lesser version of what I can buy in the stores shortly after, I may have to reconsider re-upping for future subscriptions.
  16. You will find updates when the time comes. Not everything can be immediate... as with everything, patience...
  17. not at the moment. No other option but to wait...
  18. They do seem to be on the prowl again. The fake Edge sent me a request not too long ago on Instagram too. Saw some things on Twitter over the weekend too that there was an account making the rounds. Just want to reiterate that the members do not have personal accounts and they will not contact you to make small talk or ask for money; please do not give personal information such as email address or phone number. Glad you recognize that account as a fake. Please report the account to Instagram.
  19. This very same fake bono is trying to chat me up on Instagram. not harmful yet and I haven’t heard from him today. I guess he knows I know he’s fake as I’m not eagerly fast to answer him. He even came back to me when I took my time with a “Hello” message 😅
  20. You get through the needles. The next couple days are the worst for me because my head swells from all the pokes. Lots of people get botox. I have a chronic migraine. It never stops. I go to sleep and wake up with it. I also get all the other types of headaches on top of the migraine, often all at once. It is what it is. I've learned to be happy and have a sense of humor about it all. My main problem is tolerance for stupid people who unnecessarily make life more difficult for others. This brings me to my current mood, which is crabby. I've decided I have to move again. My building seems to have hired another inept manager. I've been waiting, since May, for lights to be replaced in my apartment. I'm stepping in dog poop because two residents do not pick up after their pets. If I take the other stairs out of my building, it smells like dog urine IN THE FRICKING BUILDING. (deep breath). Tenants are too lazy to take out their dogs OR they don't want to go out into the snow and cold. Management keeps telling me, "We're still working on it." . I just responded with, "What is there to work on? Either stop the residents or go pick it up yourself. That's what a manager does.". He was not happy with me. I don't care. The dumb ass doesn't even realize that I just purposely walked into their office so I could scrape the dog poop off my boots and they'd smell it all day. (only after months of reasonable complaints) I can't go into my kitchen at night because the lights flicker and buzz, which causes the headaches to get even worse. I'm not allowed, as a resident, to fx them. It's been ten months. They think I'm just another dumb resident. I'm not. I know people who are very well connected.. I just made several phone calls. Both the owner and manager of this building are going to have very bad days tomorrow. The shi#t is going to hit their fans and hopeully stay off my footwear. until I can find a different place to live. ARGH. I am in no shape to move again. I'm very crabby. Pardon my rant. I needed to get it out and let it go. Time to make some stuffed french toast, listen to some music and find my happy place.
  21. 45, 385 - Lunchtime counting while I start my next library book. I'm very glad I don't live near a river right now. Whole chunks of the county are underwater and some of the flood defence systems are struggling to cope. I don't think I've ever seen it this bad before.
  22. My good thing for today is that I got the loan extended on one of my library books even though I've had all 3 of the renewals that are normally allowed. Said book was due back today, but getting it to one of the specified libraries is impossible. Travel in many parts of Shropshire is being massively affected by flooding Anyone wanting to go to Shrewsbury at the moment should travel in a boat rather than attempting it by car Thank goodness for all of the emergency services, volunteers etc helping to evacuate people and keep them safe.
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