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  2. It's a nice idea, but that would cater more to the more dedicated fans. The casual fans (who are probably not on this forum) would likely prefer the more well known hits from back when. And it would seem a bit out of step with the theme of the show as they chose to keep the JT name for the tour. (better for sales of course) I wouldn't put it past them to come up with a 1 or 2 song surprise, different from the 2017 tour, but don't get your hopes up.
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  4. 45, 150 - Morning counting while I listen to the Formula 1 commentary. And as I type that, one driver has crashed
  5. Wondering if anyone has had this experience with Brisbane tickets. Bought mine in July at $198, cheapest available and couldn't get seats together so had to buy separate seats for my sister and I as ticketek stated no seats available together ( searched for an hour) and all other (cheaper) allocations exhausted. And sitting right up the back of the stadium. I just did a search recently (last two weeks) and now you can buy $66 tickets, closer to the stage and yep, seated together! Im feeling very duped into buying those tickets and now realised I could have taken my whole family and sat together in decent seats. Contacted ticketek, still waiting for follow up. Totally duped by ticketek here and I am trying to get answers on this one because it clearly isn't right whats going on here. $$$$$! Has definitely dulled my anticipation for this concert now. Feedback would be greatly appreciated on this
  6. It was Steve Hackett last Friday. Steve was the guitarist in Genesis from 1971 to 1977 and, for the past 6 years, he has been playing "Genesis Revisited" shows highlighting the music from his time with the band. He has also been mixing in his early classic solo albums too (and recording new albums prolifically as well). This particular GR tour features "Selling England By The Pound" (my favorite 5-man Genesis album, back when Peter Gabriel was still the lead singer) played in its entirety, most of his own "Spectral Mornings" (my favorite of his solo albums), and a few tracks from his new album. The band he assembled is absolutely top-notch! I was just blown away by the evening of music. Of course, the show was made special for additional reasons: I drove all the way from the Philly suburbs to see the second show of the tour in Ithaca, NY (one of my very favorite regions of the Northeast US, i.e., the Finger Lakes region of New York State), I had a front-row center seat (thanks to the magic of the venue pre-sale), and, since this show was so special, I even did the pre-show meet-and-greet (the cost was so reasonable I really couldn't not do it - I've always wanted to meet him and talk to him, I got two old albums autographed, and I got a tour program and an autographed promotional photo for the tour). Just a great, great evening! 😎 I'll be seeing him again a week from Saturday in Philly, and I was so moved by this show that I also got a ticket for the Pittsburgh performance on October 1st yesterday! I won't get a combination that I enjoy this much again, so I'm taking advantage of it! But, back on topic, my next show is tomorrow in Philly...and it's...Adam Ant! 😄 A pure kitsch-value show! I make up for it Saturday when it is King Crimson in Radio City Music Hall for their 50th anniversary tour.
  7. ROCK Bono Commissions 17 Street Artist Murals to Raise AIDS Awareness 9/19/2019 by Gil Kaufman FACEBOOK TWITTER EMAIL ME Olivier Hoslet/EPA-EFE/Shutterstock Bono of U2, co-founder of the One campaign visit in Brussels, Belgium on Oct. 10, 2018. Bono has tapped legendary street artist Shepard Fairey to help him with a new initiative to raise awareness in the fight against AIDS. The U2 singer, one of the founders of the global AIDS charity RED, has tapped 17 artists to paint murals in New York, Washington, Lyon, London, Berlin and Paris in advance of next month's Global Fund Replenishment Conference in Lyon (Oct. 10). "Street artists have been raising the alarm in the fight against AIDS since HIV appeared — from the streets of New York in the 1980s, and now in the next weeks in cities around the world with Paint (RED) Save Lives," said Bono in a statement. "There has been a lot of progress, more than many experts predicted, but not enough yet to put the sirens to rest. Young women continue to bear the brunt of this disease and maddeningly, every week 6,000 of them are needlessly infected. I'd call that an emergency. (RED) is the color of emergency." Cory Ring @chopemdown (SAVES LIVES) by Trevor & Cosmo READ MORE U2's Bono & The Edge Busked For Homeless Charity in Dublin on Christmas Eve: Watch Among the artists creating (RED)-inspired art for the project are: Add Fuel, Bisco Smith, BRUSK, DALeast, Faile, Faith XLVII, Hera, HOW & NOSM, Inside Out Project, Karabo Poppy Moletsane, Ludo, Olek, Ron English, Stephen Powers, Trevor & Cosmo, and WK Interact; there will also be a PAINT (RED) street art auction on Artsy to raise additional money for the Global Fund. "I'm always inspired by organizations that aim to minimize suffering and cater to those who need help the most, rather than the affluent or powerful," said Fairey -- best known for his "HOPE" posters for Pres. Barack Obama's 2008 campaign -- in a statement. "I don't believe compassion should have borders. I also admire the model of encouraging businesses to give back and do good things for the world. That philosophy is reflected in my own art and business practice. In my artworks for (RED), I used symbols that I hope apply universally and appeal to the best side of people's nature. I never want anyone to die prematurely or fail to receive the treatments that can help them. AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis are all huge problems, so I'm happy to be a small part of what needs to be a huge effort to treat them." Courtesy of (RED) Shepard Fairey, 'We Shape the Future Rose Shackle' The artworks are intended to engage and encourage political leaders to fully fund the fight against AIDS, with key sites in New York, D.C., Berlin and Paris getting transformed during this month and early October ahead of the Global Fund meeting that will determine funding for the next three years to help save 16 million lives while cutting the mortality rate from HIV, TB and malaria in half. Some of the artists have also created custom augmented reality Snapchat Lenses, which users can share on Instagran, Facebook and Twitter.
  8. "People are being unlawfully restrained. We hear stories of people being fed through hatches and kept in isolation for months." 💔 ❌ 245 children in modern day asylums – over double when programme began 🔒 2,255 people with a learning disability and/or autism remain locked away 😢. ⛓️ Over 10,000 reported uses of restrictive interventions in three months Lives and families are being destroyed. The UK government can’t allow this to continue.
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  10. By Joe McCarthy OCT. 18, 2018 15 FINANCE & INNOVATION Subway Commuters in Istanbul Can Now Recycle Bottles for Tickets Turkey is the most wasteful country in Europe. Why Global Citizens Should Care The planet is awash in human-generated waste, with landfills, rivers, and oceans overflowing with garbage, and threatening the health of ecosystems. You can join us in taking action on this issue here. With the worst recycling rate in Europe, Turkey is trying to incentivize sustainability in innovative ways. Now commuters in Istanbul can get subway fare by recycling plastic bottles and aluminum cans, reports the New York Times. The city’s government is currently rolling out “reverse vending machines” in subway stations that will collect, shred, and sort recyclables on site. “Most households do not automatically recycle because they are unaware of the benefits to the environment, and others are just lazy,” Elif Cengiz, a manager for the waste management project, called Zero Waste, told the Times. “These new machines give people a direct incentive to recycle while educating them about the benefits of recycling.” Take Action: Take the Plastic Pledge: #UnplasticthePlanet Brought to you by: Flow Alkaline Spring Water Firma: Comprométete a eliminar el plástico del planeta PASA A LA ACCIÓN The system delivers money on a cumulative basis. A 0.33-liter plastic bottle will add 2 Turkish cents to a subway card, a 0.5-liter bottle will add 3 cents, a 1.5-liter bottle brings in 6 cents, the Times reports. Since a single subway ride costs 260 Turkish cents, commuters will have to recycle dozens of bottles and cans to get from point A to point B. Image: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality For some people, this could mean recycling individual items on a daily basis and earning a free ride every now and then, while others may seek out plastic bottles and aluminum cans improperly disposed to redeem in bulk at the subway stations. Either way, the new measure likely comes as a relief for commuters in the city. Read More: Here's What Happens When You Recycle Your Old Cellphone Turkey’s currency has plummeted over the past year because of inflation and government mismanagement of the economy, according to the Times, and the relative cost of a subway ride has increased. In recent years, Turkey has made efforts to improve its waste management in response to environmental concerns. The country was ranked the most wasteful in Europe, filling up twice as much landfill space per year as the second most wasteful country, Spain. It was also one of the only countries in the world to have gotten worse at recycling since between 2000 and 2012. The government has been promoting the benefits of recycling and reported that more than 1.7 million tons of paper and cartons were recycled in 2017 and in the first three months of this year, the Times reports. Read More: Does Recycling Your Clothes Actually Make a Difference? “This means we saved 24.6 million trees from being cut in 2017, and another 5.4 million in the first quarter of this year,” Mustafa Ozturk, the under secretary for the Environment and Urban Planning Ministry, said in a statement. “The use of recycled material in production contributes to productivity and separate storage for paper waste also saves storage space and decreases waste collecting costs for local administrations.” The new subway scheme resembles other incentive programs around the world and many of the top recycling countries similarly reward citizens for participating. In countries like Norway and the US, people are paid when they recycle, and the UK just adopted this model. In Taiwan, people can track garbage trucks on phone apps and are encouraged to toss their recycled goods when the trucks pass their homes. Read More: Tubby, the World’s Greatest Recycling Dog, Has Died at 13 In Haiti, meanwhile, a company called Plastic Bank sends kids to school or provides heating and cooking oil to people who recycle goods. Germany, the world’s best recycler, painstakingly implemented smart-designed recycling containers to make its waste management more efficient. For citizens of Istanbul, the new reverse vending will benefit the country’s environment, but their main appeal will likely be helping people get to work on time. TOPICSCurrent eventsSustainabilityFinance & innovationSubwayTurkeyWaste managementReverse vending machineRecyclingIstanbul COMMENTS
  11. Introducing: PAINT (RED) SAVE LIVES. We’re going around the world and partnering with many of the world’s top street artists to create iconic (RED) murals. Stay tuned for tons of ways for YOU to take action & join the fight to #endAIDS. red.org/paint #paintRED
  12. 0 TECHNOLOGY This woman is solving water shortage with a little Majik February 4 2019 | By: SADOF ALEXANDER JOIN Join the fight against extreme poverty EmailJoin Share on Facebook Save on Facebook Share on Twitter Share by Email Did you know that anywhere that air exists, water exists? At sea level, air contains roughly 1% of water vapor and, according to research scientists from Harvard University, even in the desert, a cubic area the size of a house can contain up to 16 litres of water! Now, thanks to the advancement of science and technology, and the determination of people like Beth Koigi, we’re able to turn air in to water, literally. This a huge deal, and if it sounds a bit like magic, then that’s because it is. Well, kind of… Beth, a technology and community development specialist from Kiambu County, felt compelled to found Majik Water after experiencing water scarcity first hand. Their name isn’t just a description of the remarkable work that they do their, it’s a nod to the company’s roots and comes from combining the Swahili word for water ‘maji’, with the first letter of the word for harvest ‘kuna’, because that’s exactly what Majik Water does – they harvest water. A problem that hit home Beth Koigi, CEO of Majik water, began tackling water scarcity in college. In only a few months, she developed and sold water filters to clean the dirty tap water in the college dormitories. In 2016, Koigi’s water supply shut off because of a drought. “Going for months without any tap water became a very bad situation,” she says. “Where I used to live, we didn’t get any tap water at all… I would go to the mall instead. Having no water at all is worse than just having unpurified water, so I started thinking about a way to not have to rely on the council.” Koigi traveled to Silicon Valley for a program at Singularity University. This global learning community uses technology to tackle the world’s biggest challenges. While there, she met Anastasia Kaschenko, an American environmental scientist, and Clare Sewell, a British economist. The three women formed and lead Majik Water. “The three of us were connected by the need to see a world where everyone has access to adequate and clean drinking water,” says Koigi. Their company certainly tackles a major world issue. 1.2 billion people – one fifth of the world’s population – currently faces water scarcity. By 2025, that number will expectedly grow to 1.8 billion. Sub-Saharan Africa has more water-stressed countries than any area in the world There’s an estimated six times more water in the atmosphere than in all rivers combined. By tapping into this untouched resource, the most affected parts of the world can have water. The resulting water also helps prevent the spread of waterborne diseases, according to Koigi. How the magic happens The device they created uses silica gels, which are able to draw water from the air. The gel releases water when it heats up. As an added perk, the device uses solar panels, meaning it does not rely on electricity. This process can currently generate 10 liters of water a day. The team is working to increase that to 100 liters per day, while being cheaper to produce. The device will also work as a “water ATM,” allowing people to buy the amount of water that they need. The company is quickly gaining recognition for their game-changing invention. Majik Water won Africa’s first EDF Pulse Awards. They were also finalists for 2018’s UN Environment’s Young Champions of the Earth, and are shortlisted for the 2019 African Prize for Engineering Innovation. There’s no doubt that access to water is a huge global problem. With innovative companies like Majik Water, the possibilities for solutions are sky-high. All photos pulled from Beth Koigi’s video “Majik Water Situation & Product”.
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  14. 45, 149 - Evening counting. For all that I've got time off from the library, I've barely made any progress on my pile of library books
  15. Excuse me U2, your hypocrisy and greed is showing. You choose to play in India JUST when the Modi government has Kashmir in lockdown, violating human rights and people have no idea what is happening to their loved ones. Is this why you chose to play TJT there? Mothers of the Disappeared and Bullet the Blue Sky and the criticism you felt for American in 1987 can easily be applied to the current Indian govt. I know you're there for the fans - but honestly this is so contrary to all that U2 has stood for (or so I was given to believe for decades), that I can't believe it's come to this. Your music has carried me for over 3 decades - when one hurts looking at the world outside... and yet it is you who hurt us now. To protect one from hurting over and over again, one has to go "dead inside" - one feels so helpless looking at corporate greed and govt. manipulation throughout the world, through modern tech platforms, like FB and then there were the words of U2 - that had warned you... and yet, here you are joining the foray. All I see is greed. During the Vertigo tour someone had accused U2 of choosing money over love (quoting Desire) -it's only become more obvious now. I'm sorry to see my heroes fail, again.
  16. Great interview with Bono and The Edge here on the upcoming show.
  17. Very Excited.. I will wait for the presales next week.. This will be my 2nd U2 concert (1st one was Elevation Tour 2001 ..attended in San Jose, CA). Great memories of that day; had a chance to meet Bono and get an autograph before the concert started..and it was a great concert.. would love to meet the band at the Mumbai concert...U2.com please make it happen !! Good to see U2.com turn into what it is now, a full-blown portal.. I was one of the very first users of U2.com when the website's beta version was launched many many years ago... U2 (in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s) has been a very important part of my life... Cannot wait for Dec.15th...
  18. LOL!! of course they waited a month to announce it.. Sad to say after these shows, this tour, I'm over my top 3 and U2 was #2 yet the last I gave up on... With that sad I;m sure those that make it to Mumbai will enjoy it #iloveindia
  19. Mumbai - Let’s Rock The House! One final show in 2019 - and it’s in Mumbai as the band take The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 to India. The show, at DY Patil Stadium on Sunday, December 15, promises to be a huge celebration - not only the band’s first ever performance in India but the final date on The Joshua Tree Tour 2019. "Mumbai is the perfect city to end our JT 2019 tour, " says Larry Mullen. "Very excited to see you there." "We’re much looking forward to bringing a dash of Dublin to Mumbai, India," adds Adam Clayton. "A country famous for its rich culture of art, music, movies, theatre, literature, food and so much more. There is a lot of excitement in the U2 camp." https://www.u2.com/news/title/live-in-mumbai
  20. Band to play India for the first time as The Joshua Tree Tour 2019 heads to Mumbai on Sunday, December 15. View the full article
  21. I shall focus my superpower obnoxiousness toward St Jude for the cause, Max. I remember the live thread. when you mentioned this. It sparked my desire. . Here's to being gifted the opportunity to purchase both. 😉.
  22. yup... that they will have any effect is something else entirely...
  23. 45, 147 - Lovely and warm today - so of course, I'm indoors reading
  24. 45146 Morning counting while the weather is good. I don't complain.
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