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  2. Has she checked on Expedia? IAH is my first connection through, and wasn’t terribly expensive through them.
  3. @blueandgoldfan are you flying out from Texas? I'm doing Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney and I'm flying out from LHR via IAH but my friend in Katy can't find a reasonable flight to join me.... It sucks as my flight from London is $850 or so return and she can't get on the same plane but start / end in Houston for under $3k! Richard
  4. Sounds good. If you can tell me Bono’s real name, Ill let you buy me a pint
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  6. If and whatever changes will be done on this I really hope that all subscribers in Germany will receive their gift straight to their address and no longer need to collect it at the customs. I live in Germany too and luckily never had to go to the customs - I knock on wood that this will remain for future U2 gifts.
  7. Live version is amazing! It can be listened over and over again.
  8. For Elijah Cummings. I was at this show. I teared up when Bono pulled out the spotlight. I'm very sad about Mr. Cumming's passing. More tears.
  9. I didn't want d to be a part of what I said. I agree. It's hard not to think about both. It's not often I see people with trails of tears over the death of one of our politicians. He was a leader before anything Washington. I can only imagine the grief people in Baltimore, and all his constituents, must be feeling. I've been bummed since I heard the news yesterday. Horrible loss during a terrible time.
  10. 68 is way too young. I'm in shock. He sincerely cared abot poor people. It transcended politics.
  11. After days of gloom, we had a nice sunny day. The leaves are turning. They're a bit dull this year because it rained so much. They still look beautiful.
  12. dmway

    R.I.P. Thread

    Fully agreed - and my opinion both does and doesn’t have to do with current events. A true hero, indeed. Son of a sharecropper from South Carolina, his family made its way to Baltimore for the hope of a better life...to make a long story short, he graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Howard University. A true American success story. I’m proud to say I donated money to him this year for all of his hard work. A true patriot. R.I.P., Elijah.
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  14. Elijah Cummings January 18, 1951-October 17, 2019. This is a huge loss for my country. He transcended politics. I'm devestated. It has nothing to do with current events. This man was, and will alway be a hero. imvho.
  15. Just wondering if anyone can help with a couple of things I'm curious about. Firstly, the origin of this quote: http://twitter.com/U2start/status/1133971297980080128 ("I'd describe him as tall, slim, handsome, ludicrous IQ and funny with it. That's what I always tell him. Basically, he's a misunderstood genius, don't you think?" - MacPhisto when asked for his thoughts on Bono) It doesn't seem to exist outside of U2start's database, and nobody there could tell me where they got it from. Surely someone must recognise it?! I also remain intrigued by this: http://twitter.com/atu2comSherry/status/1013584305149366274 ("Nice to see the MacPhisto phone from rehearsals made its way on tour".) The Instagram photo seems to be gone now, but it was a red telephone in the backstage area during the EI Tour. What's this about a "MacPhisto phone" being used in rehearsals? I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else. Were they planning to include ZooTV-style phone calls at one point?
  16. yep philo in sydney....... but heading to optus stadium in november from irlando as phil used to say
  17. In my enthusiasm, I forget to search. Thanks, paola. "It's not easy being a rock star these days." funny.
  18. I wonder if there will be one if not announced yet. Think they didn’t have an opener in Japan in 2006 even though other countries did.
  19. We addressed the many troubles Europeans, and in particular Germans, have to go through to get the subscriber's gifts in detail in the following thread (and showed how to easily solve this issue through correct labelling): Unfortunaly, someone decided to archive it, though nothing has been solved yet and it seems that the packages will AGAIN be sent from the US (and from experience, I'd say that the will AGAIN be labelled incorrectly and cost us fans in Germany a lot of effort, time and money to retrieve from the customs offices) John (@bigwave) - you said that our issues were going to be sent to LN in February. Has any response surfaced since then? Looking forward to your response (this is Sabine from Hamburg )
  20. ill be dropping into porterhouse for sure on route as im staying 10 minutes from pub
  21. Waiting for the songs of ascent....

  22. Has anyone issues in general getting the subscribers gift? We have issues in Germany because it's being kept by the customs (because it's declared as a "gift", and gifts are only allowed between private individuals, and not from a company). I wonder whethere the same problems are in other countries than in Germany?
  23. U2 in Mumbai .Great!!! A breath of freedom and love!!! I won’t be there but I appreciate that Bono and friends take their music in a spiritual and controversial country. Where nobody can "music" can but the one by U2. It can always tear down the walls and cross the heart of everybody!!!
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