Zoo House Rules

1. Please keep the tone respectful. We want to ensure everyone can have a positive experience in the Zootopia community.

2. We normally don’t pre-edit posts so we can’t guarantee accuracy but our Moderating Team rarely sleep – and they are highly sensitive to obscene or aggressive content.

3. Remember the golden rule: post about others as you’d want to be posted about yourself. That was it wasn’t it? Anyway, no harassment or targeting people with different views.

4. No flame wars please. No stalking. No illegal content. No porn.

5. Please respect people’s privacy.

6. Keep Zootopia free from spam and commercial advertising.

7. We reserve the right to edit or delete content when it contravenes the spirit of the above.

8. Be nice to our Mods. They give above and beyond because they love the music of U2 and hanging out with others who love it.

9. There is no 9.

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